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30/01/2016 14:18

Hi my dear friends, I am happy that the holidays ended, though they have been wonderful. I was already feeling the lack of blog and you. This year I'm with several projects for the blog, and I hope to achieve all.

Today, I'll finish the series of prerequisites for the elaboration of a perfect makeup, SERIES OF PREREQUISITE FOR MAKE UP PERFECT ,continuing the topic makeup accessories and explaining how to sanitize them. for personal use.



I have spoken of the types and functions of brushes here, ACCESSORIES MAKEUP - BRUSHES. Today I will explain how to sanitize them.



Currently on the market there are various products to clean brushes. But even using these products, the brushes need to be cleaned fortnightly or monthly depending on the frequency of use.

To wash should use a baby shampoo neutral and then apply a hypoallergenic baby drop conditioner to moisturize the hair.



1 - soak the bristles of the brushes under running water, avoid wetting the cable to the glue does not drop;

2 - put in hand a bit of shampoo;

3 - Spread the shampoo in hand;

4 - Make moves backward, forward and sideways with the brush to loosen the dirt;

5 - rinse under running water, if not drop all the dirt, repeat the whole process;

6 - put a drop of conditioner in their hands;

7 - Make moves backward, forward and sideways with the brush;

8 - rinse in running water;

9 - Place on a paper towel or a clean towel to dry.

Today in the market there are also several rubber utensils with textures which help in washing the brushes. One of the first to be released was the glove from Sigma. Inside is another cotton sleeve to help remove excess water from the brushes.


But these days, there are several models of brushes cleaner.





Place the shampoo that utensil of rubber and scrub brush making moves back and forth, and from one side to the other.



Serves: preserve clean brushes and prevent them pick up dust and protect the bristles from damage when the brushes are transported in the bag or on the road.



As well as brushes, sponges are accessories for application of makeup. But just as important is knowing how to choose the most suitable brush for a certain product and determined face area, it is also crucial to know to choose the sponge.

Today in the market there makeup sponges with materials, different shapes and sizes, and each has specific function for application of the products, thus giving a better finish to makeup.

You should always apply the product giving light taps with the sponge, never apply dragging them. In the case of liquid products, after applying with a sponge, give light taps with your finger to standardize.






They have various shapes and thickness ranges from fine to coarse. They are excellent for applying dry products such as powders.

They are not suitable for liquids or creamy products, because they absorb a large amount of product.

A quality foam sponge should have a smooth texture.

Some makeup sponges are packed in the product itself, but not all have the right quality.

While not the most correct statement if the sponge is used with liquid or creamy product, dampen before using it.





They may be round, oval, square and rectangular. They are suitable for application in compact and usually comes with the product. They have a silk ribbon on the outside as clamp fingers.




They are very fluffy, delicate and have various formats and some come in beautiful packaging. Was formerly used only to apply facial powder, but today is not so suitable for this role, they may charge a lot on the amount of dust. It is appropriate to remove excess makeup.




They may be round, square, wedge-shaped (or pizza) and drop-shaped. The thickness ranges from fine to coarse. It is ideal for use with liquid, creamy mousse product as it absorbs little amount.

They can be used dry or moist.

They may be round, square, wedge-shaped (or pizza) and drop-shaped. The thickness ranges from fine to coarse. It is ideal for use with liquid, creamy mousse product as it absorbs little amount.

They can be used dry or moist.



They are the great fever on the market today. The first high-performance sponge was brand Beauty Blender, the famous "pink egg." Many people confuse the brand name with the shape of the product and call all these sponges Beauty Blender. Today, there are already several models of different brands of these egg sponges and pads 360. These sponges are the darlings because they have a total utilization of its format. The lower end is ideal for smaller areas face, such as the corners of the eyes and nose and the widest part is ideal for large areas of the face. They can be used wet or dry, being suitable for any product consistency, although better used when the product is liquid or creamy.



They can be washed with a mild shampoo or soap neutral liquid.

With the exception of plush sponge, all other sponges are washed in the same way.

Do not apply laundry products, because facial skin is more sensitive than the body's skin remaining, and these products can cause allergies or irritations. In addition, these products can damage the sponges. Another product which can not be used because it will damage the sponge material is pure alcohol.

The sponges used to apply powder being used daily, should be washed once a week. If the use is occasional washing can be fortnightly.

The sponges used daily in liquid or cream products must be cleaned daily or on alternate days at the most.

If the use is sporadic can be washed weekly.

The product accumulation commits the finish of makeup, and can lead to contamination of bacteria that can cause dermatitis skin.

