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26/02/2016 13:52

Us blog comments, are recurring questions about the use of the term "nude" in makeup. Do not escape the eyes of many, even those who do not have an exact idea of the artistic conception of this trend (is there any?), That there is any inconsistency between many makeup and the meaning of the word nude, or even seems to be some uncertainty among these makeup and the same adjectives that always are attributed ad nauseam: (timeless, classic, minimalist, elegant, subtle, powerful, "the rich man" etc.).

So in this post, taking advantage of the interest of many readers on the subject, I will present a proposal for the classification makeup, conceptualizing what is the natural makeup (nude), neutral makeup and colorful makeup. In addition to bringing some examples and comment on how these terms have been used.

I do not pretend to judge aesthetic visions or personal tastes. My goal is not to judge, which correct makeup or what is wrong makeup. Much less intend to shape the form of communication between people. In this post, as well as in others, perform a categorization of makeup to meet an educational need, also enabling better communication between readers from a more precise vocabulary.



Depending on the criteria adopted, the makeup involves endless classifications and denominations.

If the criterion is the style of makeup, it can be: romantic, sensual, dramatic, Basic and many other styles.











Another criterion that may be used for classifying the makeup manifests itself in terms of colors used to elaborate it. In this case, if the colors are close to the skin tone, makeup is natural. If the colors are neutral, like brown, gray, black, silver, gold and white, the makeup is neutral and the colors are vibrant like pink, purple, blue, yellow, orange, green and red, the makeup is colorful.

This criterion can also be used in conjunction with others, for example, a makeup can be romantic and natural, basic and natural, colorful and sensuous, colorful and basic, neutral and dramatic and many other combinations.

Depending on the person's skin undertone, intensity and tone, color may have more than one classification. The rose is colored, it can also be natural. The light pink, in white people with pinkish undertone, is natural; since the medium pink or dark pink, these same people is colorful. The medium pink or dark pink in black people with pinkish undertone, is natural; and light pink these same people, it is colorful. So also with other colors such as the brown and the earth that can go be natural or neutral.



Natural makeup is one that uses the closest color to the tone and undertone skin, and in a subtle way.

This makeup would be more appropriate to apply the name "nude". However, I personally do not really like that term, because he is a great source of confusion. I prefer to use it in the context of those who do not wear makeup.

The nude term comes from fashion (will explain in a future post). In makeup, this term appeared with greater intensity between the first and second decade of the 21st century.

Anchored in technological improvements of the cosmetics industry, the trend of nude appeared as a celebration of the skin. the idea proclaimed himself that the products instead of covering the skin would then merge the same, propicionando while the correction of defects without overshadowing the natural characteristics. It was the idea of transparency of makeup which translated into a proposal for subtle application of the products and the use of colors.

But what it was to be a matter of skin was distorting in a matter of color. With the increasing sanction the use of color, the chroma was being replaced by light and it became a question of dimension, where the bright contrasts stole the show, and the facial outline its main protagonist.

The bright contrast led to an increased use of heavy makeup (hiding skin) and a predominance of neutral colors. The trend of black eyes (or very dark colors) was a predictable consequence, lending an air often dramatic the makeup.

The irony of this succession of trends and aesthetic (there is nothing more transient than something that proclaims timeless) is the fact that they cling to a common name "nude makeup", and the same adjectives that are used to characterize them, with an increasing strength, the measure what more differentiated.


For me, this is the easiest makeup to do, but we need to know some makeup techniques and know how to identify the tone and undertone skin, as explained here:

The foundation must be of the same undertone of the skin, and the concealer a shade lighter; should not use eye pencil or eyeliner; mask lashes, if used, should be very smooth; and avoid using false eyelashes. If you wish, you can use soft lighting in the T zone, but do not contouring. Eyebrows can be corrected with a makeup of the same color, avoiding highlight very. The remaining items of makeup, like a shadow, blush and lipstick, will depend on the skin undertone.




              1                          2                          3                        4

The blush on people with pink skin undertone, should be pink, but the pink hue will vary depending on the skin color. People with pale skin (Example 1 and 2), the tone should be light pink; people with light brown skin (Example 3), the tone should be medium pink; and people with black skin (Example 4), the tone should be dark pink.

Lipstick, in people with very white skin (example 1 and 2), can be light pink, light coral, mouth color or a transparent lip gloss; people with light brown skin (Example 3), you can use light pink or a transparent lip gloss; and people with black skin (Example 4), you can use color mouth or a transparent lip gloss.

