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  Au, au to all, my mom's cell phone gave a problem and she can not publish that news yesterday. I participated this year, from the Halloween pet contest here from my town, and I was the champion.

Au, au to all, my mom forgot to post a news.
I participated this year, from the Halloween pet contest here from my town, and I was the champion.Au, au to all, my mom forgot to post a news.
I participated this year, from the Halloween pet contest here from my town, and I was the champion.Au, au to all, my mom forgot to post a news.
I participated this year, from the Halloween pet contest here from my town, and I was the champion.




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Hi guys, I'm drying myself and I Came to a wink. Anyone who wants to have a photo of your mascot in the gallery of my little buddies, just send a photo by email mama.

And of whom I have the photo: Ricky Marvin, Balzac and Frozen, it's just your daddy or Mama have authorization, the photo goes to gallery.

Au Au everyone!



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After posting "defining what is natural makeup, neutral and colorful," he surprised me the good reception of the text, and especially stimuli readers for the realization of a wish expressed: write about the trend "nude" in the world fashion.

Develop a post on this subject seemed to me relevant and consistent with the purpose of Blog. After all, the nude term is ubiquitous in the current scenario of makeup. And the search for information on this phenomenon soon revealed a first hypothesis: the nude makeup would be one of the echoes of an aesthetic movement designed by fashion designers, which has spread not only by the makeup as well as other visual arts, affecting even some segments the consumer goods market.

However, the difficulty to fulfill the task proved to be directly proportional to the importance of the topic. And both (difficulty and relevance) grew as I acquired more awareness about the investigated object.

In addition to my personal limitations (inexperienced in fashion theme and only providing the internet as a research source), also performed as a factor to overcome the shortage of texts on the abstract aspects of the creative process of this aesthetic and almost no analysis on its other formal elements beyond color.

So basically, time and reflection were the few resources available and exhausted, in a personal and precarious attempt to listen, under so many layers of seedlings colors, the sounds of the creation of this important fashion event that remains alive and is renewed through new millennium.



When Christian Louboutin recently felt the need to make the following public statement: "nude is not a color it'sa concept" very synthetic and expressive way, it has highlighted the problematic issue of the current reductionist interpretation of the term in the nude fashion context.

In the media, in fact, nude term is visually presented or described as a fashion trend whose main element identifier and the color signifier is manifesting itself in the form of a specific hue or through a certain range of colors.

In this first chapter, the goal is to present, briefly, the colors most often associated with nude fashion, and try to reproduce the most common excuses used to justify its use.



One of the meanings of neutral colors is the absence of hue, achromatic color, restricted to a gradation from white to black, between infinite intermediate shades of gray (value scale). In a broader sense, beyond pure achromatic colors, some colors with low saturation are also considered neutral colors or more appropriately almost neutral.

When I took knowledge of the existence of nude fashion, by not specialized media and diffusely, in Brazil, years ago, were the neutral colors that personified the trend. Chicness and elegance were propagated their brands, combined with the gift of harmony with any color. Still, if the option was the monochrome, you win the bonus minimalist, and in the end gave up to deconstruct everything.

With the research for this post, I found the fact that there is a stable opinion current for which the nude translates through neutral colors which harmonize with other colors is lifted up, and in some of its manifestations (darker shades and monochrome), incorporates values supposedly assigned to another aesthetic movement, minimalism.



A color group with the hue information of each element still set, although desaturated with white, is positioned between the neutral colors and the primary or spectral, often also be identified as a legitimate expression of the nude.

In this sense, a color palette, pastel color is known and used for many years in various areas. As a "known color", acquired throughout history many different symbolic values.

For example, spring, childhood, gender duality, optimism, innocence, festivity and joy are just some of the realities that have been, are, or will be again represented by pastel colors.

In some fashion-themed texts, I noticed a frequent association between sensory stimuli and pastel colors: mute, soft, sweet. In the same sense, a contrast between the colors is very common problem: the pastel colors are those whispering as the spectral colors scream. (Apollonian aesthetic impulse vs. Dionysian?)

Among those who point to the pastel color as a game piece nude, the arguments are similar to those used for neutral colors, with no significant differences (easy to match with other colors, elegance, sophistication etc).