Choosing the product to be used in washing, soak the sponge thoroughly under running water. Then apply a small amount of the product and then massageI the sponge with your fingers and gently press to leave any product. Rinse well and repeat until no more dirt out. Squeeze to remove excess water and let dry on a clean towel and fresh air. Go switching the side of the sponge and towel position to dry completely.

Never rub the sponge, as this will leave rough and decrease the life.

If the sponge is very dirty, soak in warm (not hot) with the product used to wash and go always massaging with your fingers to loosen any dirt. After exague in running water and squeeze out the liquid, without twisting, and leave on a clean towel and an airy place to dry. Go always changing the side of the sponge and the position of the towel.

In the case of plush sponge, if used daily, it should be washed every two weeks with liquid soap or shampoo in water. Do not squeeze the sponge, just shake her out all excess water and let it dry just like the others.

Even making the correct cleaning sponges, they have a shelf life. The chamois sponges should be changed every month if the use is constant; the foam, every two months, latex every 3 to 4 months. Only the sponge pelúccia has a longer service life, depending on care, they can last up to more than a year.



And curved eyelashes are a charm apart in the look of the woman, and every day more women have been seeking devices to the eyelashes and elongated, curved and full. One of the alternatives that the cosmetic industry offers us are false eyelashes, but not all women have the facility to apply them. Another option are the masks of eyelashes that promise effects of false eyelashes, elongated and curved well, but not always the effect is desired. A tool that since its invention in the early decades of the 20th century, is very pleasing women is the eyelash curler, which is a device that curve the lashes. Until recently, there was only the mechanical eyelash curler. Today, there is already in the market, the thermal eyelash curler and the latest release is the thermal eyelash curler.




The use of mechanical eyelash curler should be before applying the mask of eyelashes. If you want you can apply before the primer lashes.


It resembles the scissors with a curved shaping the upper end. It's the classic model.

Best for: People with medium and long eyelashes.

Advantage: Perfect curvature.

Disadvantage: Requires more expertise and can hurt your skin.




           2                       3                            4                         5   

1 - Hold the appliance with the thumb and middle finger;

2 - with the eyes open, position the opening of the very close eyelash curler root of the upper eyelashes;

3 - close the appliance;

4 - then press it with very close attention from the root to avoid catching the lid, turn the eyelash curler gently up and hold for 30 seconds. Repeat until satisfied with the curvature of the eyelashes.



Best for: People with medium and long eyelashes and has a heavy hand when you use the eyelash curler.

It is similar to the classic metal eyelash curler, the difference is that the spring eyelash curler has pads at the ends, which are pressed by the thumb and index finger, while the classic has handles where the fingers are placed. The spring provides greater resistance, causing smoother motion device.

Advantage: Perfect curvature.

Disadvantage: You can pinch the skin.




The usage is the same as the classic eyelash curler, the only difference is the place to hold the device.




Remove the pads and erasers and wash under running water with soap. Then wipe off any metal part with cotton and alcohol. Cleaning should always be done after use.



The rubber eyelash curler has a validity period. If the eyelash curler is used frequently or even if it is guarded and is never used, the rubber in both cases damage, then it should be replaced. The duration of the rubber is 06 months.

Even you always exchanging the rubber, the device also has a shelf life, it loses its power from the exchange of 4 rubber, then within 02 years it should be replaced, although some manufacturers recommend changing a year. This will depend on the machine's quality and gives frequency of use.





It has several models, most used the compact model. They all have a larger opening to fit the lashes.

Best for: beginners

If you ever wrapped your eyelashes before, metal eyelash curler can seem a little intimidating. Eyelash curler plastic is easier to handle and safer if you are starting to use this accessory.

Advantage: Lower risk of injury.

Downside: not much curved eyelashes like the other models.



To use the gift as close to the root eyelashes in the device opening, take a slightly curved and press for 45 to 60s.



Wash all the appliance under the soapy water after each use.



Can be electric, battery or battery. Unlike mechanical, it must be applied after the mascara.

More suitable for: people with short lashes, scarce or difficult to bend.

Advantage: curvature longer, depending on the machine's quality in some cases, may even replace the use of the mask eyelashes.

Disadvantage: Frequent use can damage the lashes.



Gently close the unit at the root of the lashes, making sure not to pinch the eyelid during the process and press firmly for about 20 seconds and release. Then repeat the process, fitting the device in the middle of the lashes. Lastly, repeat the procedure again near the tip of the eyelashes.



Warning, do not soak or wash the modeler with water. Just wipe it with a damp piece of cloth.



It is a thermal device similar to brush the mask of eyelashes. You have several models.

When heated curve and separates lashes providing a beautiful result.

