Mary Lyrio


15/02/2016 01:34

Hello my dear friends and readers, I'm very moved and I want to thank all of those words that comfort me and encourage to continue this journey.

Sometimes I stop and begin to question the reasons that brought me here, and for a moment, distressed I am for not have a goal, or a clarity about my fate.

At such times, I remember the Spanish poet Antonio Machado:

"Caminante, son tus huellas el camino y nada más; Caminante, no hay camino, se hace camino al andar.". 

And so, I understand that I must focus on my steps. Yes, even though at a pace allowed by my body and combating vanity that always leads to missteps or larger than our legs are capable of. The important thing is to keep walking. Our life has no map.

I can understand the discomfort that this site I call blog (by the way, I do not know the exact definition of the word blog) may cause in some people. Mirror of a make-up artist in building, blogging can, for many, take on the appearance of a kaleidoscope indecipherable without default or no function (and, to make matters worse, with good chromatic colors).

In fact, the blog serves no purpose, because it is not anyone's servant. It is indecipherable because there is no intention or secret fact to be revealed. And it does not follow a standard because it violates all the rules for a successful blog, and as the footsteps of the author, no one knows where it goes.

At the beginning of the blog, some messages are including in the comments area, I was visited by people from self titled bloggers that until scolded me for throwing the blog without having had the initiative to ask the help of the same. Magnanimous, they have shown themselves willing to forgive me and pass me the secret of success since I submit to the rules of your network supported blogs (I did not think it was pyramid scheme even in blog!). Today, regretting, I just refused, politely invitation. But if for some reason still remains a doubt, I make my own the words of Portuguese poet Fernando Pessoa:


Lisbon Revisited

(...) You want me to be the opposite of this, the opposite of anything?

If I were someone else, I’d go along with you all.

But since I’m what I am, lay off!

Go to hell without me, Or let me go there by myself!

Why do we have to go together?

Don’t grab me by the arm!

I don’t like my arm being grabbed. I want to be alone,

I already told you that I can only be alone!

I’m sick of you wanting me to be sociable (...)


However, I think the attitude of the people should be ignored.

I like a lot of makeup, and that's my main focus in the blog, do not want to create any controversy with irrelevant comments, yes I want to create constructive discussions with my texts.

Thank you all.