Mary Lyrio


30/08/2015 17:00



This decade has undergone a major economic crisis due to the Great Depression that occurred in 1929 with the fall of the New York Stock Exchange.

As a result of the gradual emancipation of women, which began in 1920, they have become more aware of their independence of action and bolder in the way of expressing her femininity, leaving the scene altogether Flapper girl from the 10 decade of the final and half of the 20s and getting into the act more mature woman. Hollywood movies have become very important, because due to crisis for many people, the only entertainment available were the movies. Women copied the models of dresses, hairstyles and make-up of the popular film actresses.

The great actresses who dictated the fashion of the time were Greta Garbo, Marlene Dietrich, Caroline Lombard, Ginger Rogers, Jean Harlow, Mae West, Joan Crawford and Bette Davis.    


         Jean Harlow                                                                                         Ginger Rogers                        


Caroline Lombard                                                                                              Marlene Dietrich

Bette Davis                                                                                        Joan Crawford

                  Greta Garbo

Great Cosmetics names like Max Factor and Elisabeth Arden became popular in the world of women.

Interestingly, cosmetics sales during the Great Depression increased significantly, and this is a trend that can still be seen during tough economic times. Sometimes dubbed the "Lipstick Index" is a controversial phenomenon that has been studied by economists for years.

The 30s was the era of blondes of Hollywood curls and all women wanted to copy. However, this time, the hair dyes have not been very good and many women hair quite spoiled.


The trace of makeup is noticeably more refined and elegant than the exaggerated lines of the previous decade.

Foundation - became the same skin tone or tone down with pink undertone and with a little sparkle.

Powder - the powder has changed from white to pink, also emerging the compacts.

 Cheeks - the rouge intensity gave a slight decreased and was applied to the apples and slightly below pulling toward your ears.

Lipstick - while in the 20s was avoided the outer corners of the lips in the application of lipstick, in the 30s not only filled the corners, but also the rounded, leaving the fleshy mouth. This type of mouth became known as Crawford Smear, due to actress Joan Crawford. The dark red lipstick purple was no longer used, the most popular color was pink, raspberry, red and orange.

Eyebrows - a kind of symbol of the decade makeup. They had to be thin and forming a long arc. Many women drew the eyebrows and redesenhavam with the pencil.

Shadow - women began to use two shadow shades of the same color and the most used colors were blue, violet, green and brown.

Eyelashes - the mask of eyelashes still widely used, but now also being applied to the lower lashes. There are reports that this time the mask of eyelashes was with ma brown color and the tips black. Long, thin eyelashes have become popular.

In 1938 dies one of the great names of cosmetics and makeup creator of the term, Mr. Maksymilian Faktorowicz - Max Factor.