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12/11/2015 23:49


Continuing the series prerequisites for developing a perfect makeup, today I will talk about the makeup of the lips, lipstick, lip liner or lip pencil  and lipgloss. Click on the link: SERIES OF PREREQUISITE FOR MAKE UP PERFECT




The terms “batom” of the Portuguese language (derived from the French bâton) and "lipstick" of the English language highlight the shape or consistency of the object represented, to associate it with a stick, rod or stick.

In turn, the French word “rouge à lèvres” does not highlight the shape of the represented object. Such expression, seems to emphasize the function of which is represented (to blush or color the lips) or perhaps the notion of derivation of this object of another (the rouge like makeup for cheeks).

The act of coloring the lips is something done by women for thousands of years. In the XIX century, terms like "lip rouge", "tinted lip balm", "tinted lip salve" and “rouge à lèvres”  were used to represent the products used to give color to the lips.

The XIX century corresponds, in part, to the call Victorian era, marked by the existence of a lot of moral censure the use of makeup by women.

In that same century, France was the main producer of cosmetics. Many pharmacies and French perfume produced and sold products to color the lips, but there was a lot of discretion on the part of businesses and consumers. Perhaps reflecting this negative stigma of makeup, products classified as medicinal, but slightly coloriam lips, they were very successful. Many French companies started launching different types of products "en bâton" and this was a novelty in the market.

Among these products was “rouge à lèvres en bâton” or “stick lip-rouge”. As an example, o Ne m’oubliez pas of Guerlain (1870).

For no other reason, many dictionaries suggest the emergence of the word "lip stick" around 1880. Another interesting fact is that the Portuguese word "batom", as mentioned above, despite having a meaning similar to the English word "lipstick" has its radical derived from the French word “bâton” very strong indication not only of the influence of the French cosmetics at the time, but the impact of this form of presentation of the product.

Unlike Americans who have been substituting the words "lip rouge" with "lipstick", as new synonymous with the product for lip paint, the French kept using the term, “rouge à lèvres”. I believe that because of the long French tradition of using products for coloring the lips, which led them to realize lipstick as just a new form or consistency rouge for lips.

What happened to the French, it can be compared to the current fact that companies continue calling "lipstick" or "batom" new lip products that do not keep the shape or consistency any similarity with a "stick". Examples lipstick liquid and cream lipstick.



Lipsticks differ in their composition. And the most frequent components are:

- VITAMINS A and E - nourish the lips and help neutralize harmful radicals, slowing the aging and contributing in cell renewal process. Vitamins also have soothing and moisturizing effect.

- NATURAL OILS - nourish the labial mucosa, protecting it from dryness and flaking.

- WAX - are responsible for the durability of the product.

- SILICON - creates an invisible film on the lips, shielding against adverse effects, causing the color lasts longer.

- PIGMENTS AND DYES - are responsible for the color.

- SPF- SOLAR FILTER - protects the labial mucosa against ultraviolet radiation.

- FRAGRANCE - flavoring substance that minimizes the smell of the various ingredients used.




1.1 - SOLID LIPSTICK - is presented in two ways: 











Colors the lips while providing hydration, softness and smoothness. It contains many moisturizing ingredients and most have SPF, providing protection against ultraviolet radiation. Obviously, it is very suitable for people who have dry lips. The product has a pleasant texture. In some cases can transfer or blurring.


In addition to coloring the lips, the lipstick is very rich in oils, waxes and vitamins A and E. It is characterized by soft texture and even color. This type of lipstick is perfect for winter because it protects the lips against the cold. However, it can be used anytime of the year.



Usually a colorless lipstick. It smoothes the delicate skin on the lips, heals cracks, prevents herpes, gives softness and natural shine.



Of a raw form, lipsticks have two types of finish, in different graduations: matte or glossy or matte and shimmering.

Some companies have created themselves and specific titles for each slight variation in the finish of their lipsticks.

As an example of these different names used, then, we will list the names of finish according to MAC:

- MATTE - They are dull, ie have no gloss, are well pigmented and texture is dried.

- SATIN - are semi-opaque, have a slight satin sheen, are well pigmented and texture is slightly silky.

- AMPLIFIED CREAM – are creamy, have a slight sheen, they are well pigmented and texture is quite creamy.