The great advantage is to model without having to pull them.



Apply mascara and wait for the temperature indicator lights, warning that the equipment is ready for use. Make moves to comb the wires, stretching and shaping as you normally do with the mascara brush.

You can well highlighted, bulky and well curved lashes, first apply the classic curler after mascara, then the modeler and finally another layer of mascara.

If the result is not the desired use a damp flexible art to undo the procedure. Expect the wires dry and repeat the process.



Some models come with a small brush cleaning to remove mascara and hair that was seized. But if do not have this brush after use, allow to cool, remove the battery and wipe with a damp cloth by brush after a dry cloth.



Remove makeup every day is crucial to let the skin breathe, preventing the closing of the pores, the appearance of blemishes, blackheads, pimples and premature aging. The damage also extend to the eyelashes, which may be dry and brittle if the mascara is not removed adequately.

In recent years, the types of makeup removers on the market are increased. With so many options on the market, sometimes it is difficult to choose or even whether we are using the correct makeup remover.




They are practical, disposable and easy to clean in the bag.

I use, and I like a lot because it removes makeup well. But the big problem is that today there are several brands on the market, and some can cause skin irritation, as this already happened to me.

Many renowned brands and ophthalmologist tested caused irritation in my eyes, but each person is unique, and what happened to me does not mean it will happen to someone else. So, make the indication of a specific product is not something recommended.

A brand that I like a lot and remove any makeup and never caused me irritation is the Purederme.




It is more suitable for dry or more mature skin because it is rich in moisturizers. Those who have oily skin should avoid using this makeup remover because it contains in its composition more oil than water and can actually increase the oiliness of the skin and favoring the appearance of cosmetic acne. After using this makeup remover should wash the skin.



There are two types of water-based removers: tonics and micellar cleaning water.

The cleaning tonic should be used in addition to other remover, for he alone is not effective. It has soothing property for the skin.

Micellar water is the ultimate formula of makeup remover because it removes makeup and impurities from the skin gently and does not require rinsing after use. It also has soothing effect eliminating the use of tonics.

It is free of alcohol and chemical agents, and suitable for all skin types, particularly sensitive skin and can also be used in the eye area.




The two-phase is a heterogeneous mixture of water and oil, suitable for normal, dry and sensitive skin. The aqueous portion ensures emollient action, which makes smooth application, while the oil is responsible for hydration. It should be well shaken before use, to mix the two components.

It has assets that prevent irritation and can be used in the areas of the eyes, however I recommend a test before use.




It is highly effective for removing heavy makeup and waterproof. Can be used for all skin types. People with oily skin should avoid overuse and should apply the product only to the extent that the makeup is more difficult to leave. One should wash with soap and water after use.




It is suitable for all skin types, especially for dry and sensitive skin.

Removes makeup, including eye area. Moisturizes the skin and causes no irritation. After use is recommended to wash your face with soap and water.





Gently remove makeup and lipstick, eye shadow and blush are not suitable for heavy makeup or waterproof. They are suitable for all skin types. In the case of foam must be rinsed his face after application, as the others should wash your face with soap and water.



1 - COTTON - to make skin cleansing and removing makeup. The most suitable types are:




They are 100% cotton fabric, are excellent for making facial. Just wet, it turns into a clean towel.




It has various shapes and end can be used as helpers in makeup or even as makeup applicators.

The swab should not replace the brushes or makeup sponges, since it does not provide as professional finish as these accessories. Thus, it should be a tool to assist in the preparation of makeup. But in a situation that has not access to the brush or sponge, it can be very helpful, just the person having skill and knowledge of how to use each model.

TYPE 1 - has both ends with very fine tip. It can be used:

- Apply shadow on the line the lower lashes: moisten slightly the end with makeup fixer, pass in the shade and apply on line the lower lashes. Blur if you want this shadow to the type 3.

- Making the kitten eye: pass the tip of the swab in eyeliner and make the kitten's eye. For the kitten eye feature click here: COMPLETE GUIDE MAKE-UP EYE

- Correct smudged eyeliner and lipstick: moisten the tip with some makeup remover and pass on blurred spot.

- Clean excess eye makeup corner.

- Pass illuminator precisely the cupid bow.

- Make the outline of the eyebrow shadow. Pass the rod in the shade and make the outline across the brow or only in places failed.

- Pass the glue on false eyelashes.

- Remove makeup that fall into the eyes: moisten the tip of the swab in saline and pass smoothly into the eyes to remove makeup and then remove the left with the dry side.

