Mary Lyrio


20/03/2015 19:15

Welcome to Blog, Make My Glamour. On this page you will find tips, tutorials, review and swatches of various makeup products. And step by step to create the perfect makeup for every occasion, be it basic for the day-to-day, glamorous for special occasions or just for the time you want to show your best, your high esteem and beauty. Here you will also find travel tips, like where do our little basic shopping trip.

I am passionate about makeup since childhood, even when I did not know anything about it. Over time I was buying various products and looking to study what they are and how they should be used. Today, I consider I have a small collection of makeup and did some courses to improve what I have as a hobby and passion - makeup.

How to temporarily due to health problems, I am using a wheelchair, here I leave my testimony staff, because even people who have some temporary or permanent disability, this should not be a deterrent to do whatever we like, the world is adaptable to all those who want and know how to live.