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09/06/2015 13:07


Continuing the series, prerequisites for drawing up a perfect makeup, I will talk about two skin characteristics, tone and undertone, which I think are very important in makeup, because they are important in determining the colors of the products that best harmonize with the color of your skin. Click on the link:  SERIES OF PREREQUISITE FOR MAKE UP PERFECT

In this post, our focus will be the analysis of tone and skin undertone, for the specific purpose of choosing the correct basis.



Skin color is white, brown or black. Skin pigmentation is due to the activity of melanocytes, which are the cells responsible for producing melanin, the pigment that gives color to the skin. When the melanin production is very low, the color is too light. As melanin production increases, the skin becomes darker. In addition to providing pigmentation to the skin, melanin also protects from sunlight. The fact that the activity of melanocytes increase when the skin is exposed to sunlight helps the mechanism of natural protection. The very white skinned people suffer more from the action of sunlight, leaving the skin red (fire), because of the low amount of melanin. Already darker skinned people, when exposed to the sun, suffer less from the action of sunlight, leaving the golden skin (tanned).



It is the variation in light shades to darker tonaldade the skin may have. White skin, brown skin or black skin, depending on the amount of melanin produced feature a tonal variation on the color itself. As an example, the skin can be very white, white and medium white.



   VERY WHITE                     WHITE                    MEDIUM WHITE  




It is the color that is below the epidermis and has no necessary relationship to the ethnicity of the person. The undertone can be pink, neutral or yellow.

Many people have difficulty in determining the undertone of your skin because there are some theories related to the color wheel or seasonal color theory to classify the skin in hot or cold depending on the undertone she has. Great confusion is because there is no standardization of what is hot or cold, for some pink and yellow are hot or cold depending on the hue put up, others say the rose is cold and yellow is warm, and there are those that in addition to declaring the pink and yellow are warm, qualify the green and blue as cold undertones colors. However it is known that there are people with bluish or greenish undertone.


                                  PINK UNDESTONE


                                YELLOW UNDERTONE


                                    BEIGE   UNDERTONE 




Answer: the exact undertone of your skin.

The function of the foundation is to provide uniform coverage the skin, leaving it with a more natural look possible, this way the foundation has to be of the same undertone of the skin.

Some people believe that fndação should be used to neutralize the undertone of the skin, that is, if the skin is pink and uses a yellowish undertone would be based on the neutral. But this is a big mistake because the base only provides coverage. If you use it with tone and inadequate undertone to your skin that will be shown. Who has the role of correcting the color and neutralizing, for example, the purple region below the eye, is the concealer, in which case it should be using yellow, respecting the rules of complementary colors.

The only way to extend the function of the foundation, in addition to the basic coverage, without prejudice to the final outcome, it is vary slightly tonal scale. Since the undercurrentas a general rule should not be changed.



The foundation's undertone is the undertone of your skin and the undertone of your skin is the undertone of the foundation.

That is, the undertone of the color of the skin and the foundation should merge perfectly.

More important than getting to name its undertone (or fanatically study a methodology to identify it) is to test the foundation on your face and work out the vision.

And watching your skin and foundations that you are testing the same hue but different undertones, you will begin to distinguish the colors undertone: pink, yellow and neutral.

Thus, when choosing the undertone of the foundation, what matters is to know (see) if the undertone of the skin is pink, yellow or neutral and not if the skin is hot or cold, wintry or summery, etc.

The best way to dentificar is running out of makeup in the mirror, preferably with natural light and observe what color you see beneath the epidermis. People with pink undertone, seem to have a transparent or thinner skin, it is possible to observe a pink hue beneath the skin, but should not be confused with this shade spots on the skin. Since people with sallow skin, the skin tends to uniform throughout a color, a type of golden yellow and when the epidermis has beige tint pulling, between pink and yellow, undercurrent is neutral.



Stylists, makeup artists, hairdressers, colors scholars and big companies do not understand when it comes to sort colors.

Among the scholars of color, it is widely accepted the division of the circle of colors between warm and cold. However, there is still much controversy about which color should occupy the top of the scale between the warm colors.

MAC cosmetics did not hesitate to consider the pink color of the hottest warm as it is closer to red and yellow color among the coldest warm colors. Therefore, the more pink skin undertone colors is warm (W or NW), as the skin nearest yellow undertone is cold (C or NC), while the two colors are warm.


Other companies, follow the theorists who consider the color yellow / orange color of the hottest hot. So for these brands, those with yellow undertone is warm skin, and who has red or pink undertone is cool skin, despite the two colors are warm.

In parallel to the above classifications, there are theories widely used in the fashion universe, which, based on the colors, perform analogies between people and natural phenomena. In many of these analyzes, the tone and the skin undertone are the most relevant to the classification, followed by hair and eyes. Outstanding among these theories because they are the most numerous, connecting people to the seasons and also assess the skin in cold or warm by its color.

Many of these theories adopt a different color wheel of traditional color wheel of Newton, which ends up generating a lot of confusion for the novice player in the subject.

These seasonal color theories have several variants and they are divergent.

