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Hi guys, I'm drying myself and I Came to a wink. Anyone who wants to have a photo of your mascot in the gallery of my little buddies, just send a photo by email mama.

And of whom I have the photo: Ricky Marvin, Balzac and Frozen, it's just your daddy or Mama have authorization, the photo goes to gallery.

Au Au everyone!



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Our prince Tuty

Camille 27/08/2018
Hi Mary, how lovely is Tuty's cuteness. It m] in the movies is incredible, how he behaves.
Mary, these editions of the photos are fantastic, the clothes are very beautiful.
The jeans is very suitable for strolling in Yellowstone Park
The Rolling Bones clothing is wonderful, will leave Mick jealous.
Wow. he running after the pigeons and the other dog, is very beautiful, he runs gracefully, and still jumps obstacles.
This our prince always surprising us.

El espectacular Tuty

Antonio Domínguez 27/08/2018
Hola, estas fotos de Tuty en la sala de cine, son increíbles. Y él se queda mirando como si hubiera entendido la película.
Él parece saber que está siendo fotografiado, pues él hace poses.
Rolling Bones es un espectáculo
Los vídeos son muy divertidos.

The charming Tuty

Rebecca 27/08/2018
Wow, only met this cuteness now. As it is handsome. Tuty is the most beautiful viewer in the movie
He looks like a child watching the movie.
What beautiful and charming clothes he wears. And as he runs gracefully with a shoe, it seems he's not even wearing it.
Congratulations, Tuty is very handsome, cute and graceful.

The handsome Tuty

Bassett 27/08/2018
Hello, I still did not know Tuty, but I'm very enchanted with him. How gracious, Tuty has characteristics of a puppy. I saw in the photos of the birthday that he already has more than two years. Most of the Lhasa apso when they complete a year and a half are very stout features.
I'm speechless for this Tuty scene in the movies.
His clothes are very beautiful. And they told me that you do it. Congratulations, they are very creative, and quite different from the ones they have on the market.
The videos are very graceful.

The most beautiful rocker in the world

Richards 27/08/2018
Hello, all it takes is one guitar for Tuty to be a complete rocker. But without a doubt, Rolling bones is the most beautiful rocker in the world.
And he's so cool that he even goes to the movies. And she wears clothes and shoes.
Congratulations, Tuty is a star.

The famous Tuty

Alec 27/08/2018
Hello, Tuty is scandalously charming in the movies.
He's very cute. How he possesses walking and running skills in clothes and shoes.
I'm impressed how much Tuty is famous.

The Little Angel Tuty

Elton 27/08/2018
Hello. Tuty is handsome watching the movie at the movies. Today was a day that I had some mischief, but seeing the photos of Tuty made me very happy
The Tuty is a little angel who is here in the world to gladden our hearts.
I gave lots of laughs with him chasing pigeons and other dog.
Mary, never deprive us of seeing this angel.

Krásný Tuty

Paulina 27/08/2018
Ahoj Mary, jen Tuty nás překvapil tímhle obrazem ve filmech. Wow, je velmi dobře chován.
Byl jsi skvělý při úpravách těchto fotografií. Róby jsou velkolepé.
On z Rolling Bones je skandál
Videa jsou extrémně zábavná. Gratulujeme.

The rocker Tuty

B. Orlando 27/08/2018
Hi, these pictures of Tuty in the movies are a show.
He from Rolling Bones, left any rocker behind.
The videos are fantastic.

The surprising Tuty

Robert 27/08/2018
Our, our, our, Tuty's at the cinema is spectacular. But being a superhero, this is possible. He must have used some superpower to get into the movies.
Tuty is awesome, besides super hero he is a rocker. Rolling Bones is already a record of success in the world.
The videos are spectacular.

The incredible Tuty

Ricky 27/08/2018
Wow, this is the most beautiful and talented rocker in the world. I'm not going to miss a Rolling Bones show. I would love to partner with him.
It's unbelievable that Tuty has gone to the movies, just the right star to achieve such a feat
The clothes are beautiful and the videos extremely fun.

The star   Rolling Bones

Louise Veronica 27/08/2018
Wow, I do not think I know any artist as famous as Rolling Bones, it's total success.
I'm glad he manages this fame well, that there's plenty of time to enjoy a movie.

Our precious jewel

Tom 27/08/2018
Hello, yesterday I did not comment everything, because I was very moved with the photos of Tuty. These photos are already part of my important photo collection.
It was very beautiful that you did, thank you very much.
Tuty gave me one of the most beautiful gifts I have ever received.
Yesterday I started to spread these photos to all my friends and acquaintances. and everyone is moved and enchanted with Tuty;
Tuty thrilled everyone. He really is a very precious jewel.

The famous Tuty

Smith 27/08/2018
I had to come to meet this famous artist who is Rolling Bones. I knew that all tickets for the show in the next five years are sold out. But I know he's got a ticket for me to do a self with.
Tuty is amazing, knows how to manage fame. Go to the movies, play in the park, he has fun.

The star Tuty

Timothy 27/08/2018
I loved watching Tuty at the movies, who knows one day he might be on the other side.
Rollling Bones is a show was spectacular.

The cuteness of Tuty

Jennifer 27/08/2018
How cute the Tuty in the movies. I'm impressed by his behavior.
The photos of Tuty safari are outrageously beautiful. What a beautiful smile he has. All the clothes are m, pearly. The frnajas in the cowtry were show.
Rolling Bones is a show apart.
The videos are great fun

The artist Tuty

Bruno 27/08/2018
Hello, Rolling Bones is the most famous artist of today. Your photos are a scandalous success.
Even in the movies the paparazzi do not give space for this star. Take the photos, publish them, on social networks and a burst of success.

Mon petit-fils bien-aimé Tuty

Collier 17/08/2018
Bonjour ma chérie. ceci ma chère petite-fille m'a toujours surpris. Comment il a réussi dans cette tranquillité à regarder un film dans les films. Quand je regarde la télévision un peu plus fort, Balzac continue à aboyer tout le temps en me plaignant et en me réprimandant. Et si je n'abaisse pas le son de la télévision, cela monte sur un meuble pour attirer mon attention. Je n'aurais jamais le courage d'emmener Balzac au cinéma, il ne se comporterait pas comme Tuty. La semaine dernière, j'ai fait des bêtises pour l'emmener au restaurant d'un grand ami à moi, alors qu'ils ne lui servaient pas d'assiette garnie de canard, il ne restait pas calme. Mais avant que je sois critiqué, le canard était sans aucun assaisonnement,
Les photos de Tuty Safari sont très belles.
Rolling Bonews est incroyable.
Chasing pigeons et autres chiens est aussi un jeu préféré de Balzac.
Un gros câlin, ma chérie.

L'elegante Tuty

Stefano 17/08/2018
Ciao Maria, stai diventando sempre più creativa nei costumi di questo principe.
La biancheria di Rolling Bines è perfetto. Ho adorato il taglio dei pantaloni, lo stile della tasca, le catene. È stato perfetto
Tuty Cowboy è molto creativo, ho amato le frange. Gli altri due vestiti sono anche molto bello. Complimenti, hai un sacco di talento, potresti adattare il taglio di vestiti umani al corpo di un cucciolo.
Tuty in cinama, è uno scandalo, meraviglioso.
I video sono molto divertenti.

The artist Tuty

S. Allan 17/08/2018
Hello Mary, Tuty really was born to be a star, is already adapted with the big screen. It's amazing, he does not look like he's scared of the ambience.
His clothes are very stylish.
I loved the Rolling Bones, gave me some ideas.
His videos as always are very funny and fun.
Congratulations, for taking such good care of this artist.
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