Mary Lyrio


20/09/2015 13:00



    The 80s was marked by several important events.


    - November 4 - Ronald Reagan was elected US president.

    - December 8 - John Lennon is murdered.


    - July 29 - Wedding of Prince Charles and Diana.


    - August 1, emergence of the MTV.

    - AIDS Discovery.


    - Michael Jackson thriller Launch.


    - First liposuction surgery, performed by Dr. Yves Gerard Illouz.


    - Dr. Luc Montagnier discovered the virus that causes AIDS - HIV.

    - First mobile phone commercially available in the USA.



    - The Menudo, musical group from Puerto Rico, which emerged in the 70s, achieved great success in Brazil, Mexico, Argentina and some European countries, especially Spain. This group marked the beginning of Ricky Martin's career.



     - 11 to 20 of January - 1st edition of Rock festival in Rio Brazil, with attractions such as Queen and Scorpions.


    - January 28 recording of "WE ARE THE WORLD" by hunger in Africa.


    - End of the Dictatorship in Brazil .       


    - Comet Halley.


    - April 29 explosion of the Chernobyl nuclear power plant.    


    - End of Cold War.

    - November 9, the Berlin Wall fall.



    In the 70s, television was one of the main means of entertainment, leaving the cinema a little aside. This was mainly due to the large number of American TV series which were a novelty at the time and the fact that the TV program already be in color.

    In the 80s, the American TV series are still doing very well with the rise of MTV clips, but the the cinema responds with several movies and many with box-office record.


    - THE FALL GUY: from 81 to 86, starring Heather Thomas, Lee Majors and Douglas Barr.


    - DYNASTY: 81 to 89, starring several actors, including John Forsythe, Linda Evans, Joan Collins, John James, Pamela Bellwood, Pamela Sue Martin, Catherine Oxenberg and Heather Locklear.


    - FAMILY TIES: De 82 a 89, estrelada por Michael Gross, Meredith Baxter, Michael J. Fox, Justine Bateman, Tina Yothers e Brian Bonsall.


    - MOONLIGHTING: 85 to 89, starring Bruce Willis and Cybill Shepherd.









    - RAMBO










    - SPLASH  














    - TOP GUN











    - LA BAMBA







   The leading actresses of the era that influenced very fashionable and behavior were: Brooke Shields, Catherine Oxenberg (Dynasty), Jane Fonda, Cybill Shepherd (The Cat and the Mouse), Demi Moore, Deryl Hannah (A Mermaid's Wife), Heather Locklear (Dynasty), Heather Thomas (The Fall Guy), Morgan Fairchil, Olivia Newton John, Meryl Streep, Michelle Pfeiffe, Justine Bateman (Family Ties), Jennifer Beals (Flashdance), Kim Cattrall (Police Academy) and Kim Basinger.


             Brooke Shields                            Catherine Oxenberg


                    Demi Moore                          Deryl Hannah


                Heather Locklear                       Heather Thomas


                Morgan Fairchil                             Michelle Pfeiffer  


               Justine Bateman             Jennifer Beals


              Cybill Shepherd                      Kim Cattrall  


           Meryl Streep                        Kim Basinger        

   The actresses Jane Fonda and Olivia Newton John were responsible for aerobic fitness movement, which was a great fever in the 80s, dictating fashion and behavior. Jane Fonda recorded several videos that taught people to do aerobics at home.


   In the 80s, men were very vain. The main actors influencing the masculine style were: Tom Cruise, Michael J. Fox (Back to the Future), Mathew Broderick (Bueller's Day Off), Patrick Swayze, John Travolta, Kevin Costner, Emilio Estevez, Mel Gibson, Richard Gere.


           Tom Cruise                       Michael J. Fox      


            Mathew Broderick                Patrick Swayze   


                John Travolta                      Kevin Costner


                    Emilio Estevez                  Mel Gibson      


         Richard Gere     


    The term supermodel emerged in the 40s with Bettina Graziani model who worked with influential designers including Christian Dior and Hubert de Givenchy, her small waist helped define the 'New Look' Dior.


   Bettina Graziani on the cover of L'Officiel Paris (1950)

    In the 60s, the surpermodel was Twiggy, who graced many Vogue magazine covers.