Eye shadow should be very subtle, only to revitalize the eyelid giving a breath of youthfulness. In people with very white skin (example 1 and 2), can be very light pink; people with light brown skin, (Example 3), can use light beige or champagne; and people with black skin, (Example 4), can use brown.




The blush should be earth color or light brown.

Lipstick should be clear coral or a transparent gloss.

The shadow should be light brown or beige and subtly applied.



The blush can be earth or pink.

Lipstick should be color mouth, light pink or a transparent gloss.

The shadow should be beige or light brown and subtly applied

The makeup of the photos below are considered by many as a natural makeup, however, by my judgment, these two examples are neutral makeup.

In the 1st photo, despite the color of foundation, lipstick and shadow are correct for natural makeup, the outline is very marked, which no longer caracterixa natural makeup, moreover, there was excess lighting.

In the 2nd photo, the skin is perfect for a natural makeup, with the right colors and without any excess, but black eye does not characterize a natural makeup.




The neutral makeup, as the name implies, is the makeup that uses neutral colors such as brown, earth, black, golden, silver and white.

neutral makeup is not like makeup nude / natural.

It is important to know that this type of makeup can leave the person with the older appearance.

This makeup is neutral and not natural / nude because it has: black eyeliner pencil black eye and smoky black shadow on the line the lower lashes, false eyelashes and well-marked border.


This makeup is neutral and not natural or "nude" because it has: false eyelashes, black eyeliner, shadow black smoky, and very marked contour

This makeup is mixed neutral and unnatural or "nude" because it has: well marked eyes in brown covers and marked pink blush and lipstick light pink.

This makeup is neutral and not natural or "nude" because it has: inner corners of the eyes very bright, smoky black eyeshadow on the eyelids and line the lower lashes, and very marked contour.

This makeup is neutral and not natural or "nude" because it has: eyeliner doing "kitten eye" and marked countour.


Other examples of neutral makeup





Another classic is the neutral makeup with red lipstick, also by many mistakenly called makeup "nude" or natural, which I would call particularly mixed, that below explain better.


Some vibrant colors like blue and wine, when in dark shades are considered neutral colors as we can see in the examples below.



To elaborate this makeup you need to know what are the neutral colors and their brightness values.

The color of concealer, will depend on the function which it will allocate. If the concealer is used only to correct skin imperfections, it should be a shade lighter than your skin. If the concealer is used to hide blemishes, should follow the color cycle, then you should apply the concealer a shade lighter. If the goal is to create a skin tan effect, the concealer should have a darker tone.

For a neutral makeup natural skin, the foundation must be of the same skin tone, and neutral makeup with bronze effect, the foundation should be one or two shades darker.

The blush can be in plum tone or land, or make a contour with bronze powder. Avoid the very marked contour, because he does not leave a very beautiful effect in makeup.

In the eyes, you can use shadows of neutral colors, false eyelashes, masks strong lashes and eyeliner.

Lipstick should be color mouth or neutral color if the goal is a totally neutral makeup. But if that is not objective, you can use a red lipstick with neutral makeup.



The colorful makeup is a youthful and cheerful makeup

Many people, for not knowing how to use or even for fear of drawing attention, avoid wearing colorful makeup.

The colorful makeup is not makeup easier to do, it is necessary to know the colors, know the possibilities of combinations that exist, so that the makeup becomes harmonious, have artistic creation, and more than in any other makeup, it is essential to use quality products to prevent, after several hours of use of makeup, the effect is disastrous.

Study the color wheel is the first step to know what are the possibilities of color combinations.

The colorful makeup is suitable for any woman, but you must have personality, for a colorful, cheerful and beautiful makeup will always attract the eyes.

The combinations can be monochromatic, analogous, complementary equilateral triad, isoceles triad, rectangle and square, as can be seen in the two chromatic circles below.


When we use a neutral color with any of these combinations, or just with a vibrant color, we have a mixed combination.

The only caveat that I do, is that the blush of color in any makeup, should be the same lipstick color, but the shades may be different.





The yellow and orange colors are analogous

Lips, orange lipstick contour and the inner corners and yellow gloss in the center, this effect creates the illusion of larger lips.


The yellow, blue, turquoise and green colors are analogous each other.

The blue, violet and pink are analogous.

The yellow, green and olive colors are analogous.



The colors orange and turquoise blue are complementary


The green and orange colors are complementary.


The colors yellow and magenta are complementary.


The green and pink are complementary.



