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Hi guys, I'm drying myself and I Came to a wink. Anyone who wants to have a photo of your mascot in the gallery of my little buddies, just send a photo by email mama.

And of whom I have the photo: Ricky Marvin, Balzac and Frozen, it's just your daddy or Mama have authorization, the photo goes to gallery.

Au Au everyone!



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Tuty, the most powerful superhero.

Johnny 13/07/2018
Hi Tuty, my little brother, how I missed you. Dude, you really are a great superhero. I just looked into Captain Tuty's eyes,, and you with your super powers makes all my problems disappear.
Little Brother, although the power to climb walls is Spider-Man, you do it with a lot of charm and grace. You have to teach me this technique.
I loved the idea of getting on the horse to see if any danger was coming. I'm annoyed that you did not invite me to eat the roasted chicken that you chased, and as you have super powers you sure did get it.
Let's combine a day to take a tour of Central Park in your beautiful Carriage.
A hug my little brother, you relaxed me a lot.

The talented Tuty

Bill 13/07/2018
Hello Mary, Tuty really is a great talent, he is very handsome of Captain America. The videos are very entertaining.

Tuty, the most beautiful baby in the world

Mary Louise 13/07/2018
Hello Mary, as my baby is gorgeous Capitçao America. As he is photogenic, what cute poses he does. As Tuty awakens in us the urge to embrace and kiss him.
These videos are a lot of fun, he runs very handsome.
Tuty really made me a big fan of him.

Tuty, the one who brings me joy

Elton 13/07/2018
Hello, William sent me a WhatsApp with Tuty's photos and videos.
As he makes me joyful and happy. It captain Tuty is very gracious.But what I was passionate about are these videos. How funny is he chasing after the chicken and the rabbits. And as he is elegant riding a carriage. After I lost my companion, I thought I would never fall in love with another dog so much.
But Tuty changed everything.

Krásný Tuty

Paulina 13/07/2018
Ahoj Mary, když jsem naposledy komentoval, byla to Tuty narozeniny. Včera jsem v parku viděl lhasa apso a vzpomněl jsem si na Tuty. Měl na sobě silikonové boty a šel all nevyvážené. Pak jsem si vzpomněla, jak Tuty chodí s tak velkým šarmem, běží tak, jako by byl bosý.
On jako Captain America je kouzlo.
Tyto edice fotografií a videa jsou fantastické, ale máte velmi talenbto, jak toho dosáhnout. Velké objetí.

The lovely Tuty

Simon 13/07/2018
Hi, Tom showed me Tuty and I'm the newest fan of this cuteness. I'm in love with Captain America Tuty. I was also very much a fan of Captain Brittany, but now I'm a fan of Captain Tuty.
He chasing after the chicken and the rabbits is a lot of fun.
Congratulations, Tuty is enchanting.

Graceful Tuty

B. Orlando 13/07/2018
Hello. I met Tuty through a group.
Wow, I'm impressed with the graciousness and talents of this puppy. He is very handsome, it is not without reason that he has won so many fans. Captain America's Tuty is fabulous. When I was little I wanted to be Captain Brittany.
The videos are wonderful. Congratulations, Tuty is very gracious

The precious Tuty

Joile 13/07/2018
Hi Mary, once again Tuty is the main attraction in the groups of friends. My children fell in love with Captain America Tuty. He's extremely handsome. This photo that he is standing facing forward is beautiful. The clothes on the farm are very graceful and beautiful. The videos are very funny and gracious. Congratulations Tuty is a gem.

Tuty, the most charming among all the charming

Camille 12/07/2018
Wow, like our prince is handsome from Captain America. The first photo in the Tuty for Pet gallery is very, very cute. The editions were spectacular.
This farm clothes with the coat is very beautiful.
These videos are wonderful, as Tuty is funny. I gave lots of laughter with him running several laps to get into the bunny rabbit and he running after the hen.
Congratulations Mary, the Tuty ever more charming

The most charming superhero in the world.

Robert 12/07/2018
I had heard of Tuty, but I could not imagine that Tuty is so graceful and so cute. I see that colleagues have not exaggerated.
I have to admit that Tuty is the most charming super hero in the world, he even made the iron man lose his place in the heart of little Alexander. I also liked the fero man, but now I like Captain Tuty.
He disguised as a farmer on the horse to observe more distant enemies, this wonderful. The hillbilly outfit, riding a wagon, is also very original. If he walked in a supersonic car, it would draw much attention and everyone would find out that he is actually Captain America Tuty.
Tuty I really loved meeting you, you really are a star,

Tuty and his adventures

Adam 12/07/2018
Hi Mary, the photos and videos of Tuty have already spread in the groups. It Captain America is espetecular. His picture with his ass up, climbing the bank, Is show.
I was eager to get into the corral and run with Tuty behind the rabbits. I think if we meet one day, we'll have a lot of fun.
I loved this walking clothes on the farm is beautiful. The fur coat is fashion and stylish. He riding in a carriage is unbelievable, just the Tuty for so much adventure.
Congratulations, everything is very beautiful.

