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The makeup for many women, has become something essential in their daily lives, and increasingly to technology innovation brings new products with excellent quality, and the industry moves millions in this market. A well done makeup can transform a skin, striking features and value terms, and disguise or cover up imperfections.

There is a type of makeup for every occasion, to work, to ballad and the various types of social events such as marriage, graduation, 15 years and many others. In this series I will address the types of makeup for different types of social events.

Beauty is pleasing to the eye. However, it is essential to know the proper makeup for every occasion.. 




As we are in May, the month of Mary, Jesus' mother, brides month, and which also celebrates Mother's Day in many countries. Totally appropriate time to talk about the makeup for brides.

Marriage is a special day for many women. Wearing a white dress of princess and go into a church all decked with flowers, it is a dream of many women, even those more independent. And that day, they want to be beautiful, perfect, being the center of attention. So in addition to a nice dress and a beautiful hairstyle, beautiful makeup is necessary.

In this post when I refer to church, I will be referring to the Roman Catholic Church.

The church is not against the use of makeup, since this is used as an ornament or to correct minor imperfections, highlighting the positives. It should never be used to transform the person into something it is not, because in this way will be fooling the next, passing a false image.

St. Thomas Aquinas in his Summa Theologica he discussed the issue of construction of the look of the woman through the use of garments, accessories and cosmetics.

St. Thomas Aquinas

II-Part II - Issue 169

Article 2

When asked if the adornments of the women are free from mortal sin, he replied:

"Regarding the adornments of women, should be made the same remarks before made generally about the outer presentation, highlighting, however, something special, namely that the feminine adornments arouse lust in men, according to the book of Proverbs: 'Behold, this woman you come to the meeting, which costumed whore, all Overture'.

However, can the woman, lawfully, to endeavor to please her husband, to prevent it, disdaining it, will fall into adultery. For this reason, it is said in the First Letter to the Corinthians: A married woman is concerned about the things of the world: it seeks to please her husband. "

So if a married woman is adorned to please her husband, you can do it without sin. But those who have no husband nor want to have and live in celibacy, can not without sin, want to please the eyes of men, to excite their lust, because that would encourage them to sin. If, as if decorating with this intention of provoking others to lust, sin mortally.

So we can understand that the church sees makeup as a form of adornment denotes that care about the appearance to please: in the case of married, her husband, and in the case of single, to attract a husband. But when used for a sensual pleasure, arousing lust, one of the seven deadly sins, it is wrong, therefore sin.

Another issue that should be considered in the makeup of a bride are the liturgical colors of the church, and what each one means.

 - Symbolizes joy, resurrection, victory and purity.

   -- Symbolizes the fire of love of charity and martyrdom

  - Symbolizes the color of plants and trees, heralding the hope of eternal life.

  - Symbolizes joy in time for penance.

   - symbolizes gathering, serenity, penance and pain.

  - - Symbolizes sorrow, pain and grief.

Hence the fact that white is the color of the brides. And as black and purple are related to pain and sorrow, you should avoid using these colors in the wedding.




The bride image concretized in the photos, the videos and the memory of guests must have an indisputable standard of perfection and beauty.

The bride's makeup should symbolize joy, sweetness and romanticism. This image can be achieved through the use of open colors like pink, blue, coral, green, purple, gold and red.

The makeup of a bride for the religious ceremony should not be loaded with drama, melancholy, expressed through the very dark colors like black and purple, dark blue and others. As well, the makeup with very strong color, expressing sensuality.

In my opinion, the bride should not wear anything black in makeup, but if you wanted to use can make a smooth contour with eyeliner on the lower lash line (root of the lashes) or make a little smoky in the outer corner of eyes.





To prepare the bride's makeup should take into account the time of the ceremony, the decoration of the church, the dress features and bouquet, and especially the bride's personality.

daytime weddings call for lighter makeup and visual pastel.

Weddings in open area, such as in the field, calls for a very colorful makeup, but gentle as asks the occasion.

Evening weddings are a great opportunity for those who want to bet on the glitz and the glamor.

The decision to make alone bridal makeup is very personal, and should be taken into account the level of skill and the materials you have available to do your makeup. Also, do your own makeup on your wedding day can create stress. On that day, you should seek professional that you trust to do the perfect makeup you dreamed for this moment. Should you conclude that it is able to do the makeup itself, do some testing days before and follow the following tips:

1. Do any dermatological procedure on the skin with at least one month in advance, to avoid redness, and a more thorough cleaning two weeks in advance to avoid irritation;

2. Although the wedding day proximity causes anxiety in many women, the day before it is necessary to control that anxiety in order to have a good night's sleep. Do not forget that healthy sleep is the best cosmetic for the face;

3 - Use cosmetics with professional quality and waterproof. There is no avoiding: brides cry, emote, hug, kiss and dance excitedly during the party. Therefore, the chances of smudging her makeup with tears and sweat is great. If desired, use products with HD effect, and in advance, check all cosmetics and make sure of its quality;

4 - If you want to use false eyelashes and assess the quality of the glue and practice applying a technique to prevent them from falling during the ceremony. Give preference to individual eyelashes - they are an excellent way to make your eyes stand out and become more subtle look. Use different lengths, aligning them between your natural lashes to create a more natural effect;

5 - Shadows should not be harsh and dark tones. Avoid using very strong eyeliner on the lines of the upper and lower lashes. If you wanted to use a black shadow use in small quantities in the eyes of the outside corner and esfumasse with a light shade.

When using black shadow on the eyelids, avoid using black pencil line on the lower lashes or water line;

6 - If the dress is low-cut leaving some part of the body, such as shoulder, neck and neck uncovered, be sure to make up these areas;

7 - Some brides tend to choose a more natural makeup, however natural is not synonymous with invisible. This is not the time to bet on the look style "straight face". The idea of this type of makeup is valid: just highlight the positives. But the minimalist makeup can give the impression that the bride is pale and colorless - not a very nice effect to this day and that does not match at all with photos and flashes. The bride needs to make clear that planned and prepared for one of the most important moments of his life;

8 - To finalize the makeup and ensure that the skin remains dry until the end of the ceremony, apply translucent powder in some areas of the face: the hair root, under the blush and side of the nose. Just be careful not to weigh out and look very white or stained under the flash.

9 - Follow the steps as elaborate a perfect makeup by clicking here: SERIES OF PREREQUISITE FOR MAKE UP PERFECT




As this post refers to makeup for Catholic religious ceremony, I classify the photos in the galleries below using names or events linked to religion.




As well as St. Francis of Assisi gave up his entire fortune, the Franciscan makeup is the absence of color, often only with a skin preparation, and in some cases with a light lip gloss and / or a light shade of eyelashes .

In my opinion, the Franciscan makeup is suitable for a civil ceremony. The religious ceremony requires a little more preparation, even for those women who do not have the habit of makeup. The wedding day is a special day, and if you do not want to use a more colorful makeup, here called Passover, you can use natural makeup with a little more color, here called Mariana.



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It is the makeup that refers to image of the Virgin Mary in many current artistic works tenderly expression and facial features stained .

This makeup is suitable for vespestinas ceremonies or for evening ceremonies, brides who do not have much in the habit or not goatam to wear makeup.


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Easter is joy, resurrection of our Lord Jesus Christ, and Pascoal makeup refers to this joy, using vivid colors.


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Here also has a gallery with pictures of makeup with eyes many loaded into drama or sensuality, and in my opinion this type of makeup is not suitable for a religious ceremony.


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