These two make-ups, they are using cyan shadows, yellow and magenta, which form an equilateral Tride on the color wheel.

In the 1st image, the shadow on the lower lashes linnha is cyan, when smoky with yellow reflected a greenish color.

The blue, yellow and red colors form an equilateral triad on the color wheel.



In this makeup, she wore yellow, green and pink colors, which form a isoceles triad.

The colors green, cyan blue and pink, which form an isosceles triad on the color wheel.



In this makeup, she wore the colors pink, yellow, green and purple, which form a rectangle on the color wheel.



The examples below are colored makeup with a neutral color.

In this makeup, she wears a purple shadow in the mobile and fixed eyelid, and then did a smoky black shadow on the mobile eyelid. The rest of the makeup is natural skin lipstick lilac.

In the mobile eyelid, she wore a dark brown eyeshadow without smudging, on the inner corner of the eye a yellow shade on the eyelid fixed an orange shade and the bone below the eyebrow one champangne shadow. In the waterline she applied black pencil and esfumaçou yellow shadow on the line the lower lashes. At first blush and lip color is orange.

In this photo, she wore a green shadow on the mobile eyelid and a black shadow on the outer corner, applying the same shadow in concave without smudging. She made a contour with orange blush and lips aplicu an orange lipstick.



In the market, there is the adhesive makeup to shadow, eyeliner and lips.

The adhesive makeup follows the same idea of the tattoo that was on masvar gum, well known among the 80 and 90. had only put the patch on the skin, give a little rubbed and the design was transferred.

This makeup is ideal for people who like makeup, consider colored eyes and traces of eyeliner, beautiful. But has no skill with the products and with paintbrushes. Or, for certain situations where we need to draw a very quick makeup.

These adhesives have the advantage of convenience and ease; you can create a visual in a few seconds. Moreover, as have various designs, it is possible to play with several different outfits.




The adhesive shadow comes with many color options in gradient and even with various designs (animal prints and others).

It has the shape of the eyelids, the only problem, in my view, despite having not yet used, is that each eye has a shape and size and may need to make some adjustments.

This adhesive shadow was prepared by makeup artist Irina losilevich, who worked in large cosmetic stores, and together with her husband and children, experimented for a decade to achieve combine mineral pigments in a single adhesive. She always listened to the customers who frequented the store, who could not play at home the same makeup seen in the store.





Many beautiful designed with different designs that we see in many photos are nothing more than an adhesive.

One of the first companies to develop the adhesive liner was Dior.

In addition to the traditional black dashes, there is outlined with sparkles, rhinestones, and even with various designs.




The stickers are colorful, have various designs (animals, geometric, symbols, ...).

Like other makeups adhesive, the mouth look is ready in minutes.




მაკიაჟი რეიტინგით

Bedisa 11/03/2016
მერი, მე შეხვდა თავის დღიურში გამოქვეყნდა თვალის მაკიაჟი.
მე ვარ მაკიაჟი სტუდენტი. და თემა შემდეგი ლექცია იქნება, თუ რა სახის სახე.
ეს ტექსტი თქვენი ზღაპრული. მე ასევე ეთანხმებით, რომ მაკიაჟი შეიძლება კლასიფიცირებული: მიხედვით სტილი, ან შესაბამისად ფერები გამოიყენება.
აღწერილობა ყველა სტილის არის სრულყოფილი.
მე გვიყვარს შესაძლებლობები კომბინაციები ფერები
მე მიყვარს მაკიაჟი ფერები
მე არ ვიცი, შეუწყო წებოვანი მაკიაჟი მაგრამ მივხვდი, რომ ძალიან საინტერესო ჩრდილში,


Holly Cooper 07/03/2016
Hello, I study makeup and was researching the difference between natural makeup and neutral when find your text.
All turoriais I read about this assuto, this is by far the best, his explanations are very consistent and very didactic.
Here in my city, especially in summer and spring, the women are very fond of colorful maquiagm, In other seasons we also liked, but the color is a little less vibrant.
We're almost at the end of winter, and today I was wearing makeup in shades of blue, if it were summer I would provavelmenta with a makeup with more vibrant colors, such as yellow.
I loved the tips you gave to match the colors, I did not know all these possibilities.
I found this amazing stickers makeup, perishing be very practical.


