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My party of 2 years

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Cupcake - Atelié Lucy Godoy

Biscuit topo do bolo - Julia Biscuit




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Hi guys, I'm drying myself and I Came to a wink. Anyone who wants to have a photo of your mascot in the gallery of my little buddies, just send a photo by email mama.

And of whom I have the photo: Ricky Marvin, Balzac and Frozen, it's just your daddy or Mama have authorization, the photo goes to gallery.

Au Au everyone!



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Félicitations à Tuty

J. Pierre 23/03/2018
Bonjour Marie, beaucoup de bons voeux et de nombreuses années de vie à cette beauté qu'est le Tuty
Chaque fête était belle, et la poupée de gâteau est comme lui. Les vêtements de la sélection étaient magnifiques. Félicitations

L'adorabile Tuty

Stefano 23/03/2018
Oi Mary, eu tive que vir aqui para desejar muitos, muitos anos de vida e essa estrela, linda, fofa e adorável que é Tuty.
A festa era linda, as roupas dela eram perfeitas e a boneca do bolo era maravilhosa.
Tuty ganhar o unicórnio é muito divertido, parabéns

Tuty, the crush of the year.

Jim 23/03/2018
Hello Mary, but once Tuty's little one is being the subject of the day, he really is the crush of everyone around here. I wish this fofutra a life long and full of joy and that it continue for many years being our crush.
The party was beautiful, the clothing of the selection is fantastic, the cake doll wonderful and he with the unicorn a show.

Congratulations to the star Tuty

Morgan 23/03/2018
Hi Mary, congratulations to this world-famous star, Tuty. That he has a very long life.
The party was very beautiful; His clothes on the selection and his doll on the cake were wonderful. The uniform is so complete that it has green and yellow sock, congratulations.

The fantastic Tuty

Bill 23/03/2018
Congratulations and long life to Tuty. The party was beautiful, and his doll on the cake, fantastic.
Tuty getting the gift is a show apart.

Gratulujeme Tutymu

Paulina 23/03/2018
Ahoj Mary, jaká párty, tohle jsi udělal pro Tutyho. Všechno je velmi krásné, ale jeho panenka je show.
Videa jsou úžasné, zejména jeho video skákání zachytit jednorožec.
Gratuluji tomuto roztomilosti, které je Tuty, a doufám, že se s vámi osobně setkávám.

Congratulations to Prince Tuty

Claudia 23/03/2018
Hi, Mary, Tuty's party was very limda. I'm amazed how perfect his doll was on the cake, in every detail. The decor is beautiful, the cupcakes are cute
The Tuty in the uniform of the Brazilian team was wonderful.
I also acredioto this year I know this hotness.
I wish this prince many years of life, and he will continue to fill the new lives with much joy and graciousness.

Congratulations to Tuty's cutie

Mary Louise 23/03/2018
Hi Mary, Tom is showing everyone the photos and videos of Tuty's birthday and I had to come here to leave my wishes of happiness and many years of life for this cuteness that is Tuty, who at this point in my life life makes me comment on blog.
His party was beautiful. He on top of the cake is spectacular .. The cupcakes are also a cutie.

Συγχαρητήρια σε Tuty

Πήγασος 22/03/2018
Γεια σας Mary, τα κείμενά σας λείπουν πολύ στο Διαδίκτυο.
Συγχαρητήρια στον Tuty και το όμορφο πάρτι που κάνατε, όλα ήταν πολύ όμορφα. η κούκλα του κέικ ήταν ακριβώς όπως τον.

Herzlichen Glückwunsch an den anmutigen Tuty

Hasso 22/03/2018
Hallo Maria, herzlichen Glückwunsch dem charmanten und liebevollen Sohn, den du hast.
Dies war die netteste Party, die ich je von einem Welpen gesehen habe, alles war sehr schön. Die Videos sind schön

Congratulations to the lovely Tuty

Ricky 22/03/2018
Congratulations Tuty, and may you continue for several years enchanting
will all this with your grace.
Your party was beautiful, perfect.

Congratulations to the beautiful and beloved Tuty.