    The 70s saw the emergence of some supermodels. But it was in the 80s, with globalization and fashion shows being broadcast on television that there were several supermodels, who in addition to acting on the catwalk, and they appear on magazine covers and cosmetics ads, they also begin to make advertisements products out of the fashion market, such as soda Pepsi and Ford trucks. Some also served as actresses. Thus, they become very popular and well known. It was the first time that supermodels have become celebrities and celebrities have become supermodels. As well as artists and singers of the time, they also greatly influenced the fashion and behavior.

    The main supermodels of the era were: Cindy Crawford, Ell MacPherson, Iman, Janice Dickinson, Kim Alex (at 83 became the model of the brand Ultima II Revlon), Linda Evangelista, Jill Goodacre (one of the main models Victoria Secret 80 and early 90), Renee Simonsen, Stephanie Seymour, Claudia Schiffer, Nancy Donahue, Nancy Deweir (one of the models of Max Factor), Kelly Emberg (several advertisements of the cover girl and maybelline) and Paulina Porizkova (with Brooke Shields, who in addition actress was a supermodel, it was taken as the main beauty icon of the decade).


                    Claudia Schiffer                           Paulina Porizkova


            Cindy Crawford                      Ell MacPherson 


                    Iman                                    Janice Dickinson


                    Nancy Donahue                                        Nancy Deweir


                 Jill Goodacre                                          Kim Alexis  


            Linda Evangelista                                    Renee Simonsen       


         Kelly Emberg  



    Fashion in the 80s has undergone several changes due to globalization and the many trends in pop culture phenomenon. The fashion spread faster than ever and became more widespread.

    Changes in technology, expansion of the cable TV and the emergence of networks such as MTV, meant that fashion dictated by TV, movies, music and celebrities has become more accessible to fans and spectators.

    In the 80s, there were various fashion styles. While in previous decades one or two styles predominated separate and successively during each period. In the 80s, several separate and distinct styles of all stripes were shared and popularized at once.



    A major change in society during the 80s was the expansion of the middle class and creating a large group of young professionals on the rise known as "yuppies". Suddenly this group went on to win many income and was known for his focus on wealth and conspicuous consumption and conspicuous consumption. The fashion was a way for these young entrepreneurs to exhibit their wealth. Yuppies were known to be focused on the brand more than any other detail clothes.    

    They were also largely influenced by TV shows, MTV and movies, as well as the rest of the population.

    The influence of the media on the fashion of the time was immeasurable. Music videos exhibited fashion in a way that had not been seen before. With the growth of specialized tabloids in the daily lives of celebrities, the rich and the young stars were highlighted imposing his style. Popular stars like Michael J. Fox became spokesmen for designers such as Calvin Klein. Fashion started to become an integral part of the definition of celebrity.




    Yuppies were not the only people with disposable income during the eighties. The expanded middle class and the population in general was feeling richer. The malls begin to receive in addition to the rich class to middle class accession. And with that, it has become a place to shop, stroll and meet friends.    

    Families come out to more remote places to go to shopping malls, which usually were located in strategic points of major cities.

    Popular brands during the decade were: Ralph Lauren, Calvin Klein, Nike, Adidas, Banana Republic, The Gap, Izod, Lacoste, Members Only, and Gloria Vanderbilt Jeans.

    Paris is renewed like the fashion center imposing new designers, tailors and the old perpetuating itself with a fresh style, simultaneously, Milan and London remain fierce competitors. The United States was the main market fashion ready-to-wear.

    Already high luxury fashion will be influenced by the first lady Nancy Reagan, with their dresses from top designers like James Galanos, Bill Blass and Oscar de la Renta. Red was her favorite color.


    England who popularized many styles, with its musical artists and punk culture, sees the birth of a new celebrity who will have great influence in the romantic style of the decade, which is the Princess Daiana.    


    Os designers de alta-costura que fizeram sucesso na década de 1980 incluem: Ralph Lauren, Calvin Klein, Donna Karan, Azzedine Alaia, John Galliano, Giorgio Armani, Dolce e Gabbana, Vivienne Westwood e Jean Paul Gaultier. 


    Thanks to the creation of MTV, some fashion trends were directly related to music. Bands of new wave and metal, hip hop groups and rappers and pop stars often have a variety of styles associated with his music, and fans tried to imitate.

    The great artists of the time were: Madonna, Cindy Lauper, Tina Turner, Whitney Houston, Michael Jackson, Prince, Freddie Mercury, Lionel Richie and Elton John. And the bands were Scorpions and A-ha and Menudo, especially for the teenage audience.


