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    To facilitate understanding of what is semi-permanent makeup or micropigmentation, it is useful to start esclarecerendo the differences between some forms of skin pigment (dermopigmentation). This is especially relevant because many people confuse tattoo with semi-permenente makeup, permanent makeup or semi-permanent makeup.

    Pigmentary = colorize

    Dermopigmentation = pigment in the skin



    Intra-dermal pigmentation. Permanent.

    There are reports of tattoo art dating from 4000-2000 BC, by the Egyptians and native - Maori - New Zealand who tattooed in religious acts.

    In the Middle Ages, the Catholic Church has come to ban the tattoo, considering it an evil practice.

    Before the creation of the first tattoo machine, in 1891, one of the most common forms thin bone was used as paint applicator and derived from various sources.Nowadays, the tattoo machine reaches and deposits the pigments in the skin layer called "dermis". 

    The dermis is the one who supports the epidermis and in it there is almost no cell renewal, so the pigment does not come with the passage of time.


    Pigmentation of the skin. Transient the semi-permanent.

    Is the art of coloring much ink on the body using the epidermis.

    Widely used by indigenous peoples, Africans and Hindus, as an expression and as part of their sacred rituals.

    Nowadays, this technique is rather used as an artistic expression and in the practical field, makes up one of the military techniques for camouflage.



    Pigmentation of the skin. Transient.

    The makeup is also used color to the skin to reach its main goal: highlight the characteristics associated with the beautiful and disguise those associated with the ugly, especially on the face. So, how to tattoo, it is an ancient art that comes from Egypt through various civilizations to the present day.





    Between the 70 and 80, is emerging permanent makeup, mainly on the eyebrows, which is nothing more than the tattoo application technique (the dermis) guided by aesthetic results sought by the facial makeup. Thus, for example, it is tattooed to replace eyebrow pencil outline, with a permanent result.

    However, even though a permanent paint (the dermis), with the passage of time, much demanded that the coloring pigments change suffered. In addition, other problems or fears that technical causes contributed to limit its use.

    With an eye on women who, despite the problems they saw in permanent makeup convenience and time savings, the industry has invested in research to improve the equipment (less invasive) and create appropriate pigments to be deposited in the skin, which lasted for a medium term and not suffer change in color.

    In the early 90s, the California company Mei-Cha has developed a new formulation of pigments ground particles to improve the dispersion of the dye mixture and provide a better distribution of pigment in the skin. These pigments have a durability 3-5 years and can be retouched in that period. To promote the new pigments in the market Mei-Cha company called the new micro-pigment pigments hence the name micropigmentation.


    With these new pigment became necessary to train professionals, both regarding the technique of applying the new pigments but also in the knowledge of makeup.

    However, as the term permanent makeup was already widespread, these new professionals continued a wrongly using that same term. In Europe, in recent years, there has been a campaign to change the term for semi-permanent makeup or micropigmentation.

    The apparatus used in micropigmentation is dermógrafo or dermography, which has a lower rotation tattoo machine. Moreover, the pigment reaches only the most superficial layer of skin, the epidermis. The epidermis is about 2 mm thick and is a region that undergoes constant desquamation and cellular renewal, just making the pigment applied to the check micropigmentation fading with the passage of time.



    Micropigmentation can be made on the eyebrows, lips, eyes, or to camouflage scars, burns and vitiligo. It is also an alternative for those who suffer from allergies to cosmetics.


    Let the symmetrical lips, increase the volume and contour women are goals of all ages. Likewise, older women, over the years, suffer from thinning or discoloration of the lips, so that the lip micropigmentation will revive lip color and reset the outline. The loss of volume and color is not something exclusive to women, men can also suffer these changes and also indicated this. Furthermore, the lip micropigmentation can also be made to camouflage scars burns or lip.


    Highlight the eye contour, providing a more expressive and cheerful appearance, as well as simulate a greater volume of eyelashes are the goals of eye micropigmentation. The most commonly used technique is the design of the eyes. That is to create a line close to the upper and lower lashes, imitating the pencil eyeliner. Usually black and brown colors are used.



    The eyebrow is very important in the face frame. They can express feelings such as anger, joy, sadness and others. There are several trends eyebrows, thin, arched, thick and elongated,

    The micropigmentation or semi-permanent makeup offers a wide range of possibilities to modify their appearance, although it is recommended to keep the naturalness: the color and tone harmonize with the color of hair, eyelashes and skin.

    The micropigmentation can also be applied in case of alopecia of the eyebrows.




    Can be done in three situations:


    1 - Reconstructions: is mostly done when the areola disappeared because of a mastectomy.


    2 – Minimize Scarring: to disguise the scars produced by breast surgery. This treatment is recommended when the difference between the scar and the skin is too large.


    3 – Clearing: darkening of the areola due to treatment or surgical procedure.




    It is a treatment highly recommended because it offers very satisfactory results. It has been applied for a long time in hospitals because of the psychological benefits it brings to patients.



    It is camouflage the area, giving it the same color as the healthy skin.


    Allows disguise areas of the scalp where there is a small baldness. Not suitable for areas where baldness is very large.



    - Busy people with little time to apply makeup;

    - People with allergies to conventional makeup;

    - Those who are physically unable to apply makeup, people with Parkinson's disease, people with visual impairments and those who want more independence;     - Athletes who practice sport during a stay made-up, but the sweating as a result of the exercises does not allow;

    - People with scars, small alopecia, burns and vitiligo, wishing to minimize these problems;

    - Men and women who seek correction of asymmetrical facial features and;

    - Artists who seek practicality due to the profession.



    - Insulin-dependent diabetics;

    - Patients with diseases associated with a significant decrease in blood coagulation.

    - Serious somatic disorders.

    - Acute inflammatory disease.

     - Indications for keloid



    - INFECTIONS - non-sterile equipment and needles can easily transmit infections.

    - GRANULOMATOUS - are nodules that may form around material that the body perceives as foreign, such as the pigment particles.

    - KELOIDS - occur during the healing process. Usually they grow, and although benign, not contagious and often painless, can become a major aesthetic problem.

    - ALLERGIC REACTION - Although they are rare, allergic reactions to the ink used in semi-permanent makeup can be very serious.


    Once you know what is micropigmentation or semi-permanent make-up, review the indications, contraindications and possible complications if you wish to do this procedure should know that it is relatively expensive. While not definitive, its duration is for a longer period (3-5 years). The final result appears only after a period of approximately 30 days of application. And in some cases it is even painful to topical anesthetics which are used to minimize discomfort.




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