Mary Lyrio


Our Prince Tuty

Camille 28/03/2017
Hi Mary, how beautiful our little prince is. I'm also sorry for not having been advised of his birthday.
He is very elegant as a prince. What beautiful clothes.
His party was very charming.
I loved the little cake with the little carriage. The bigger cake looked beautiful, I loved the detail of the sail in the shape of a crown. You made everything perfect.
The Irish dress is overly beautiful. Those photos are perfect.
Tuty is very photogenic and extremely funny.
The video edition of Tuty's principality was fabulous. The video of the crazy race is fantastic, very funny.
A lot of people saw the photos and the more videos did not comment, all my co-workers already know him.
His fan club already has many members. Yesterday, anyone who commented on him was Jolie, who said that her daughters are in love with Tuty. I saw here that Johnny also became a fan of him.
Our prince is already a very famous star.