                    Madonna                                Cindy Lauper


           Tina Turner                                  Whitney Houston 


               Michael Jackson                              Prince      


           Freddie Mercury                Lionel Richie


            Elton Jonh      


          Scorpions                                                         A-ha  




    The silhouette of the 80 was X-shaped, with broad shoulders, thin waist and extending the hip.

    This decade has been an explosion of vibrant colors.

    Everything that was used was to be seen, the clothes were very colorful with a great predominance of neon colors. Some had a futuristic style, his shoulders were broad and, by using large shoulder pads. The accessories were great.

    The female audience trends were:

    Use and abuse of shoulder pads and ruffles, puffy sleeves and bat sleeves;

    Jeans sets (with jackets and pants of the same washing);

    Leggings in many different colors;

    Ruffled skirts, Balone skirts, skirts with executive blazer and leather jackets;

    Pinched dress with puffy sleeves, low waist and ruffled crepe or satin; low-cut dresses, with just top and skirt with ruffled tulle dress and Balone;

    High baggys semi-waist pants.

    Accessories such as belts, bracelets and earrings relógos with colorful bracelets.

    Plastic shoes, leggings, sneakers and basqueteira All Star, boots and scarpin shoe made of the stylistic scene from beginning to end of the decade.





    The menswear consisted of jackets (jeans or leather); washed jeans with shirts of colored mesh or polo shirt;

    Blazer with shoulder pads and slacks with tweezers

    The masclinos shoes most used were: athletic shoes and Adidas All Star and moccasins.

    The main accessories are: aviator sunglasses model, colorful suspenders and purses.








   In the 80s, the hair was too bulky and very full, and there were several types of cuts and hairstyles.

     - MULLET - Widely used in the 70s and early 80s.


    - SHORT PEAKED - is the height of the neck, all peaked, with much volume on top and quite close at the nape.   


    - SHORT SPIKE - is a version of peaked court, where the tips are facing up.


    - SHORT MULTI LAYERS - It is a very large cut in the top and multilayer.


    - SHORT CURLY - cut at the shoulder or neck, voluminous at the top and with multiple clusters.






   - CUT THE FARAH - was the most copied cut at the end of the 70s and during the 80s.


    - CUT WITH MULTI LAYERS LONG - short layers at the top and peaked layers throughout the hair.


    - FRIZZY - the hair was unkempt appearance. It was one of the most used hairstyles.


    - TAIL SIDE HORSE - It was a hairstyle widely used among teenagers.







    - PEAKED


    - LAYERS WITH WET GEL - cutting layers used with gel wet style was widely used.


    - FLAT TOP - haircut black, vertical and forming a flat platform.


    - FRIZZY





80 – Lancõme launch makup kit.


    - Bourjois launch shadow blue bat, lipstick and nail polish.


81 – Avon launch 2nd fun collection.




    - Dior launch nail polish and makeup kit consists of: quartet of shadows, eyeliner, duo blush and lipstick.


    - Lancôme launch nail polish and makeup kit.


    - Chanel launch lipstick.


82 - Bourjois launch colored shadows.


    - Cover Girl launch nail polish and makeup kit composed of: foundation, powder, lipstick and eyelashes mask.


    - Dior launch nail polish and makeup kit vibrant colors, composed of lipstick, quartet of shadows and colored eyeliners.


    - Max Factor Maxi launch line consists of: lipstick, shadows and mask lashes.



    - Maybelline launch quartet of colored shadows.


     Kelly Emberg

83 – Coty launch extraordinary lipstick 24 hours


    - Maybelline launch lipstick waterproof.


             Lynda Caster  

    - Max Factor launch foundation and blush cream and collection Spice Of Life.


    - Cover Girl launch kit of brushes and accessories makeup and bright lipstick.


                         Kelly Emberg

    - Givenchy launch Duo shadows and lipstick.


    - Lancõme launch blush and lipstick with the slogan – à la fraich.


    - Loreal launch makeup kit composed of duo shadows and blush duo


    - Revlon launch lipstick and nail polish.


                    Brooke Shields

    - Ultima II launch makeup kit.


84 – Coty launch lipstick and shadows kit.


    - Max Factor launch foundation and lipstick with the slogan Whipped Cream - whipped cream.


    - Loreal launch duo blush, lipstick, nail polish and makeup kit colors.


    - Estée Lauder launch lipstick waterproof.


    - Lancôme launch nail polish and makeup kit consists of: lipstick, blush and shadow.


    - Cover Girl launch lipstick satin.


