Mary Lyrio


08/05/2015 15:28



    Fortaleza is located in the Northeast and is one of the main sights for those seeking sun, sand and fun during any season.

    Fortaleza is also known as the capital of the liner, typical dance of this region of the country, most evidenced during the month of June.

    The State of Ceará is considered the birthplace of Brazilian humor, as most of the country's comedians are Ceará.

    Ceará has a vast coastal extension and the urban coast of Fortaleza is formed by Avenida Beira Mar (consisting of Praia de Iracema, Meireles and Mucuripe) and Futuro Beach.






                           ENGLISH THE BRIDGE  


                                  BREAKING THE SEA 

    Considered the beach of the Bohemians, one of the favorite places for those who like to enjoy the night. It has a large concentration of bars, nightclubs and restaurants. It's the closest beach to downtown and its extent will the Metal Bridge or English Bridge to the breakwater which separates the beach of Meireles.




    It is between Iracema and Mucuripe beaches. It has a large concentration of hotels, several restaurants and the famous Handicraft Market, which is open every day from dusk.




    Known as the beach of rafts, due to large fleet of rafts, small fishing boats with colorful sails. It is in this beach the boats rides.

    At the end of Beira Mar Avenue is the fish market and seafood, where tourists can buy small portions of fish, lobsters, squid and crustaceans and take them to be prepared in small stalls in the market itself.




    Located approximately 11 km's away from the center, in an upscale neighborhood of Fortaleza. It is considered one of the longest beaches in the northeast, about 8 km. It is the favorite beach of surfers, where the waves are stronger.

    Another attraction is the buggy ride through the nearby city, where the colorful dunes and cliffs that are geographical features of Ceará.


    On The Beach Port of Dunes, tourists can also rest and amuse very complex in Beach Park, which consists of resorts, bars, restaurants on the beach and the water park Beach Park.

    Me and my husband were the second time in Beach Park, the last holiday of Easter. The 1st time we hosted on Beira Mar Avenue in Fortaleza and this time we stayed in one of the Resorts complex, the Acqua Park, which is at the bottom of the water park, with direct access by the current pool or the gate that separates the hotel.

    Acqua Park Resort is considered the one with the best facilities of all the resorts of the complex. Besides having the water park as a recreational area, the resort also has a great infinity pool with sea views.

    The best hosting system is the half board, which includes breakfast, themed dinners and free access to the water park.

    The Bech Park has several attractions, from the most radical, through the moderate to the children. Among them we can highlight the Insane, the most radical of all with 41m high and a decline of up to 105 km / h, the Tsunami, the Enchanted Stream and the Kalafrio.





                               ACCESS RAMP FOR WHEELCHAIR  




    INSANE                                              KALAFRIO      


  ENCHANTED  CURRENT                  TSUNAMI