Mary Lyrio


19/06/2015 22:25


    Surely, you've read about or seen in cosmetic stores various products with double letters of the alphabet, and yet, he wondered what each of these products.

    Calm, the blame for such confusion is not yours.

    Cyclically, any trends or beauty product becomes for a time the center of attention of consumers and manufacturers. In recent years, multifunctional alphabets creams are gradually occupying this important position in the world of makeup.

    The tight market of makeup requires businesses to respond quickly to any trend detected among consumers, flooding the market with new products and using all advertising resources to reinforce these trends by ensuring increased sales.

    Faced with this expanding so rapidly market multifunction alphabets creams, became difficult to even find a definition that points to the common thread between the various products that make up this genre and at the same time, serve to draw the line between them and the Other product and dermatological makeup.

    In addition to the conceptual difficulty of the genre, there is also the growing lack of standardization of the manufacturers as to the meaning of the letters that identify each product and its functions.

    Against this large amount of products from different classifications, there is the accusation that many manufacturers only differentiate their products by the label and by the letter because many do not pass the minor variations of the same product, with similar results.

    Finally, to the characteristic of multi-functionality, which many consider the most striking given these products, is questioned as a differentiating element. It is remembered that long ago the traditional makeup products are no longer purely cosmetic (in strictly aesthetic sense) and started to use more and more substances with skin functions (moisturizers, vitamins, antioxidants, sunscreen etc).

                            AA  ?BB
                              ¿ CC ¿                         
                             DD ? EE
                               ¿ GG ¿

    After getting the text bringing some of the most controversial issues on the multifunction alphabets creams. The following is a quick and practical description of products will be made, emphasizing the meaning of each letter from the information of the leading manufacturers. 

AA cream  (Anti-Aging creams)

    Alphabet Cosmetics started a few decades ago with the anti-aging creams, which are creams that promise to prevent and reduce the signs of aging skin such as wrinkles, redness, tenderness, discoloration and others.

BB cream (Blemish Balm )

    The first version was made in 1960 by a German dermatologist, Dr. Christine Schrammek for topical use in scarring after surgery. BBs became widely consumed in South Korea and Japan in 1985 and reached the US market in 2011. It is a moisturizer oil free basis of color, which can be used to replace the primer or can be used as a basis in skins with few imperfections, because it offers a very light coverage. They also have SPF (Sun Protection Factor), but should not replace the use of sunscreen in cases of higher exposure to the sun.

CC cream (Color Control Cream )

I    t is the enhanced version of BB cream. It was created with the aim of reducing the redness or yellowish skin. It has the same active ingredients as the BB cream moisturizing oil free, SPF and color. The difference is that the CC cream has a lighter texture, the SPF is larger and has bleaching assets that unify and correct the skin tone. It can be used as a primer, if the skin needs a color correction or as a base if the skin has very few imperfections, as well as the BB cream is not suitable for those who need high coverage

DD cream (Daily Defense Cream or Dynamic Do All 

    It unites functions of BB and CC creams. However, its main focus is on anti-aging, decreasing wrinkles and fine lines. Furthermore, DD cream will balance out skin tone and protect the most sensitive areas.

    BB and CC creams only work at the time of use. But the DD cream comes with the proposal that making continuous use, the skin will present improvements in the medium term.

EE cream – Estée Lauder Enlighten EE cream

    Estee Lauder is a pioneer in the creation of EE cream. This product aims to minimize the appearance of dark spots, sun spots, post acne marks, redness and close the pores of the skin. It provides high level SPF 30 and anti-oxidants powerful. Color correction pigments are designed to leave the smooth and shiny skin with an even tone. It comes in three different colors. It is most suitable to be used as a primer but may also be used as a basis, if the goal is not high coverage.  

GG cream - Glam Bronze GG cream

    I do not know why the cosmetics industry jumped alphabet letter F. The Loreal created the GG cream, which aims tinting the skin with tan effect, giving light and moisture, also providing sun protection SPF 25.