Kenneth Clark

Kenneth Clark, art historian, explained how the word "nude" was introduced in the English language: 

"The Inglês language, with its elaborate generosity, Distinguishes between the naked and the nude. To be naked is to be deprived of our clothes, and the word Implies some of the embarrassment most of us feel in que condition. The word "nude," on the other hand, carries, in educated usage in uncomfortable overtone. The vague image it projects into the mind is not of a huddled and defenseless body, but of a balanced, prosperous, and confident body: the body re-formed. In fact, the word was forced into our vocabulary by critics of the early eighteenth century to persuade the artless islanders [of the UK] que, in countries where painting and sculpture Were Practiced and valued As They shouldnt be, the naked human body was the central subject of art. "

Using the same argument of Lord Clark, perhaps this "generosity elaborate" not expressed when later added many other realities to the list of meanings of the word "nude". In addition to its already complex initial mission, shared with the term naked, also came to represent a color demonstration. According to the interpretation of some dictionaries online English language until the middle of this decade, that color was a light beige or skin color of a white person.

When and what the circumstances of the early use of the term as synonymous with nude color, dictionaries do not explain and it was not possible to find out precisely. However, these same dictionaries indicate that, since the seventeenth century, there were already in the English language a specific expression to represent the color that resemble the skin of a white person. This expression is "flesh color", although flesh, apparently not to be confused with skin.

These facts, for example, found no exact match in Brazil. Here, the equivalent of nude term "naked / nude" has no chromatic meaning and the English word came to be used only in the XXI century, for fashionistas, makeup artists, colorists, photographers, costume designers, and finally, among adolescents, meaning between the latter sending erotic photos by computer ( "sends nudes! = send nudes!").

"cor de carne"

The translation into Portuguese of "flesh color" is "cor de carne". However, these expressions represent different colors demonstrations. In Brazil, a color derived from red, desaturated, but still maintaining characteristics of the primary color.

Still in Brazil, a long time, we use the expression "cor de carne = skin color" to designate a beige type color, ranging from light to medium shade, especially in the context of underwear. The skin color was not a very positive aesthetic appeal, was a color seen predominantly as functional. It was popularly known for supposedly lessen the effect of transparency, not allowing the underwear becomes visible through clothing. As your stemmed demand this functional feature, the pieces of that color were made without much aesthetic concern and often of poor quality, which fed a certain sanction the color that was associated with these parts and the context of ordinary use and little sexy . To date, there are many public statements from men claiming such underware color negatively affects your libido.

When Crayolan, in the 60s, during the campaign for civil rights for black Americans, decided to free enterprise change the name that designates the color of one of its products, replacing flesh color in peach. He gave visibility to the discussions on the possible relationships between language, colors, consumer market and racism in American society.

On that same subject, at the end of the first decade since the twenty-first century, many articles on the Internet began to interpret and question the nude fashion on the grounds that such action the fashion industry contained elements that reinforced racist values ​​and sought the racial equality by explicitly promote "white privilege".

Overall, such criticisms had as its object:

1 - the use of the word nude before his exclusive meaning, historically forged by racist values ​​present in American society;

2 - the design of the trend, whose poor theoretical formulation, would not even be able to disguise their real motivation, elation and glamourization skin color of white people;

3 - lack of representativeness, lack of black models personifying and visually translating the trend;

4 - the unavailability of products in skin colors of non-white people, preventing them from having access to a supposed effect of merger between skin and clothing, which, at a given time, has to be identified and desired as maximum representation nude.

 With the controversy, Pantone it had in its color catalog, a light beige named nude, cast in 2012, after 03 years of research, the Pantone Skin Tone Guide, a standards guide with over a hundred color tone human skin, to the artists and industrial coloring processes, establishing a bridge between the fashion world, with its nude trend, and the general market of industrial consumer goods.

Without the need for investment and research, and with the fall of the dyeing costs of this color group, there was an expansion of nude inside and especially outside the fashion world, where new entrepreneurs also began to claim the title of pioneers of diversity .

As you can see, there was this scenario a new meaning to the term Chromatic nude, which now represent the entire range of colors of human skin. In this sense, due to internet campaigns, dictionaries have already altered the entries for the nude and flesh color.

Before long, the nude trend overcame the suspicion of racism to bear the symbol of status of diversity, which is already being adequately capitalized by the fashion industry, whose only tribute to pay is to accept that the full meaning of his art remains somewhat obfuscated so many chromatic issues.



For all the information I could get, the artistic conception of the nude fashion never limited its color expression to a single hue. Although there have been times when a particular color or a group of these has presented a more prominent.

In this sense, I dare point a factor that I consider to have had great influence on the colors used by the fashion nude. This factor is the idea or neutral value.