My friend Tuty

Alexander 12/07/2018
Hello Tuty's mom. I missed my little friend Tuty. Almost every day I come here on the blog to see if there is any new Tuty.
He is very handsome of Captain America. I like Captain Brittany, who was my father's hero when he was little. But Captain America's Tuty outfit is a lot nicer. Now I'm a fan of Captain America too.
A friend of mine from school gave me the iron man's clothes, I really liked it. But now that I've seen Captain America's Tuty's outfit, I guess I do not like most.
Tuty is like me very brave, he stood on the horse alone. Here I do not have hen hunting, but I really want to hunt with Tuty. All bunnies were afraid of Tuty, he is very valiant. But he's a little friend, he did not bite any bunnies.
Also u chariot ride, and I'll take the Tuty to walk with me.
Tuty's mom I wanted to make a request: do not take too long to publish Tuty's photos and vids because I really miss my little friend.
Tuty I love you!

Die vielseitig einsetzbaren Tuty

Wolfgang 11/07/2018
Hallo meine Prinzessin, dass Capaitão Amerika am schönsten und charmantsten ist.
Das erste Foto von Captain America's Tuty in der Tuty for Pet Gallery ist wunderschön. Seine Fähigkeit, auf der Pferdestatue zu balancieren, ist fantastisch.
Er rennt hinter die Henne ist vom Hasen ist sehr lustig.
Er reitet auf einer Kutsche Es ist wirklich eine Szene einer Familie Hinterwäldler.

Tuty, the most charming and beautiful Capaitão America in the world

Chris 11/07/2018
Hello Mary, I was sent the link of this page and I had to leave my comment, TUTY IS THE MOST BEAUTIFUL CAPTAIN AMERICA IN THE WORLD.
I'm also very fond of dogs, my dog sleeps with me.
Tuty is charming, like not being in love with him. As he is chamoso walking on shoes. He manages to run after the rabbits and hen used sneakers, this is unbelievable. On rainy days I try to use a boot on my dog, but he can not even stand. Every time I go out with him I have to wash his paws when I return. Tuty demonstrates tranquility and looks very happy in the wagon riding. He still has the courage to stay close to the horses. Tuty is incredible.
His photo balanced on top of the horse statue is spectacular.
His clothes are all beautiful.
Congratulations Tuty is fabulous.

The star Tuty

Joseph 11/07/2018
Hello, Tom showed me the photos and videos of Tuty, I was impressed by the talent of this little puppy. As he has the ability to walk in shoes, run and stay balanced with 2 legs. It's amazing, most dogs can not even walk wearing shoes.
Tuty is very photogenic, he has several expressions, he smiles. Something rare for a dog, who most of the time only knows how to put his tongue out. Tuty is a star.
I'm delighted with all his clothes and costumes. He of pirate overcame Jack Sparrow, It's outrageously cute. The photo that he stops in front of the mirror and stays looking at is show. His smile on Jamaican's picture is a work of art. He dressed in Santa Claus, Christmas tree, bunny, Irish and vampire are spectacular. All the clothes were very graceful in him.
I was entranced by the video Tuty playing football.
These Captain America photos are beautiful.
I wish I had more time to stay here enjoying this talent, which is Tuty. I'm sure I'll be back.

The most beautiful Captain America

Anne 11/07/2018
Hi Mary, once again the my little son was crazy with Tuty's photos and videos.
The hen video he screams, goes Tuty bites this crazy hen. The one of the bunny he laughs all the time. the video of the carriage he speaks goes, goes Tuty
When he saw Tuty dressed as captain America, he ran to the nanny and asked her to wear Captain America's outfit for him to look like Tuty.
He on the horse, it is surprising.
This clothes walking on the farm is very stylish and beautiful.
The photos and videos are wonderful.

Tuty, the most precious jewel in the universe

Tom 11/07/2018
Oh my God, what is this excess cuteness? Tuty is extremely handsome as Captain America. This photo where he is with the steep buttock, climbing the bank, is very fofa, It makes you want to apetar much Tuty. In the first assembly of the gallery Tuty For Pet, the last photo is spectacular, as Tuty is handsome.
The editions of Captain America's photos were beautiful.
The clothes on the farm are among the most beautiful you have ever done in my opinion.
As Tuty is brave, this photo of him alone on the horse is unbelievable.
His videos running behind the hen and the bunnies are very cute and funny. However, his video of wagon riding is the best, as it is funny. It is the most charming and graceful hick in the world. Tuty tried to guide the horses, it is amazing that he is not afraid.
Congratulations, Mary, for taking such good care of our precious jewel, that every day it becomes more beautiful.

Happy mothers day!

Jennifer 13/05/2018
Hello Mary, congratulations on the beautiful and exciting text. I am also a mother of 4-legged children and just like you I love my children. And they are my children. Tuty is a lucky guy.


Lindsey 13/05/2018
Hi Mary, what a beautiful text. I wish you a mother's day full of pranks and licks

Happy mothers day!

Emma 13/05/2018
Hello Mary, you and Tuty are beautiful in this photo, and he is a great privilege for the mother who has. Cheers.
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