Maria Fernanda 03/03/2016
Hola María, aprovechando el retorno de los que se había alejado de la zona de los comentarios, yo también estoy de vuelta.
De hecho, como muchos, que siempre estaba presente simplemente, no lo comento.
Yo sé que el blog tiene como grandes seguidores profesionales, y entre ellos yo puedo decir que tiene un tipo que es muy competente, con un humor envidiable, y eso es una persona maravillosa, Sr.Teo.
Y si él, que es un gran conocedor de la materia, se sienten excluidos de la presencia de dichas grandes maestros. Yo, con mis conocimientos sencillos, también me siento muy feliz de ser parte de la página de los excluidos.
Ululación, este texto es ya el mayor éxito en Internet.
Lo que creo que finalmente esta dictadura impuso casi en su mayoría por los bloggers de Estados Unidos y Brasil, el maquillaje ideal es que el maquillaje "nude" (en realidad neutra, pero ellos no saben la diferencia), pondrá fin.
La composición adhesiva, parece ser muy creativo y adecuado para ciertas situaciones.

Τύποι Μακιγιάζ

Demóstenes 02/03/2016
Γεια σου Μαρία, αυτή τη στιγμή θα κάνω τα όπως και οι συνάδελφοί μου, Teo και Алессандро, ήρθε στη σελίδα του αποκλείεται. Το κάνω ευχαρίστως.
Μετά τα σχόλια από ανθρώπους που κατανοούν πραγματικά αυτό το ζήτημα, δεν αισθάνομαι την θα να γράψει κριτική μου στον ίδιο χώρο με αυτά.
Μοιραστείτε τις λίγη γνώση μου, για τόσο πολλούς μήνες, του κ Colier ήταν ήδη πολύ τολμηρή ορυχείο. Αλλά είχα συνηθίσει. Αλλά αυτή τη φορά, αισθάνομαι πολύ ανασυρθεί.
Πιστεύω ότι το κείμενο αυτό σε λίγο, θα αλλάξει τη λανθασμένη αντίληψη ότι πολλοί άνθρωποι έχουν σχετικά με τα είδη του μακιγιάζ.
Δεν μου αρέσει η λέξη γυμνό μακιγιάζ. Αλλά, δυστυχώς, η πρόβλημα δεν είναι η χρήση αυτού του όρου, αλλά η κακή χρήση.
Δεν μπορώ να κατανοήσω, όπως πολλοί άνθρωποι αποκαλούν ένα μακιγιάζ με ουδέτερα χρώματα και εντυπωσιακό, όπως ένα nude μακιγιάζ.
Όλα τα είδη του μακιγιάζ είναι έγκυρες, αλλά όπως θα εξηγηθεί τόσο διδακτικά στην προηγούμενη σειρά, είναι απαιτείται πληρούν ορισμένες απαιτήσεις. Το μακιγιάζ πρέπει να συνάδει με τα χαρακτηριστικά του προσώπου του ατόμου και την προσωπικότητά σας.
Όπως είπατε, πολύχρωμα μακιγιάζ, μπορεί να χρησιμοποιηθεί από οποιαδήποτε γυναίκα, δεδομένου ότι έχει την προσωπικότητα να την, ως εκ τούτου, δεν λύνει οτιδήποτε άλλο για να χρησιμοποιήσετε ένα μακιγιάζ που είναι κατάλληλα εκτελούνται και σύμφωνα με τα χαρακτηριστικά του προσώπου, η άτομο δεν αισθάνεται καλά με μακιγιάζ.
Έτσι, αντί να ζητούν την προσοχή για την ομορφιά πολύχρωμα μακιγιάζ έχει, θα επιστήσει την προσοχή στην ταλαιπωρία που χρησιμοποιεί.
Μου άρεσε αυτό το συγκολλητικό μακιγιάζ.
Συγχαρητήρια για άλλη μια φορά απέδειξε ότι έχετε ένα πολύ ταλέντο.

Difference between nude makeup and neutral makeup,

Renesmée 01/03/2016
Hello, I'm from Washington and had heard on his blog, but had not yet had the opportunity to meet him.
Today researching the difference between nude makeup and neutral makeup, find your text, in the early results.
I had read some other text on the subject, but did not like it.
This text is wonderful, I always had a lot of doubts whether the nude makeup it's the same neutral makeup.
I started last week the course of makeup, and I'm not able to contribute your work with my comment.
However, you contributed a lot in my learming.
This blog is really all I ever hear about him.