I believe that in the 90s, the nude look has adapted some of the aesthetic guidelines that emerged as a counterpoint to the fashion features of the 80s In the colors, the monochrome and black as striking minimalism were assimilated mainly in the form of almost neutral colors. The idea of ​​neutrality, then, is incorporated and gains emphasis on the role of the choice of colors in the nude trend.

Both harmonization as the symbolic color control, neutrality idea has proved stable and influential in the nude trend. Fact, including, shown widely described in the texts on the subject.

Less prominently in the texts, but perhaps more important is the idea of ​​the use of color as one of the neutralizing elements or adjust the degree of sexualization look. It's like element able to interfere with this central point of the artistic creation of the nude look that the color acquires its greatest importance.


To be continued ...

However, the difficulty to fulfill the task proved to be directly proportional to the importance of the topic. And both (difficulty and relevance) grew as I acquired more awareness about the investigated object.
In addition to my personal limitations (inexperienced in fashion theme and only providing the internet as a research source), also performed as a factor to overcome the shortage of texts on the abstract aspects of the creative process of this aesthetic and almost no analysis on its other formal elements beyond color.
So basically, time and reflection were the few available resources and depleted in a personal and precarious attempt to listen, under so many layers of seedlings colors, the sounds of the creation of this important fashion event that remains alive and is renewed through the new millennium .


Tuty, el Lhasa Apso exclusivo

Ricky 07/11/2017
Hola, he conocido el blog en la fiesta de Lauren y ya he publicado un comentario aquí.
Desde que el Tuty surgió como la mascota del blog yo acompaña sus publicaciones. Y así como todos aquí, yo también soy fan de Tuty, Él es muy bonito, tierno y gracioso.
Quen me conoce sabe que estoy enamorado de los perros, y el Tuty es un Lhasa Apso diferenciado. Que ya tiene más de un año y feiçlões siguen siendo muy delicada, por otra parte él juega como si estuviera todavía 6 meses cachorro.
Él de Dráculam es muy encantador. De hecho, es más bonito que la fantasía del año pasado.
Las fotos de la ropa de gustos son muy bonitas,

My beloved little friend Tuty

Alexander 07/11/2017
Hello, my dear little friend Tuty, you look very handsome in this Count Dracula costume. I also have Lord's clothes, which have a cravat similar to yours.
You parade with a lot of charm.
I wish you had come to my house to ask if I wanted to, trick or treat? I would answer treat with you.
A lot of kisses and hugs, I love you.

The Vampire Tuty

Lauren 07/11/2017
Oh gracious Tuty, as you are polite and obedient to your mother. How I wanted my rebel Marvin to be like that. We went to a Halloween party and I tried to wear a pumpkin suit on it, but as usual he did not allow it, and it still destroyed some of the clothes. And to kill me with embarrassment, he tried to destroy the fantasy of his little friend who was at the party.
But there is no au, au, dress like you Tuty with all that charm and glamor.
I have no doubts that you were worthy of the prize. Well, I know you did not have another au au in clothes as charming and elegant as yours, who looks like a true Count Dracula.
The clothes with fruit are very beautiful and you are extremely photogenic.

Tuty, the precious jewel

TOM 07/11/2017
Tuty, my precious jewel, you deserve to win all the contests. Because you are the au, au, prettier, more stylish, more charming, more graceful, and especially (to me), the most loved by me.
You were a charm on the catwalk.
The photos "gostosuras" are very beautiful, this clothes. with one shoulder down, was very charming.

Tuty, the vampire prince

Camille 07/11/2017
Ah, ah, there I fear. This vampire is very scary.
Tuty, your mother is to be congratulated, this dress is very beautiful and elegant, The cravat is beautiful, with this embroidered fabric and with this stone.
The tasty treats pictures are fluffy, mainly you raised your leg and you look like a lion.


BRAD 07/11/2017
Tuty you are the most beautiful and charming vampire I have ever seen. I would also like to dance with you.
The gosrtosuras photos are beautiful.
My children are delighted with you.

Tuty the scary vampire

Johnny 07/11/2017
Tuty, my little brother, I'm very afraid of you.
Dude you with that blood beard is scary but very cute.
The clothes of gostosuras, is very cute, full of fruits
Dude, you're very stylish.


