Mary Lyrio


29/02/2016 15:27

The colorful makeup is a youthful and cheerful makeup

Many people, for not knowing how to use or even for fear of drawing attention, avoid wearing colorful makeup.

The colorful makeup is not makeup easier to do, it is necessary to know the colors, know the possibilities of combinations that exist, so that the makeup becomes harmonious, have artistic creation, and more than in any other makeup, it is essential to use quality products to prevent, after several hours of use of makeup, the effect is disastrous.

Study the color wheel is the first step to know what are the possibilities of color combinations.

The colorful makeup is suitable for any woman, but you must have personality, for a colorful, cheerful and beautiful makeup will always attract the eyes.

The combinations can be monochromatic, analogous, complementary equilateral triad, isoceles triad, rectangle and square, as can be seen in the two chromatic circles below.


When we use a neutral color with any of these combinations, or just with a vibrant color, we have a mixed combination.

The only caveat that I do, is that the blush of color in any makeup, should be the same lipstick color, but the shades may be different.





The yellow and orange colors are analogous

Lips, orange lipstick contour and the inner corners and yellow gloss in the center, this effect creates the illusion of larger lips.


The yellow, blue, turquoise and green colors are analogous each other.

The blue, violet and pink are analogous.

The yellow, green and olive colors are analogous.



The colors orange and turquoise blue are complementary


The green and orange colors are complementary.


The colors yellow and magenta are complementary.


The green and pink are complementary.



These two make-ups, they are using cyan shadows, yellow and magenta, which form an equilateral Tride on the color wheel.

In the 1st image, the shadow on the lower lashes linnha is cyan, when smoky with yellow reflected a greenish color.

The blue, yellow and red colors form an equilateral triad on the color wheel.



In this makeup, she wore yellow, green and pink colors, which form a isoceles triad.

The colors green, cyan blue and pink, which form an isosceles triad on the color wheel.



In this makeup, she wore the colors pink, yellow, green and purple, which form a rectangle on the color wheel.



The examples below are colored makeup with a neutral color.

In this makeup, she wears a purple shadow in the mobile and fixed eyelid, and then did a smoky black shadow on the mobile eyelid. The rest of the makeup is natural skin lipstick lilac.

In the mobile eyelid, she wore a dark brown eyeshadow without smudging, on the inner corner of the eye a yellow shade on the eyelid fixed an orange shade and the bone below the eyebrow one champangne shadow. In the waterline she applied black pencil and esfumaçou yellow shadow on the line the lower lashes. At first blush and lip color is orange.

In this photo, she wore a green shadow on the mobile eyelid and a black shadow on the outer corner, applying the same shadow in concave without smudging. She made a contour with orange blush and lips aplicu an orange lipstick.