Mary Lyrio


29/02/2016 15:36


In the market, there is the adhesive makeup to shadow, eyeliner and lips.

The adhesive makeup follows the same idea of the tattoo that was on masvar gum, well known among the 80 and 90. had only put the patch on the skin, give a little rubbed and the design was transferred.

This makeup is ideal for people who like makeup, consider colored eyes and traces of eyeliner, beautiful. But has no skill with the products and with paintbrushes. Or, for certain situations where we need to draw a very quick makeup.

These adhesives have the advantage of convenience and ease; you can create a visual in a few seconds. Moreover, as have various designs, it is possible to play with several different outfits.





The adhesive shadow comes with many color options in gradient and even with various designs (animal prints and others).

It has the shape of the eyelids, the only problem, in my view, despite having not yet used, is that each eye has a shape and size and may need to make some adjustments.

This adhesive shadow was prepared by makeup artist Irina losilevich, who worked in large cosmetic stores, and together with her husband and children, experimented for a decade to achieve combine mineral pigments in a single adhesive. She always listened to the customers who frequented the store, who could not play at home the same makeup seen in the store.





Many beautiful designed with different designs that we see in many photos are nothing more than an adhesive.

One of the first companies to develop the adhesive liner was Dior.

In addition to the traditional black dashes, there is outlined with sparkles, rhinestones, and even with various designs.




The stickers are colorful, have various designs (animals, geometric, symbols, ...).

Like other makeups adhesive, the mouth look is ready in minutes.