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Hi guys, I'm drying myself and I Came to a wink. Anyone who wants to have a photo of your mascot in the gallery of my little buddies, just send a photo by email mama.

And of whom I have the photo: Ricky Marvin, Balzac and Frozen, it's just your daddy or Mama have authorization, the photo goes to gallery.

Au Au everyone!



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The beloved Tuty

Adam 17/08/2018
Hi, I'm delighted with these Tuty photos in the movie theater room. He really is unique with, he seems to be quiet in the movie.
In my next Safari I'm going to invite Tuty, he already has even the clothes.
Rolling Bones will be the great success of this century.
Loved the roupe yellowstones, reminded me of my childhood.
Tuty runs beautiful, a mix of puppy and rabbit.
Congratulations, this little one is very loved and does a lot success.

My little brother

Johnny 17/08/2018
Hi, my little brother Tuty, now we have a program that we can do together, go to the movies. I like very much watching movies, especially those of adventures, those of pirates and of comedy.
This cowboy outfit is super stylish, too bad you did not bring that horse you wear when you're disguised (you already told me that you're a super hero).
Companion, I also want to be a Rollimg Bones, let's form a band and I play electric guitar.
Little brother count here just for me, I know you're a Don Juan, and you managed to get that girl you were running after and gave her lots of kisses, did not you? As always you are very success.
A hug, little friend.

My dear friend Tuty

Alexander 17/08/2018
Hello doTuty Mom. I really enjoyed watching Tuty at the movies. I also really like watching movies. But my dad does not let me stay on television too much. My favorite movie is the Lion King. I already watch it several times. I asked my mom for a Rollimg Bones outfit, just like Tuty's.
My friend Tuty is like me, brave and love to hunt. My dream is to spend a whole day hunting with Tuty.
I loved the videos and photos of Tuty. I'll wait for the next post.
Tuty I love you.

The Prince Tuty

Mary Louise 17/08/2018
Hello Mary, I'm not believing what my eyes are seeing. What a beautiful thing this prince watching mission impossible. How did you get this. I'm fascinated by these Tuty photos. He is really gracious and photogenic.
How he runs beautiful behind the pigeons and dog.
This is the most beautiful version of Rolling Stones - Rolling Bones.
With every publication I fall in love with this prince.

Die überraschenden Tuty

Wolfgang 17/08/2018
Hallo meine Prinzessin, mein Tag jetzt gerade zu Ende gegangen. Nur heute musste ich vier Bräute vorbereiten.
Aber wer darauf wartet, Tuty beobachtet die unmögliche Mission im Kino.
Und er sieht aus, als würde er das Bild bekommen. Und Tuty scheint zu verstehen, was er sieht.
Tüty ist die schöne Version der Rolling Stones.
Die Tuty Safari Bilder sind sehr schön. Das Cowboy-Outfit ist sehr hübsch. Die Videos sind fantastisch. Herzlichen Glückwunsch zu diesem wunderschönen Prinzen.

The handsome Tuty

Richard 17/08/2018
Hello Mary, I have now sent you the photos and videos of Tuty, and as always he is very funny.
Tuty in the movies, really an impossible mission. and incredible.
His clothes are always very beautiful.
This video of him running behind the other dog and jumping the stone, is fantastic. The other video shows with, he's gracefully running.
Rolling Bones is fabulous, very creative. Without a doubt he will be more successful than Jagger, which was a resounding success. Not to mention that Tuty is very
Congratulations, Tuty deserves all the love and affection he receives.

The admirable Tuty

Julia 17/08/2018
Hello Mary, what a beautiful thing Tuty standing in the chair looking at the movie, looks like a child.
The first Safari photo it is very very beautiful. He balancing in the air holding the ball is incredible. How strong he is. His photos on the ground are very cute.
The yellowstone clothing is beautiful, very appropriate name.
The Rolling Bines outfit is beautiful, and the name is quite creative.
The videos are hilarious. Congratulations Tuty is unique.

The fluffy Tuty

Anne 17/08/2018
Hi Mary, once again my little one is crazy with the Tuty's vids. He laughs, claps his hands and shrieks for Tuty to get the pigeons. And in the other video he keeps screaming for Tuty to get the dog and gives her a hug.
The clothes are beautiful. Cowboy and very funny. Rolling Bones is fantastic.
The tuty is very graceful and very cute

The beloved Tuty

Simon 17/08/2018
Wow, it's unbelievable that Tuty went to the movies.
the fots are all jammed.
The very funny videos. He jumping the stone is incredible. Congratulations, it is not without reason that Yuty is so loved.