- CREMESHEEN - are the cream base, are quite hydrated, pigmentation is medium to high and texture is quite silky.

- FROST - are the lipsticks with profusion of glittering particles, commonly called sparkling. They have a good pigmentation and texture is silky.

- LUSTRE - are semi-glossy, have a slight pigmentation and a wet texture, similar to a gloss, but are not viscous.

- DAZZLE - have gloss and glitter and a thick consistency. The pigmentation is similar to lip gloss.

- GLAZE - they are translucent, bright and have low pigmentation.





They stand for 8 to 24 hours. They have volatile silicone oils which evaporate between 1 and 2 minutes after application, setting the lipstick on the lips. The negative effect of these lipsticks is that they leave a dry mouth, causing epidermal desquamation.


São batons que possuem em sua formulação componentes com fragrância, principalmente de frutas.


It has in its substance formulation resistant to water, allowing the lipstick not go out even in contact with it.








Some studies have linked the woman's personality to the color of lipstick she wears, or form, unintended, the woman gives the tip of your lipstick.


According to a survey published by Marie Claire and conducted by P & G Beauty for CoverGirl, the lipstick color would be an excellent way to determine the personality of a woman. In this study, 2,375 people were invited to comment on the characteristics, type of profession and personality of nine women using different colors of lipstick. Given the results, Sarah Vickery, lead author of the study, explains: "This time we have proof that every lipstick color gives a different impression of the person who uses it.  It is something that can really turn in your favor. "

According to the survey, the strongest colors are associated with the strong personality of women; already the weakest colors are associated with more discreet personality of women.


Women powerful, creative, bold and have initiative.


Women sociable and fun. But also very powerful. Most senior executives opt for this color.


Autonomous and independent women.



Women receptive and considerate.



One study linked the shape lipstick assumes during use with some characteristics of women.


Courageous woman and strategist.



Woman adventurous and loyal



Balanced woman and that seeks self-knowledge.



Woman skillfully and agitated


Woman suspicious and well informed.


Romantic and sincere woman


Affectionate and mysterious woman.




It is used to get around the lips, correct symmetry defects and create the illusion of larger or smaller lips.



Apply a foundation or concealer in the region of the lips and the powder on top, giving small taps. This will help increase the durability of the lipstick and make the most beautiful color.

To make the outline of a "V" at the center of the upper lip and then go around the entire lip line.

If you have thin or uneven lips, outline with a pencil one shade darker than the lipstick color, a little below the natural line. In this way, it will make them look fuller and defined.

If your lips are too full and you want to make decrease the outline with a pencil in the same color lipstick a little into the natural lip line.

Some lipsticks rich moisturizers out beyond the line of the lips, do contour with lip pencil will help hold the lipstick.

Ways to apply the lipstick different types:

- LIPSTICK STICK - is the simplest to apply. It can be applied with the product or with a brush. Start with the "V" of the upper lip and then fills the area inside the outline.

- LIQUID LIPSTICK - should be applied with the fingertip or with a brush. Put a little of the product in the center of each lip and go spreading giving small taps.

- LIPSTICK PENCIL - is applied to the product itself. The mode of application is the same lipstick bat.

- LIP CREAM - is applied with the fingertip or with a brush. Apply the corner to the center to not accumulate on the sides.



It is a cosmetic used on the lips of translucent color and brightness.


The first lip gloss was created in 1930 by Max Factor for the cinema. And in 1932 he created the first commercial lip gloss called "X-Rated", which remained in production until 2003, when he was interrupted by Proctor and Gamble (P & G).

An important moment in the history of lip gloss happened in 1970, when the Bonne Bell cosmetics company launched the first lip gloss fruit-flavored called Lip Smackers. This type of lip gloss has always been very popular with the younger crowd.

A few years ago, came the lip gloss that gives extra volume to the lips. Some manufacturers compare the effect of this type of lip gloss to collagen injections. In fact, such lip gloss contains substances that enhance blood circulation in the skin of the lips, making them temporarily bulkier than usual.



1 - LIP GLOSS LIQUID - is found in tube glass cylinder or plastic wand, roll-on tube, roll-on pot and tube.


2 - LIP GLOSS CREAM - is found in small pots or makeup kits.



3.1 - LIP GLOSS PENCIL - is similar to pencil lipstick, but has gloss consistency.