Tipos de maquillaxe

Teo Álvarez 29/02/2016
Ola Mary, o Алессандро me enviou unha mensaxe a falar que vostede tiña fcado triste por non facer un comnentário.
Entón, como eu gosto moito de ti, e non querer ver triste eu vin saír o meu comentario.
Mentira, que eu estou querendo enganar. Realmente me gusta moito de ti e non quero ver triste, pero a razón maior foi a miña curiosodade, pois, o Алессандро comentou que o blog estaba cheio de emocións.
Entón, Dende venres estou me preparado psicoloxicamente. Os experto falan, que se repita algo varias veces, o seu cerebro remata facendo mecánicamente.
Entón eu quedei repetindo, como un mantra a seguinte frase: vou entra no blog, vou directo á páxina dos excluídos, vou ler o texto, saltar todo coment'rios e facer o meu.
Ah, antes de calquera cousa, quero dicir que aínda me sendo un maquiador, relativamente coñecido, eu me sinto un excluido no blog. Isto é unha opción a miña, estou feliz así
Imos volver a falar da miña preparación, despois de adestrar ben o meu cerebro entrei no blog.
Mera ilusión, saíu todo ao contrario. Ou repetir varias veces é unha propaganda enganosa ou meu cerebro non me obdece.
Ai entro e xa vén o seguinte pensamento me desvirtuar, xa que estou aquí, vou ler o texto aquí e despois vou a dos excluidos comentar. Lin o texto, vin o primeiro comentario era o señor J. Pierre, entón decidín ler. Como despetou a miña curiosidade, lin o comentario seguinte. Ai eu penso, deixa ver se algéum máis comentou dese tema. Como, despois de moitas emocións, eu xa me acustumei con algúns comentarios, eu decidín continuar lendo.
Eu observei algo que eu non tiña observado no último texto, que a cara que escribiu logo Camile coñezo. Tomei aquel impacto, mais mesmo me gusta do traballo del, quen me emociona son as mulleres.
Ai eu resolvo ir á páxina dos excluídos e ai meu corazón non resiste. Este blog non vai deixar de me emocionar.
Parei por dúas horas, tomei o meu remedio do corazón, quedei sen crer o que vira, ai entender que me teño que acustumar, principalmente despois da festa de súa amiga, que un día, se Deus fose geeroso comigo, ela tamén será a miña amiga, a marabillosa Lauren. Entón eu vin comentar o texto.
Que máis dicir sobre ese espectáculo de texto, ademais de todo o que xa se dixo
Así, como case todos aquí eu tampouco me gusta o use de nude na maquillaxe, pero estou de acordo que é máis axeitado para maquillaxe natural.
Concordo co Alexandru, que o viral apoderouse de Internet, despois de que a maquillaxe de determinada famosa se estender como un estilo de maquillaxe nude. Só que de nude esa maquillaxe non ten nada.
Eu estou de acordo plenamente con vostede, que o estilo europeo e moi diferente do americano e brasileiro. As primeiras quere valorar as cores e dunha maquillaxe máis lixeiro. E as dúas últimas quere unha maquillaxe con cores neutral e máis pesada.
Eu penso moi interesante a maquillaxe adhesiva, aínda non coñecía.
Miña querida, este texto é explendido, non ten ningún igual a ese nin en libro nin en internet. Parabens, vostede é moi talentosa.


Алессандро 26/02/2016
Мэри, теперь я говорил с Тео, и он сказал, что на этот раз, он на самом деле не может позволить себе делать какие-либо комментарии. Я думаю, что у вас нет идеи эмоций простой визит в блог.
Я отдал бы все, чтобы было conviddo этой партии, которая не будет иметь никакого другого подобного в мире.
Этот текст является фантастическим, да Теперь, сомнения по поводу естественного макияжа, нейтрального и цветного, были выяснены.
Извините, но мое эмоциональное состояние не позволяет мне писать больше.


Mary Lyrio 26/02/2016
Алессандро, agora eu fiquei triste. Justamente quando eu não demoro para abrir a página dos que se acham excluídos, você me diz que Teo não vai comentar. Só não estou mais arrasada, porque tenho a esperança, que uma vez mais, a curiosidade dele seja maior do que o medo dele morrer de emoção.


Cindy 26/02/2016
Hi Mary, I was in Lauren party, I'm a friend of Camile, ex wife of a great friend of Lauren, which is a great friend of Julia
Since I met the blog, I follow, but do not like to make comments
But I could not omit me on this text. My Preferential style makeup is natural. But I always get irritated when people comment that my style is neutral, or because I wear pink color, style is colorful. People need to learn to distinguish what is natural makeup, neutral or colored.
Your text is wonderful, you clarify any possible doubts.
I am also a big fan of his work.