Mary Lyrio


30/08/2015 17:00



The 60's, as well as the decades of 10 and 40, was marked by several events that have become historical.

In 1961, the former Soviet Union made the first launch of a manned spacecraft. In 1962, Brazil is champion of soccer world cup in Chile, and of course it was very important !!! In 1963, US President John Kennedy was assassinated. In 1968, it takes place the revolt of students in Paris, with the slogan: "Est interdit d'interdire". And in 1969 the first man landed on the moon.


In the context of such diverse events, but equally important, the "baby boom generation" (name given to babies born in Britain, France and the USA in 1946) now young, begin to influence the culture and fashion of the decade.

The voice of youth is clearly noticeable in the lyrics of the British band "The Beatles".

At this time, two youth movements had great influence on people's behavior: The Mods that began in 1960 in Britain and spread to varying degrees, to other countries; and Hippies that began in the US in the mid-60s, and spreads around the world.

In the 60s, Europe, especially London and Paris takes its role as radiating center of fashion and behavior, which in recent decades was being played by Hollywood.

However, the actress Brigitte Bardot, Sophia Loren and Elizabeth Taylor, which premiered this decade Cleopatra film, very influenced fashion and behavior.

Brigitte Bardot                                                                   sophia loren        

The former actress Gracy Kelly, this time already Princess of Monaco, also influenced the fashion and behavior of the time.

The specialized publications of the time, also very influenced in fashion and makeup.

Women's fashion saw the emergence of mini skirts and straight and short dresses.

There were various hairstyles in the 60s As the beehive style beginning of the decade, very used by actress Brigitti Bardot, and very short style popularized by Twiggy (first big top model of the world) and actress Mia Farr. The pillbox hat was fashionable, and worn by Jacqueline Kennedy.


  Brigitti Bardot                                                          Twiggy   

 The pillbox hat, Jacqueline Kennedy

Male fashion Mods incorporated a dose of sophistication, which included tailored suits with narrow lapels, skinny ties, collar scroll button, woolen jackets or cashmere.

Many of female mods incorporated an androgen style with short haircuts, men's trousers or shirts, flat shoes and little makeup.

The fashion of the hippy clothing gained momentum after the summer of 67, called "Summer of Love". The style characterized long skirts, loose gowns with esoteric prints or embroidery, jeans bell mouth, loose knit tops, necklaces and bracelets with native reasons Americans and Africans. Sandal was the footwear of choice for men and women. Hair loose long been the most widely used.

As in the previous decade, the cosmetics company continued to grow.

Max Factor had been at the forefront of innovation makeup for several decades and continued to lead at this time, with its products becoming very popular.

Maybelline, Revlon, Elizabeth Arden, Helena Rubinstein, Ester Lauder and Yardley were also popular brands.



1960 - Max Factor Sheer Genius launches makeup in 10 matt colors. It's kind of creamy foundation with matte finish, for women who did not shine.

1961 - Revlon launches the first liquid matte shade and shade of eyelashes with brush.

1962 - Max Factor Jr. launches an eye kit, composed of creamy shadow, powder, liquid shadow, eyebrow pencil, eyelash mask in pasty and creamy consistency, and mascara tube with wand.

1 - style creamy shade lipstick in pastel shades in blue, green, purple and silver;

2 - powder shadow in the same color of creamy shade;

3 - liquid shadow with a brush, in black, brown, golden, silver, green, purple and blue;

4 - eyeliner and eyebrow in black, brown, green, brown, blue and gray;

5 - mask cake, cake folder in black and brown colors;

6 - mask cream in black and brown colors;

7 - mask tube with wand in black and brown

 - Revlon - seeking to anticipate the launch of Cleopatra film, she makes a new reading vamp style created by Max Factor in the late 10th to the first version of the film. Thus, launches a collection with Egyptian theme that included: a pink sphinx lipstick, a pink enamel to match the lipstick and a trio of shadows with applicator brush, called Sphinx eyes.

 -  Maybelline launches kit false eyelashes.;

1963 - Maybelline launches product line to the eye with the slogan, all you need to do look cute. Consisting of: mask tube with wand, mask folder cake, cream mask with brush, eyeliner and pencil in one product, shaped shadow lipstick, liquid shadow, eyebrow pencil, eyelash curler, eyebrow brush and tweezers.

1964 - Ester Lauder launches lipstick swiss strawberry

- Max Factor Jr. launches online Brave New Pastels, consisting of lipstick, retractable pen lipstick and nail polish. Available in pastel shades in pink, coral and peach.

1965 - Max Factor launches three dimensional shadow in pastel tones and black eyeliner with a brush.

 1966 - Max factor launches shadows in cream and ultralucent fluid makeup - Ultra Liquid Illuminator


-Yardley launches lShiny Slicker Lipsticks


1967 – Yardley launches kit makeup face, composed of base finisher compact, lipstick trio and trio shadow.

- Revlon launches New face gleamer- creamy illuminator rod-shaped

- Max Factor Jr. Lança New shiny eye-liner only

1969 - Helena Rubinstein launches mask long lash

- Max Factor Jr. launches shiny eye-liner in blue color



Lipstick - was applied following the natural contour The colors were softer like pink or coral.

Foundation - it was the same shade of skin or a lighter shade to give and youthful appearance. The liquid base was preferred.

Concealer - younger women did not wear the most matures and used before the base.

Powder - if He wore powder-compact or loose finisher and preferably in pink color.

Blush - was applied in a milder form in the center of apples and pulling up toward the temples.

Illuminators - were applied to highlight the cheekbone cheeks and temples. The texture was creamy rod-shaped or liquid. The colors were pink and beige and shades ranging from light to dark.

Eyebrows - were well marked with eyeliner and the thickness ranged from medium to coarse.

Shadow - the eye was the big star of the makeup in this decade. The mobile eyelid was covered with matte shade, the colors of the shadows were white, green blue, silver, gray and lilac. Who had green eyes or blue shade used in the same eye color.

Eyeliner - was made a thick line close to the line of the upper eyelashes. The most used colors were black and blue.

Eyelashes - the mask was used, but in a mild form, so that the eyelashes stay stretched and separated. The lower lashes were outlined with pencil. False eyelashes were very used, they were made from natural hair and synthetic hair Sables and some had rhinestones and glitter.

The Egyptian eye style of Cleopatra was widely used.