TOM 07/11/2017
Hello I want Tuty trick and treat, both very lovely. what a beautiful and charming vampire this is. I even overcome the fear I'm feeling from him and would do a vampire dance with him. And from this dance I understand.
Candy clothes, full of fruit, is much cute. His photo as his mouth wide open, looking like a roaring lion, how beautiful.
It's been a year and two months since I've been completely pissed off by Tuty, that's when Camille showed me he dressed as a lord. And this Dracula Count's outfit is prettier than Lord's (where Tuty's pictures are very beautiful). A cravat, style Louis XV, looks beautiful. The collar of the vest is very beautiful. And the cover is also very beautiful. Congratulations

Die wunderbaren Tuty

Leonhardt 23/10/2017
Hallo Maria, ist die Tuty faszinierend in dieser Veröffentlichung.
Mit jedem neuen Outfit überwindest du. Holzfäller Outfit ist sehr, sehr hübsch. Diese Tasche in der Mitte der Hose sah fabelhaft aus. Diese Seitentasten an der Hose des kleinen Mannes sahen fantastisch aus.
Kleidung, Mitternachtssonne, sehen schön aus. Der Schnitt sauber und sehr gut gemacht.
Der Schnitt der Tuty-Shirts sieht sehr gut auf ihn aus.
Die Tier-Sammlung ist von einer wunderbaren Kreativität.
Die Sternenkleidung sieht perfekt aus.
Die nautische Sammlung ist wunderschön, vor allem mit farbigen Listen.
Das Clown-Kostüm ist sehr anmutig, zusammen mit den Kleidern mit seinem Namen.
Wie Lauren sagte, bin ich ängstlich, Tuty Parade zu sehen.

Tuty, the most beautiful lhasa in the world

Claudia 23/10/2017
OI Mary, Tuty is splendorous in these photos and these two videos.
He is glowing playing with the child, puppy and toys.
He licking the ice cream, as has been said here, is unbelievable for a puppy dog.
It's delicious the end of the holiday vacation in the video.


Megan 20/10/2017
Hi Mary, I was anxious to comment here on the blog, because for a long time I did not do that.
I'm preparing for the big day, although it's a little over a year away. For those who are organizing seems to lack very little. Do not forget our commitment.
Wow, Tuty is very handsome and funny. This picture of him on the bench with the feathers out is very beautiful. In fact, all the photos and videos are magnificent. I have news to tell you, Ricky won a friend, Lolitta. I uploaded the photo in the private area of the blog. A big hug.

Το όμορφο Tuty

Алессандро 20/10/2017
Γεια, Mary, Tuty είναι όμορφα όμορφος.
Τα βίντεο, περιπέτειες στην Bahia και να απολαύσετε τις διακοπές είναι μεγάλη διασκέδαση. Η φωτογραφία του που βρίσκεται στο πάτωμα στο τέλος του βίντεο, δείχνει πόσο πολύ ο Tuty είχε διασκεδάσει στις διακοπές.
Η τζαμαϊκανή στολή με το μπερές είναι μια πραγματική παράσταση.
Όλα τα ρούχα είναι πολύ όμορφα.
Συγχαρητήρια, ο Tuty είναι όμορφος.

The famous Tuty

Lauren 20/10/2017
Hi friend, how long.
I am struck by the fact that Tuty is much more socially related than I am.
Really, I have to admit the Tuty is differentiated. Marvin would never have an ice cream with as much delight as Tuty. First, he would not allow me to give him the ice cream, he would take it from my hand. Then he would melt everything, lick everything. Marvin did not leave a child he did not know carry it.
Their creativity in the confection of the clothes is better with each new look. These clothes are beautiful, Jamaican, nautical, animals, star, woodcutter and little man 2. All very beautiful.
Me and Leonhard are already orhganizando everything for the parade Tuty, and will be a show. Incidentally, I have to tell you that my princess's feta, it will not be but in May due to logistical problems, we are deciding whether it will be in July or September.
The photos and videos of Tuty are all very beautiful, congratulations.

Le petit prince Tuty

J. Pierre 19/10/2017
Bonjour Mary, je suis très contente du succès du petit prince Tuty.
C'est très beau de voir un peuple qui avec son travail attire de bonnes personnes. Avec vos textes de maquillage, vous avez capturé un éventail d'admirateurs professionnels de votre travail. Et moi, avec beaucoup de fierté, je suis un grand admirateur de vous.
Bien sûr, Tuty est extrêmement beau
et a une grâce qui est rare à tout autre chiot. Mais vous ne pouvez pas nier que c'est votre travail de le produire d'une belle manière, allié au grand amour qui est perceptible que vous avez pour lui, car il le prouve en souriant toujours sur les photos, en attirant de bonnes personnes qui ont aimé le Tuty et aujourd'hui il a conquis un grand fan club.
Ces vidéos et photos sont géniales, il vient de la Jamaïque est un spectacle. Les vêtements de style gravure sur bois est très charmant et beau. J'ai aussi aimé la photo de lui assis dans le pot de fleurs et avec ses jambes.
Félicitations, ce que vous faites, vous le faites avec beaucoup de talent. Je n'ai aucun doute que vous êtes une personne sensible et faites tout avec beaucoup d'amour. Car si ce n'était pas le cas, je crois que le résultat ne serait pas cela.

