Mary Lyrio


12/04/2015 18:45


As is known to all, Salvador is a tourist town with many beaches and many attractions for all tastes.

The capital of Bahia is a city by the sea, divided into two parts: the lower town and uptown. In every city, there is no shortage attractive to surprise visitors: revelry, history, cuisine, religion and more

However, as in most tourist cities, Salvador is not a cheap city. And, unfortunately, has a large index of urban violence. But you can enjoy some city attractions without spending too much and without being a victim of violence. A key tip for tourists in Salvador is trying to behave as local and not as a typical tourist on vacation.

What I find interesting for the tourists visit in Salvador are


 A beautiful architectural complex which houses the Modern Art Museum of Bahia, on the shores of the Bay of All Saints;   

    - Igreja do Bonfim

In my opinion, it is not the prettiest of over 365 churches that exist in Salvador, but certainly the most famous, where every year there is the traditional profane-religious festival, the "Cleansing of Bonfim." This festival consists of a religious celebration and the washing of the church steps by representatives of Candomblé, constiuindo profane part of feta

    - Elevador Lacerda

 First urban elevator in the world and the mean of transport more used to connect the lower town to the uptown

    - Linha Verde

It is the northern coastal stretch, made up of beautiful beaches and resorts, ranging from Praia do Forte to the coastal border between Bahia and Sergipe;    

    - Praia da Barra

This beach is for Salvador, the same as the beach of Copacabana is to Rio de Janeiro. Your extension will Porto da Barra to Christ Hill

    - Rio Vermelho

For those who like bohemian this is the place, also very famous for selling acarajé, most famous cookie of Bahia cuisine.

Finally, the most famous party of Salvador, of all that occur throughout the year, is the carnival. Where thousands of people gather in two circuits, the Campo Grande and the Barra-Ondina to enjoy a hundred electric trucks pulled by singers and afros blocks.

    2 – CURITIBA

Although Curitiba not be my hometown, who knows me knows how I feel in Curitiba, since childhood, even before seeing the city. And after a trip with my husband in December 2011, for the entire southern region, grew my passion for the city. The following year, for various reasons, I had a few more times in the city and then in October of that year, I moved and I'm here for almost three years. And I can say that this is where I wanna be.

The beautiful capital of Paraná, in addition to several tourist attractions it offers, has characteristics as regards the quality of life that differs from other capitals. We can mention, the quality of air to breathe in the city, due to the large amount of green areas, which gives him the title of ecological city. Another feature, which to me is very important, is that the city is very safe to the standards of a capital, and even for those living in the old town or in nearby areas. In addition, Curitiba has one of the most efficient public transport in the country. And the other public services, here are also well structured and function normally.

Now talking about the sights, what I like most in the city are:

    - Jardim Botânico

One of the most famous sights of the city. Its main attraction is a greenhouse of iron and glass, inspired by London's Crystal Palace. Inside the greenhouse there is a French garden with its geometric beds. Admission is free.

    - Santa Felicidade

 Neighborhood formed by Italian immigrants and main gastronomic axis of the city. In it there is the most famous restaurant in town, the Madalosso, which is also the largest Italian restaurant in the world.   

    - Parque Tanguá

In my opinion, and among the ones I know, is the most beautiful city park. It has a gazebo with 65 meters high, waterfall, lakes, bike path, bridge, barbecue and a garden in French style with flower beds and water features.

    - Calçadão da XV de novembro

Located in the city center, is located between two squares General Osório and Santos Andrade. Where does the popular shopping, with all kinds of shops, bars, restaurants and pastry shops. For me it is an open mall. It is very pleasant to stroll here.

    - Centro Cívico

It is a neighborhood where is the seat of government of Paraná: Iguaçu Palace, Legislative Assembly and the Court, in addition to the Curitiba City Hall

    - Passeio de trem pela Serra do Mar

  A beautiful train ride through the Serra do Mar, connecting Curitiba to Morretes and Paranagua.



ADRIAN 20/05/2015
Hi Mary, their Savior are great indications, Praia do Forte is very beautiful, but the population is very dishonest. We were stolen in a restaurant on Pelourinhode and a boy who sat on the beach baracca us, as we do not know the way to the airport the taxi took us to the Salvadore center said it was the right path. At the airport we found out that we were wrong.
I found a beautiful city, but it will never come back.
But you do not have guilt, thanks for the tips.
Sorry about my English


ADRIAN 19/04/2015
I did not sleep yet, because I travel Wednesday. thank you


ADRIAN 19/04/2015
Mary, thank you for the tip. Forgiveness, because I do not speak English well and I think mixed with google translation. Where is tourism agency when you arrive. Excuse the expression, but I knew that taxi in savior is not honest. Can I trust in the airport? You helped me a lot, since I already have way but did not know where to stay,


Mary Lyrio 19/04/2015
you have woke up or did not sleep? yes, the official taxis are safe, but they can not be honest in the price. Contact the company: and set the value. In urgent cases, I have family members who speak English in Salvador.


ADRIAN 19/04/2015
Hi Mary, I live in Sweden, I am two days ago looking for Salvador informs because I will enjoy my holiday, most found only in Portuguese, when after many attempts I think your blog. Loved your text over the city, is very beautiful,, but it worries me
violence. A friend told me that staying in Fort beach is better than Salvador, you agree. I know tabalha with scripts, but I want a hint of where it is better. I'm young, fresh out of college and want to have some fun with my girlfriend. We chose Bahia because we want lots of sun and a friend who was there said that Sun does all the time .. I'm very grateful if you can help me.


Mary Lyrio 19/04/2015
Sun, natural beauty and safety are its focus prefer the fort beach or other places in the north coast strong. After staying and adapted to the customs, I recommend you visit Salvador to seek a unique social experience. Therefore, you should not go alone, hire travel agency (to look good) or are accompanied with people who trust and who are familiar with the city. Both taxi as public transport are not recommended for those not familiar with the city.