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    Few brushes can be used in a perfect makeup, because the tips of the fingers can be utilizads to apply various products, such as shade foundation, blush, lipstick and others. However, if the brushes are used properly, can obtain a result with a more perfect finish. 

     Different bristle brushes, work with different makeup products. There are natural, synthetic and mixed bristles.



    Natural bristles are made from animal hair and the most common are goat, pony, Kolinsky-Sable and Squirrel.

    They are more porous and absorb liquids and creamy products. If you place a net basis in a natural brush, the bristles will "suck" good amount of this product, generating a big waste. However, to apply powder, they are excellent. For the same time grabbing and dust, release it in a uniform manner ..

- Squirrel Hair


    They are among the most expensive. They are very delicate and have a softer texture of all the bristles. The disadvantage is that they tend not to be as tough as other bristles, therefore they should only be used for the application of powder products.

    Otherwise, the end bristles absorbing liquid formula, which can actually damage them.

- Hair Kolinsky-Sable (Siberian Weasel)


    A variety of the Sable and his fur is as noble as the squirrel. Many consider him the best hair for making paint brushes and makeup.

- Pony Hair


    They tend to be stronger and more durable because they are more rigid than any other hair.

- Goat Hair


    It is the thickest and most traded among all.


    Previously there was a big difference between the texture of natural and synthetic bristles. However, the market of synthetic fibers has evolved so much that today these differences are smaller.ZZSynthetic fibers more applied today are: nylon, taklon. Natrafil and Tafre.

- Nylon - Is the oldest fiber in the preparation of synthetic bristles, possesses a rougher and tougher texture.


-Taklon - It is a synthetic fiber treated in order to become more like the texture of natural hair. So it is softer


- Natrafil - Is a polyster fiber which undergoes a complex texturing process resembling animal hair cuticle. This is one of the newest technologies in the synthetic brushes market.


-Tafre - Fiber tafre is considered the one with the most advanced technology at the time.


    The two largest companies responsible for the manufacture of synthetic fibers are the American DuPont and Japanese Taiki.


    They have two kinds of animal and synthetic bristles,


    To learn more about brushes click on the link: ACCESSORIES MAKEUP - BRUSHES.


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Aahbran 21/05/2015
Γεια σου Μαρία, προσπαθώντας σχετικά με τα πινέλα μακιγιάζ, ένας φίλος μου είπε ότι είχε βρει ένα blog της Βραζιλίας, η οποία είναι πολύ καλή, και έχει πολλά αγγλικά κείμενα. Μπορώ να διαβάσω την αγγλική γλώσσα, αλλά δεν γράφουν καλά.
Το λάτρεψα αυτό το κείμενο πινέλα μακιγιάζ είναι πολύ πλήρης. Έχω επίσης να διαβάσετε για το make-up για άνδρες και πραγματικά το απολαύσαμε. Συγχαρητήρια και επιτυχία με το blog.