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01/04/2015 16:22

    Continuing the series, prerequisites for drawing up a perfect makeup, today I will speak of the foundation. Click on the link: SERIES OF PREREQUISITE FOR MAKE UP PERFECT

    As I said in the text of concealer, foundation and concealer are the essential items of maqiagem because they are responsible for preparing for, so you can apply other items of makeup.

    Know the most appropriate consistency of foundation for your skin is as important as knowing the right color for your skin tone.

    For the choice of foundation is essential to know the types of skin. if it is normal, oily, dry, or mixed.



    Currently the market offers a range of foundations with different consistency: liquid. mousse, powder and cream.    


    1 - LIQUID FOUNDATION - is the most common and versatile, being found in various formulations for each skin type. Depending on the consistency it can provide a transparent cover in full.


    2 - MOUSSE FOUNDATION - are creamy foundations with the consistency of a mousse, light and airada. Allowed build layers, but their coverage ranges from mild to medium. Does not offer full coverage. Suitable for dry and normal skin.    


    3 - FOUNDATION CREAMY - it is a foundation with a dense consistency. It is not very suitable to build layers, but has an average coverage. They are more suitable for dry and normal skin. In their formulations to contain a lot of moisturizer is not very suitable for oily skin.


    4 - FOUNDATION POWDER - It may appear in three ways

        4.1 - CREAMY POWDER 2 in 1 or PANCAKE - brings together in a single product foundation and powder. It was created by Sir Max Factor, a pioneer in makeup. The pancake provides great coverage covering the pores. It is a great choice for oily skin, because it hinders transpiration. In artistic make-up, there is a color version, called Chromacake.




        4.2 - POWDER COMPACT 2 IN 1 foundation and powder in one product. It has a light to medium coverage, leaving skin with a velvety appearance. It is suitable for all skin types, including oily because it retains skin oils. It can be used as a foundation or as a compact over a foundation light cover. The pancake needs to be moistened to use, since the compact foundation is used dry and does not need watering.


        4.3 - POWDER MINERAL - foundation in loose powder, fine, it offers light coverage, eliminates excess shine and has great attachment. It fits for all skin types, since the sensitive oil. It can be used neat or on top of the powder as a liquid foundation, offering greater conbertura.




    For liquid, creamy or mousse foundation, one can use a basic brush, a sponge or the index and middle fingers.

    Choose one of the tools below and put a little of the product and apply on face, making movements inside out. If you use the brush or sponge finish giving small tapping with your fingers.

    Have the foundations in compact, creamy powder or mineral powder can be applied with a sponge. Spend a little product on the sponge and apply on face giving small taps always from the inside out. In areas that have corrective apply the base with soft and repeated touches. Never spread abruptly, which has already been applied to foundation or concealer to avoid removing them.



    In my pictures below, the left side of his face is already with primer, concealer and foundation, and the right side only with primer and concealer. Only the last is with full makeup on both sides.    


                   1                       2                           3                      4


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