TYPE 2 - has two ends flattened shape. It can be used for:

- Apply shadow on the eyelids. If the shade is creamy, apply with dry stem, but if the shadow is take a powder on the tip moistened with makeup fixer. In either case, do not rub the swab on the eyelid, go applying giving light taps.

- Apply concealer in part below the eyes and on specific points such as blemishes and pimples.

- Exfoliate lips smoothly - moisten one end with water and the other with a little moisturizer, first to pass water on the lips and then pass the moisturizer and massageI lips making moves in circles. That way your lips will be ready to receive any lipstick.

TYPE 3 - similar to ordinary common swab, but the ends are more rounded. They are more suitable for:

- Smudge the pencil close to the line the lower lashes: pass quite close to the pencil line the lower lashes, then gently rub the stem back and forth.

- Apply lighting in the inner corner of the eyes.

- Apply micro pigments or glitter in his eyes.

- TYPE 4 - has the two ends in the form of spiral. It can be used for:

- Remove excess or the balls of the mask of eyelashes. With dry cotton swab gently wipe the eyelashes.

- Completely remove the mask of eyelashes - apply remover and gently rub the eyelashes.

- TYPE 5 - has an end with a very fine tip and one with the flattened tip. It has the same utility type 1 and type 2.


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Jarkko 19/02/2016
Hei, Etsin google noin lämpö- modeler, ja huomaan, että tekstiä.
Tämä blogi on maravlhoso, tämä on meikki melhors tekstit internetissä.
Lopuksi löytää hyvä teksti meikkiä tarvikkeet, erityisesti silmäripset.
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Demi 18/02/2016
Hi Mary, I'm friends with Rick, and not if you know me. He showed me his blog, and said that it was excellent, it was very famous.
As I like a lot of makeup, especially with pink shades, because I think look good on my skin, although some friends think that this color is very adolescent. I was very surprised to see that several of my acquaintances are regulars of the blog, you really are well known.
I have not lived the 80s, it was born in the 90s, but I am in love with all that time, and the vintage series is fantastic, especially the 80s.
However, this series on the preparation of the composition, are the best writing I've ever read on this subject.
Now I am also a fan.

The blog

Ricky 18/02/2016
Hi Mary, I am a close friend of Lauren, and we met a few years since we have several friends in common, such as Jason and Lionel, who were also at the party.
It was during the party that I knew his work, and Lauren commented that you also admire my work, and that he had sent me a big hug. I've been with Laurem at an event on Monday and yesterday when we attend a dinner with mutual friends. And, coincidentally, a friend of ours is used temporarily wheelchair, and I commented that Lauren had a friend who also wore wheelchair, but the chair was all stylish, very beautiful. And Lauren asked me if I visited the blog, so I said I did not understand anything about makeup and could not contribute to its work. Then she spoke what other people who were at the party, and who also knows nothing about makeup left a message for you.
Today, I'm a great friend that is passionate about makeup, and watching her do the retouching on makeup, I remembered the blog and commented to her.
And she liked it and has read several posts, and was very surprised to find some known and wants to leave a message for you.
I am very happy to know that you like my work. And even if I do not I do not understand no makeup, I know you do a very relevent work, not without reason your blog is already very famous. You look like a European little doll, her wheelchair is very stylish, and I hope one day I can return the hug that you sent me personally.
Ah, I hope not create rumors, but Lauren told me about something that had and has no more when we met I will give you a gift.


Elizabeth Roberts 12/02/2016
Hello Mary, the first time I've been on his blog, was a indication of a teacher Bostom. italready does more than six months, and you were writing about vintage makeup, and I loved the texts they read.
Today I was researching thermal modeler and by a happy coincidence, google image brings me back at the blog.
I am perplexed as the blog grew. As I finished my course last semester, I was very focused on my work, and not read internet.
Vintage series was magnanimous, I have no words to describe how much is marivilhosa. And in such a short time you implaca another fantastic series.
I loved this text makeup accessories and after all the reviews I read here on the blog, I'll opt for the thermal eyelash curler.
Now I'll always be here.


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Hi Mary, I study makeup here in Florida and my teacher showed me his blog. I left a comment here on Sunday night, but he did not apereceu in the comments area. As I saw here that another visitor had the same problem I decided to rewrite it.
How am I early in the course of makeup, that your text acessporios makeup, as well as the text of brushes, they are helping me a lot. All this series will be very important during this my semester. A lot of my friends who are already more advanced in the course, know very blog and like it a lot.
My teacher is quite happy, he said that now as your blog, the internet already have texts with reliable information to students studying makeup. The only thing he does not like is the classification of his work as a blog. He says that this name devalues their work, which is excellent, and it looks nothing like a blog.
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