Mary Lyrio


The Spectacular Tuty

Ashton 11/10/2018
Hello Mary, I'm very sad and very happy. Sad because I only discovered Tuty today. How can my friends have excluded me from the life of this cuteness. And happy because now I'm also a fan, or rather a big fan of Tuty. Who knows me knows how crazy I am for dogs we have two.
I do not even know where to start, but maybe it's more logical to start with this publication. The Tuty is spectacular from fritz and the poriduções of the photos are perfect.
The production of Tuty, prince of the pirates was fantastic. And what about rabbit Tuty, how cute. And he as the Christmas tree, a spectacle.
I must be looking crazy, talking about everything at the same time. But I'm very charmed with Tuty.
With regard to videos I have no words to describe so many wonders. But I'll try to talk a little about the best.
He playing tassel is priceless, splendid, wonderful. He waits for the boy to dribble the ball to play. And he plays, does not bite the ball, it's fantastic.
His video dancing with the other puppy is a show.
The video running behind the bunnies is very funny and this last video, he is of an odd delicacy in the gestures.
 Tuty is beautiful, a model.