The jewel Tuty

Jolie 17/08/2018
Hello Mary, Tuty's photos at the movies made the kids crazy. Wow, even in the movies, an environment that many dogs can not adapt. The Tuty behaves naturally and watches the movie with the greatest grace.
The clothes, as always, beautiful.
The very funny videos.
The tuty really is a beautiful jewel.

The charming Tuty

Nicole 16/08/2018
Wow, Tuty at the movies is incredible. It seems very natural to him. Actually he masterfully performed an impossible mission for the puppies.
The Rolling Bones look is wonderful. The cowboy outfit looks beautiful, just like the others.
The video of him running after the dog and the video of the pigeons are very funny.

Graceful Tuty

Henny 16/08/2018
Hello, I have finished receiving the photos and videos of this cuteness that is Tuty. It is unfortunate that I did not participate in the group in which he is so famous and loved.
He is wonderful. very handsome, very skillful and has a unique charm to wear clothes and shoes. I've seen Tuty Captain America, but I think he's missing another great superhero in this gallery.
I'm ecstatic with Tuty's pictures in the movies. Not just because he's in the movies, but by the way he behaves, watching the movie naturally.

Our precious jewel

Tom 16/08/2018
My God, my God, my God! Tuty managed to leave me choked up and speechless. I can only say that I am very moved.
Tuty u gave me today, the imesplicável joy.
Rolling bones looked awesome. The clothes is perfect.
Tuty Safari is very gracious. the first photo is spectacular
I'm so moved, that nen I know if I'm talking everything I would like.
The video of Tuty playing with the other friends is very cute. It is noticeable that the other dog runs fast, more Tuty is persistent and very skillful, he jumps the stone with incredible naturalness.
The video of him running after the pigeons is very cute, he runs in a very graceful way.

Tuty, our crush

Julia 20/07/2018
Hello Mary, I'm sorry but I could only comment on this cuteness now.
The Tuty is a spectacle of Captain America.
Wow, he was the main comment of the last few days.
With each publication you make spectacular editions.
There is laundry on the farm enchanting.
He chasing after hen and rabbits is very funny. He runs beautiful
He is the typical country man riding a wagon.

El afable Tuty

Antonio Domínguez 18/07/2018
Hola, assimo como algunos aquí me siento solo he conocido el Tuty sólo hoy. Como él es gracioso, y bastante talentoso y hábil.
Como se quedó equilibrado sobre esta estatua.
Él de Capitán América está muy bonito, pero él de gitano está
Los vídeos son maravillosos. Enhorabuena por esta estrella.

Mon petit-fils bien-aimé

Collier 18/07/2018
Bonjour mon cher, je viens de voir la publication aujourd'hui. Mon petit-fils bien-aimé est très beau de Captain America.
Les éditions des photos étaient magnifiques. À mon avis, il y a des vêtements de ferme. est les beaux vêtements que vous avez jamais tions faites, sans comparaison avec les vêtements de persoinagens.
Les vidéos sont très drôles. Je ne laisserais pas Balzac courir après la poule, comme s'il craignait de le manger.
Un gros câlin.

Tuty, the thief of hearts

Natalie 13/07/2018
Hi Mary, some friends have shown me the Tuty and just like everyone I am enchanted with this cutie.
What a beautiful Captain America!
I am passionate about small furry breed of dog. I already tried to wear shoes on mine, but I could not. The tuty is very talented, he walks with a lot of charm.
Tuty already won my heart.

The beautiful Tuty

Liam 13/07/2018
Hi Mary, as well as many here I met Tuty in a group. He is very charming and gracious. Captain America's very cute. I did not know this style of clothes that Tuty wears, they look like children's clothes.
I'm impressed with Tuty's ability to run and play with shoes.
The videos are very funny, I laughed a lot.
Congratulations, Tuty is very handsome.

The charming Tuty

Murphy 13/07/2018
Hello Tuty's mother, I can not believe I just met her, she's cute now. How come I still did not know Tuty?
How cute. charm, talent and cuteness is this puppy.
I am ecstatic with so much grace. Tuty is the only puppy shoe I've ever seen in life run with so much charm. He runs with small jumps and is very handsome.
Captain America, the pirate, Santa are all very beautiful, I'll schedule you one day to watch all his videos.
I loved meeting Tuty.

The fluffy Tuty

Nicole 13/07/2018
Hello, I'm fascinated by Truth, as it is enchanting. Undoubtedly this is the most charming and talented Captain America, deserves all the Oscar awards. This star can not be outside the academy.
I would have to take it all day to be delighted with all the photos and videos of Tuty. I'm sorry to have just joined the group now, it took me a long time to meet Tuty.
But now I'm also part of the club fan of this cuteness.
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