Florence Watson 25/11/2015
Hello, study makeup in London and I knew the blog. For his writings on the 20th century make-up became very popular in our school.
Today I was on the internet researching the lipstick consistency and, coincidentally the blog appeared on the first páagina.
How can you, after producing the best and most complete series on the make-up of the last century, come up with another series as well qualified as the previous one?
You really are the best makeup blog author when referring to text. And his teaching in the texts is so clear, that it is possible to learn to practice with you, but than with many videos.
Your texts on contour, blush and lipstick are better than the lessons I had on these topics. And look, my classes were very good.
As occurred in the previous series, this new series will serve as a reference in various make-up courses.
I can not even imagine what you will bring about the makeup of eyes.

Serien til forberedelsen af make-up

Niels 23/11/2015
Mary den tidligere serie havde forladt mig imponeret over hans talent. Nu du kommer op med denne nye serie, jeg m viser, at det er meget mere talentfuld end jeg troede.
På internettet er der ingen skridt for skridt at forberede makeup med kvaliteten af deres tekster. Tillykke.


Dulce Maria Martinez 20/11/2015
Hola Mary resido en Guadalajara y estaba leyendo sobre los textos de Internet en el lápiz labial cuando me encuentro este espectacular del blog
Antes de llegar a su texto, he leído algunos otros textos sobre el lápiz labial. Y yo estoy enamorado de este bello texto, así como en toda la serie, en la que se inserta. Qué hermoso trabajo, completa, bien escrito y bien ilustrado.
De hecho, todo el blog es muy encantador, es el primer blog que permite a la gente a escribir en su idioma. Voy a volver pronto al blog para leer otros textos.
Chica, amigos y visitantes del blog son muy chic. Me encantaría tener un amigo que me convidass a su casa y motassa un armario de maquillaje con los mejores productos, sólo las mejores marcas.


Jacqueline 17/11/2015
Bonjour, à la recherche de textes sur les caractéristiques du rouge à lèvres et venir à votre blog. Ce texte et toute son blog est très étonnant.
Je ne l'avais jamais connu un blog avec autant de textes que complexe et en même temps aussi interactif que les textes de ce blog
Ce texte est explendoroso, très complet, très bien décrit et un langage très didactique sans être un langage pour les adolescents.
Je lis beaucoup de texte de votre blog, et je suis tout à fait enchanté avec tout. Je suis très impressionné par la qualité des visiteurs de ce blog. Vous avez les meilleurs textes de l'Internet et le meilleur blog.


Лана 17/11/2015
Привет, Мария, друг и визажист рассказал мне о вашей Testo помады. Я студент макияж, и он сказал, что ваш текст выглядит здорово.
Ах он сказал, что это было для меня прокомментировать второго текста. Поскольку домашняя страница в великих мастеров визажистов.
Он сказал, что текст был очень хорошим, но и далеко за то, что я себе представлял. Le уже несколько текстов на эту тему, но это лучший текст.
Я читал другие тексты о этой серии, и я рад, я буду ждать, чтобы увидеть другие тексты.


АЛЕССАНДРО 16/11/2015
Привет Мэри, я очень хотел, чтобы увидеть этот текст, потому что все тексты, которые отсутствуют в серии, это один с бедной conteúido Интернет.
Но, как всегда вы нас удивлять. Этот текст сказочные, все очень правильная.
Я впечатлен, как вы научились идентифицировать каждый тип помады.
Его техника нанесения помады очень дидактический. Я также очень понравилось текст блеск для губ.
В отличие от своего друга я написал здесь, потому что на главной странице, потому что уровень посетителей очень высоко для меня. Это не страница комментарий, действительно место для наибольшего профессионального макияжа,
Я в шоке, как шик вашему другу. Я не знать причину за приглашение, но я понимаю, что вам будут относиться как настоящую принцессу в замке.


Mary Lyrio 18/11/2015
Алессандро, primeiramente eu gostaria de agradecer pelas dicas e pela sua disposição em querer ajudar. Enviei várias mensagens e estou aguardando as respostas.
Bem, acho que você começou a perceber que essa estratégia de procurar esconderijos ou lugares discretos no blog, isso não irá funciona
Além disso, você, o Demóstenes e o Téo, estão exagerando com essas fantasias de que “seres mitológicos” habitam a homepage do blog disfarçados de pessoas comuns.
O Téo faz isso para inibir os comentários, e aterroriza, aqueles que são os puros de coração mais do que a cena de incêndio no filme Banbi (eu não acredito que fiz isso com o Téo e com o Bambi).
Interrompendo as brincadeiras, mais uma vez, obrigada, e afirmo que todos devem se sentir à vontade, para comentar ou não, quando e onde desejarem.


