Mary Lyrio


Tuty, the heartbreaker

Johnny 15/10/2018
Hi my little Tuty, how did you go to a party as cool as the oktoberfest and did not invite me. Man, man, friends always have to be invited to good things.
But ru would not have such a cool, beautiful outfit as yours. You must have had so much fun at the party. I see there in the photo the beautiful kitten offering you beer and you with the biggest face of no shame.
Dude, you're a heartbreaker.
I saw that you took our pirate boat to get a sailor wave, it was cool. But little brother, once pirate always pirate. Although you are not any pirate, but the prince of the pirates.
Little friend, you have hipper clothes than me, I will ask for tips for your mom.
Good brother, you showed Twiggy who's boss in the relationship.