In one of these currents yellow, orange and red make up the semi-circle of warm colors, and people with yellow undertones classified summer (summer) and with orange undertones named spring (spring).

Also according to this interpretation, the green, blue, purple and pink colors are cold, so people with bluish undertones are autumnal (fall) and those with pink undertones are cool season (winter), as seen in the illustration below.


In a second design of the seasonal theory, pink, blue and green are cool colors, and people with pink undertones can be cool season (darker shades) or summer (lighter shades).

The red, orange and yellow would be warm colors and those with yellow undertones can be spring (lighter shades) or autumn (darker shades), as shown chart.


In terms of seasonal color theories, the differences are even greater than indicated here. But that, by itself, does not disqualify the interesting studies that are done under these theories that seek to analyze the more general pattern of the color of a person.

Despite the interesting questions that these and other studies present for makeup, I believe, to choose the correct undertone effect of the base, the less is more. And the big secret is to rely more on what you see and less on what you understand.




Mbali 17/07/2015
Hi uMariya, Ngangingakaze ngilifunde ematheksthi isikhumba tones, njengoba emangalisayo njengoba lokhu omunye.
Zonke umbhalo blog, iyamangalisa.
I uyazithanda ngempela umbhalo, ephelele makeup series.
Like kumagazini olandelayo, ngizobuya ukubuyela


Liesbeth 08/07/2015
Hoi Mary, deze ene tekst is prachtig, het beste van het internet. Niemand schreef zo goed over huidskleur als jij. Al uw blog. Het is uitstekend. Ik zal altijd hier kom.


Maria Fernanda 02/07/2015
Hola María, yo estaba encantado con tu blog. Mirando textos sobre tono de la piel en el Internet en contra de su texto.
Este es el mejor que he leído nunca. Usted fue la primera persona que habló acerca el tema y no vinculada a la temperatura de la piel. éxito


QUON 18/06/2015
我知道是谁化妆师哈索. 他曾在我镇在这里所做的工作,他用我的学校.

Farbe und Hautunterton

Wolfgang 16/06/2015
Mary, traf ich Ihrem Blog über einen Freund, aber auf dem ersten Besuch, keine Bemerkung gemacht I
Ich kann nicht schweigen, vor so gute Texte, den Ton und Unterton der Haut und den Text der Gesichtskontur. Du schreibst sehr gut und versteht viel über Make-up. Vom ersten Besuch, ich mochte Ihrem Blog, weil ich fand es sehr originell.
Wie der geschätzten Colier schon gesagt, ich glaube, Sie auch ein natürliches Talent für das Verständnis der Make-up haben, und dieses Talent nicht verschwinden.
Ich denke, man sollte viel Wert auf Ihr Gesicht zu geben, weil Sie sehr schön sind, sollten Sie mehr Bilder von Ihr Gesicht mit Make-up zu haben.
Wenn Sie leben hier in Deutschland verwenden würde, mit Ihrer Erlaubnis, Ihr Gesicht, um Make-up zu tun. Glamuretes sind schön, aber keiner hat das Engelhafte Schönheit, die Sie haben.
Sie sollten immer schreiben, weil Sie sehr talentiert sind, werde ich immer noch sehen, tun Sie für die Welt.
Zunächst erklärte Hasso dass Colier mochte dich, weil es schon empfindlicher, wegen des Alters. Heute genießt er auch viel von seiner Arbeit und sagte Colier wurde über ihn lustig machen die ganze Zeit. Ich habe weniger als die Hälfte des Alters Colier und ich bin in Ehrfurcht vor Ihrer Arbeit und euch sagen, dass ich noch einmal, du bist schön.
Ich glaube, Sie sehr erfolgreich sein wird, und ich sehe noch seine Arbeit rund um die Welt


Christopher 15/06/2015
Salut Mary, je commente sur son blog dans le texte Contour du visage, et revenu de nouveau dans le blog. Ce texte est muiito très bonne, tout est bien expliqué. Le maître Colier est correcte, vos textes sont merveilleux.
Sur la première visite au blog, n'a pas glamuretes, Le maquillage les filles est bien faite et les couleurs sont assez adaptée. Félicitations

Farbe und Hautunterton

Hansi 11/06/2015
Hallo Mary, ich bin Creative Director von einem Kosmetikunternehmen in Deutschland und ein Bekannter erzählte mir von dem Tonalität und Text nuaces Haut von Ihrem Blog. Dann kommen Sie zu sehen.
Der Text ist sehr korrekt. Bei der Schaffung von Make-up Produkte, die mit der Haut integrieren, versuchen Sie, zwei Töne zu bekommen. Die richtige Farbe der menschlichen Haut mit verschiedenen Schattierungen der gleichen Farbe, und eine, die unter der Haut ist. Und hat keinen mit Klimaschwankungen und nicht mit der Temperatur;. Weiß, Mischt (die Sie als braune beschreiben) und schwarz. Und nuace Haut ist rosa, gelb und beige. Ich verstehe nicht, verstehe nicht, warum die Menschen diese Farben mit heißen oder kalten Temperaturen beziehen.
Herzlichen Glückwunsch zu dem Blog, Sie arbeiten sehr bm Texte