Lauren 16/11/2015
HI friend, I realized that this area publish the comment appears at any time that this content is sought.
In the home page, whenever you publish a new text, the comment of previous text because of the large number of comment that this blog has, come down a lot and not everyone see. So I prefer to comment here.
Wow! This text is very gorgeous, you have chosen the best images.
I'm impressed with the various types of lipstick that exist. I now I will organize my lipsticks also by the characteristics; they are organized only by the colors. The colorful, I know I have all existing colors and all kinds of finish. I also have the tratanmentos, as are all colorless, most others do not know if I have, although I have a very large quantity of lipstick.
I also think that the rouge to lèvres is more appropriate, because there is lipstick with various forms.
I'm super happy, because applying lipstick in the right manner, beginning with the V upper lip.
Mary what a coincidence, I have these lipgloss cream in those same colors. Many the lipstick, we also have more in different colors you posted,
Friend, I am very sorry because you and your family will not come. I opted for the party in London not only the logistics of some guests, but for being my biggest house, and even though floors, has elevators that would facilitate their mobility.
As I did not know how many people would come with you, I booked 3 rooms on the top floor, a double and the other bedrooms with accommodations for three people each. In your room I changed the bed for a larger King size and rode a closet makeup, you do not need to bring many. As I do not know what their favorite brands, I basiei me by me and some blog comments and put Chanel, Lancome, YSL, MAC, Dior, Guerlain and Givenchy. And as I think your skin tone is the same as mine, for I am Swedish, I put the two shades lighter. And the other items have in all colors. Also I put some new brushes and sponges. I also left some accessories like handbag, belts and others.
Her husband me also seems to be clear, my husband selected a few items needed for it, Oh is the most importate, as I do not know what other language do you speak, I selected a secretary who speaks fluently the Portuguese to communicate with you in case you have some difficulty
Anyway I will keep the whole structure if you decides to change his mind and come.
I would ask to do several make-up on me. And do not worry about the cold, which at the moment is a little intense. I cover with glass entire outside area and ask to acclimatize.
And I know that many people are now afraid to come to Europe, but the security system here in my house will rmuito great. And we will seek all that will come from other paise at the airport to the hotel, which is also with heavy security, and to our home. I know it's a very sad moment, but life goes on.


Mary Lyrio 18/11/2015
Lauren, se dependesse apenas da minha coragem, você poderia programar o próximo evento em Damasco. E se dependesse apenas da minha vontade em vê-la, você poderia reservar uma mesa em qualquer Fast Food que tenha coca cola (por minhas expensas), que eu não perderia este grande evento por nada.
Como havia dito, infelizmente, não posso ir.
Como você é sensível, você não quis me ofender perguntando diretamente os meus motivos.
Um pouco envergonhada e temendo ser mal compreendida, evitei falar sobre as razões que me impedem de estar na sua celebração.
Mas agora vejo que não fiz a coisa certa, e me sinto culpada pelo tempo que você perdeu, pensando em cada detalhe para me proporcionar conforto e me fazer mudar de idéia.
Como penitência, vou revelar publicamente as minhas principais razões. Primeiro, não disponho de condições financeiras para viajar a Londres, neste momento, e nem aceitaria que você custeasse as passagens. Também, fico um pouco receosa de não estar com a saúde 100%. Por fim, a minha família (com exceção do meu esposo), não dá relevância ao blog, e muito menos acreditou no seu convite.
Já disse a você o quanto a sua consideração me emociona, mais uma das coisas na minha vida para as quais não há explicação. E quero reafirmar que estou muito feliz, com a sua celebração. (óbvio que eu também ficaria muito feliz, na verdade, descontrolada, se eu entrasse naquela que imagino ser a Disneyland dos maquiadores). Peço que não fique chateada com a minha ausência, mas fui aprendendo e aceitando ao longo da minha vida de que tudo tem o seu momento.