Joile 22/03/2018
Congratulations Tuty, the children fell in love with your party and your doll on the cake. They laughed a lot with the video earning the unicorn. The other videos and photos are beautiful.
I also wish you a very long life, because you are already part of our lives.

Congratulations to little Tuty

Adam 22/03/2018
Congratulations to little Tuty, and may he live for many years to rejoice and amuse our days with these wonderful photos and videos.
The party was beautiful, everything was wonderful. especially the Tuty doll on top of the cake.


Timothy 22/03/2018
Hello Mary, many good wishes and many years of life, the youngest rising star. That the Tuty live for many, many years, for I believe that this little star will still shine a lot.
Congratulations, every party was beautiful.

Gratulerer med den lille stjernen Tuty

Naomi Helgason 22/03/2018
Hei Mary, jeg følger arbeidet ditt i 2015, og livet er denne celevbridade som er Tuty-stjernen.
Hele familien min er helt forelsket i ham.
Hva et vakkert parti du har laget. Og hva med Tuty dukken på kaken, hvor stilig.
Dekorasjonen, bildene, videoene er alle fantastiske, gratulerer og mange og mange års liv og denne lille stjerne

Congratulations to Tuty

Julia 22/03/2018
Hello, Congratulations on Tuty's party. The doll and the cupcake gicaram very beautiful.
Every party is wonderful.
The videos are fantastic, especially what he gets the unicorn.
Congratulations, everything was very beautiful.
Cheers and many years of life to Tuty

Joyeux anniversaire à mon petit-fils bien-aimé Tuty

Collier 22/03/2018
Bonjour ma chère, quelle belle fête tu as faite pour mon petit-fils bien-aimé.
Le gâteau avec sa poupée sur le dessus est merveilleux. Sa tenue brésilienne était parfaite.
Tous les detelhes de la fête alors très beaux.
Le balzac achevé deux ans, le mois dernier, et j'ai fait une petite fête pour leurs amis, malheureusement, mon grassouillet est un peuimpoli en matière de nourriture. Il ne laisserait pas ses amis se rapprocher de la nourriture. Je devais tenir Balzac pour que les amis puissent manger.
Félicitations pour la fête et de nombreuses années de vie à mon petit-fils bien-aimé.

Happy birthday to my friend Tuty.

Alexander 22/03/2018
Hello Tuty's mom. Every day I see the blog to see if you have new Tuty photos. I'm happy to have photos and videos of Tuty today.
Tuty's birthday party looks beautiful. He is very handsome on the cake. I never had a doll of mine on my birthday parties; This year I complete 5 years and I will also want a small doll my cake.
I saw a video of him playing football and he knows how to play for real, when he comes to visit me I'm going to play football with him.
It looks like he really liked the unicorn he got from gifts.
On my birthdays, I get a lot of presents.
When I meet Tuty if he wants a toy of mine, I'll give it to him.
Tuty I love you and happy birthday.

Congratulations to the beautiful Prince Tuty

Lauren 21/03/2018
Hi friend, what a beautiful party that our little prince, Tuty.
The choice of this theme was fabulous. Tuty looks gorgeous wearing the Brazilian national team uniform. But when I see Tuty like this all dressed up, it gives me a really big pain of Marvin, that I've tried the best trainers and he's still rebellious.
Our friend, this Tuty doll was very perfect. The cupcakes are cute. The cake is beautiful.
The decor was spotless. You and your husband looked fantastic with this Brazilian headdress.
Friend, your individual photo with him looks beautiful.
I loved this unicorn, Marvin has a pony this size and he loves it.
Everyone is impassioned to meet Tuty. After everything has set, I'll talk to you better on this.
Congratulations to our prince, and you my friend to have this beautiful party.

Congratulations to my little brother Tuty.

Johnny 21/03/2018
Tuty, my little brother, what a party this is yours.
Friend, I really want to hit a ball with you. Your uniform is beautiful. But I've already seen that you're a star and I'm a tough leg.
Your cake is very beautiful and you on top of the cake is show.
I want to take a bite out of this cupcale.
My partner let's go on a ride, me on my horse and you on your unicorn.
Congratulations, little friend, your party was fantastic.
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