Ttuty the enchanting

Selena 19/10/2017
Hello, I met the beautiful Tuty through a friend. I'm thrilled with the videos, it has a unique grace. He runs very handsome. The photo of the midnight sun sitting on the bank with flowers is beautiful. He with his legs off the bench, is a charm, beautiful !!!!
The pictures of the star, the pool and the photos of him sleeping are very cute. The clothes with the name dee are very, very graceful.
Congratulations, Tuty an extremely beautiful and graceful.

The beautiful, graceful and lovely Tuty

Louise Veronica 19/10/2017
Hi, Ariana showed me the pictures of Tuty and I have to come here to comment how much he is graceful and beautiful.
I love dogs, and Tuty is the cutest, most charming puppy I've ever seen.
I already tried several times to put shoes on some of my dogs, but none accepted. I am impressed by the grace and naturalness of Tuty with shoes.
The clothes are beautiful, they are creative and very different from the standard clothes for dogs.
He has too many handsome gestures for a puppy dog, actually at times he looks like a child. Congratulations.

The star Tuty

Ariana 19/10/2017
Hello, several friends showed me this post from Tuty. Wow, he's very well known, any day he wins the prize for the most beloved puppy.
He is very handsome, has a natural cherme wearing rupees and shoes.
For me, the most complex clothes used most naturally by Tuty are pirate and Jamaican. But all the clothes are beautiful.
Tuty is a first-rate star.

The fabulous Tuty

Anne 18/10/2017
Hello Mary, the Tuty is very, very famous. As I've said before, my son is an enchantress for Tuty. I put Tuty's videos to watch him and he keeps jumping, clapping and smiling.
Talking about smile, what is this Tuty smile on the Jamaican photo? How beautiful he looks !!
The video of him taking the ice cream is too gracious.
He was an owl and an elephant, and his creativity was wonderful.
He running with the girl is very cute.
Congratulations, Tuty is fabulous.

The charming Tuty

Adam 18/10/2017
Hi, I'm impressed how every day Tuty gets more adorable.
In this photos and videos he is simply handsome.
I could not tell which scene and which photo Tuty is prettier, because it's all very beautiful. But the graciousness that licks the ice cream and the first picture of lumberjack caught my attention. The first rlo gesture unusual to any other puppies, and the suggestion because it looks like a painting.
Congratulations, Tuty is the most graceful and most charming puppy I know.

The Prince Tuty

Stanley 18/10/2017
Hello, a great friend sent me the photos of Tuty and I fell in love with him.
As this friend of mine told me, Tuty is a deferred puppy.
He looks like a child so graceful he is.
He has a model stance, looks like he knows he's being photographed.
Congratulations, as many speak here Tuty is a prince.
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  INTRODUCTION: After posting "defining what is natural makeup, neutral and colorful," he surprised me the good reception of the text, and especially stimuli readers for the realization of a wish expressed: write about the trend "nude" in the world fashion. Develop a post on this subject...
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11/10/2016 15:27
Dear friends and readers of this blog, before new publications, I would like to explain the reason for my distance in recent months. I found that has real meaning to phrase: YOUR PET IS LIKE A SON TO YOU. For me it happened. Since Tuty Lyrio came into my life, the routine changed and new projects...
MAKEUP TO EVENTS The makeup for many women, has become something essential in their daily lives, and increasingly to technology innovation brings new products with excellent quality, and the industry moves millions in this market. A well done makeup can transform a skin, striking features and...
Us blog comments, are recurring questions about the use of the term "nude" in makeup. Do not escape the eyes of many, even those who do not have an exact idea of the artistic conception of this trend (is there any?), That there is any inconsistency between many makeup and the meaning of the word...


15/02/2016 01:34
Hello my dear friends and readers, I'm very moved and I want to thank all of those words that comfort me and encourage to continue this journey. Sometimes I stop and begin to question the reasons that brought me here, and for a moment, distressed I am for not have a goal, or a clarity about my...
Hi my dear friends, I am happy that the holidays ended, though they have been wonderful. I was already feeling the lack of blog and you. This year I'm with several projects for the blog, and I hope to achieve all. Today, I'll finish the series of prerequisites for the elaboration of a perfect...
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28/05/2016 20:52
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