Mary Lyrio


Tuty, the charmer of hearts

Jennifer 16/10/2018
Hello, I'm delighted with your baby. A friend had already told me about him. But I thought she had exaggerated a bit.
I always liked dogs a lot, but the ones of big size. I've never been sympathetic with small dogs.
Maybe that's why I did not pay much attention to what my friend said, and I did not even bother looking at the photos.
But this my prejudice for the small dogs began to change this weekend I was in a celebration at a friend's house and when I arrive in the room I see a photo of Tuty, I ask him if it was his, and he replies no, That Tuty is a great passion of him, but belongs to a Brazilian and he still has not had opportunity of is with Tuty. But that does not make a difference to him. he said that Tuty conquered him by the graceful way in the videos, by the smile of Tuty, and he loves him even without knowing him personally.
I confess that the smile of Tuty in the photo that was in his house I found contagious, but until that moment it was too exaggerated all that love that he had a small dog that was not his.
Wow, but now I read the blog. Tuty is very charming. These videos of him are very nice to watch. He runs wearing sneakers with such great grace. There's a video that he looks like a bunny running.
His photos at the movies are fantastic, he seems to understand what's going on.
He is very photogenic and the smile very contagious.
I am impressed by Tuty's clothes, they are so beautiful, it would be unfair to choose the best ones. But I highlight fritz, holling bones, pirate and christmas tree.
My friend said that Tuty is very successful, but I could not imagine that he had such a big fan club and would succeed in so many places in the world.
Now I understand my friend's love for Tuty, even though he has not yet met him in person.
I'm the newest Tuty fan.