           Renee Simonsen   

    - Maybelline launch Dual Collor Eye Pencils and line shine free look, consisting of: base, blush and mask of colored lashes.


   - Shiseido launch makeup kit.


- Ultima II launch The Naked line, developed by Kelvyn Aucoin.



    - Guerlain launch fascinating and colorful lipsticks


  85 – Dior launch nail polish and makeup kit colored, composed of quartet shadows, eye pencils of various colors and lipstick pink neon.


   - Elizabeyh Arden launch nail polish and shadows kit and lipstick.


   - Loreal launch trio of shadows, lipstick and nail polish.


    - Estée Lauder launch perfect lipstick.


          Paulina Porizkova

    - Lancôme launch Liquid shadow of neon colors and kit consists of quintet shadows and lipstick.


    - Guerlain launch lipstick pink neon.


    - Maybeline launch colored makeup kit, consisting of shadow quartet, blush and foundation.


    - Revlon launch and vibrant pink nail polish.


    - Ultima II launch makeup kit.


    - YSL launch makeup kit, composed of shadow duo, eye liner, lipstick and blush. And Ovation collection, consisting of: shadow duo, blush, eye liner, compact powder, lipstick and nail polish.


 86 - Dior launch Second colored makeup kit consists of: quartet of shadows, duo blush, eye pencil and eyeliner.


    - Guirlan launch nail polish and makeup kit consists of duo shadows, blush and lipstick.


    - Ultima II launch colored shadows.


    - YSL launch makeup kit and line  kaleidoscope.


    - Lancôme lauch red makeup kit, composed of blush, eye shadow and lipstick. Launch kit composed of duo shadows and blush duo and also kit consists of: shadows. quartet and lipstick.



   - Loreal launch kit of shadows, lipstick and nail polish.


   - Cutex launch trio of shadows, lipstick pencils and nail polish.


   - Revlon launch trio kit of shadows.


87 -  Cover Girl launch Illuminator, blush and contour.


     - Lancôme launch quartet of shadows, lipstick and eyelashes mask.



      - Dior launch quintet kit of shadows and lipstick.


       - Revlon lauch lipstick and choral nail polish.


88 – Dior launch lipstick and new quintet of colored shadows.


   - Lancôme launch shadow quartet.


   - Chanel launch Tend Creme et Blanc crème 


89 – Dior launch illuminator, quintet of colorful eyeshadows and lipstick.





    Like everything in the 80s, the makeup was also very striking and very colorful. Everything was allowed. Very monochromatic makeup (with the vibrant colors red or pink fuchsia) and colorful makeup it is used.    

    Unlike the 70s, where the blue was the color of the decade, makeup in the 80s, did not have a single color, all colors were used.

    In the early 80s, still maintained the characteristics of the makeup of the 70, mainly blue eye shadows. However, the shades were predominantly vibrant (and not the pastel shades of the 70s), resembled the makeup used in the record at the end of the decade of 70. For this reason, many people confuse the 70s with the 80. However, the makeup of the 80 had characteristics that made it odd

    LIPSTICK - was applied in the same way it is implemented today, the most used colors were neon pink, vibrant red and orange. The lipstick color always matched the blush color.

    FOUNDATION - was the same skin tone and the bases with a little light was preferred.

    POWDER - was the only item of makeup used in a very subtle way.

    BLUSH - was the main item of makeup. There were two main ways of applying it and, in all, it was rather sharp.It is the most significant feature of makeup in this decade.

    In monochrome makeup, the blush was applied at the bottom of the cheeks at the same time the opening of the nostrils and toward the lip ends (almost in the same position where today the outline is applied), and rises inclined and linearly for finding with the shadow, on the outside of the eye. As shown in dotted lines on the images below.


    In other makeup, the blush was applied at the bottom of the cheeks at the same time the opening of the nostrils and toward the lip ends (almost in the same position where today the outline is applied), going up inclined and linearly to meet with the shadow

    The most used colors were fuchsia pink and red.

    SHADOW - was applied to the entire mobile eyelid and sometimes on the fixed eyelid, pulling to the outside line of the eyebrow. He used is one, two or three colors. at the same time. All colors were used, mostly pink, red and blue.    


    MASK - was applied to lengthen and separate lashes well, making the effect "doll lashes." He used of all colors.

    EYELINER - was widely used to bypass the line of the upper and lower lashes. The color usually was the same shadow.

    EYE PENCIL - When not used the eyeliner was applied to the lower lash line.


    Para mim, foi muito agradável relembrar a década de 80, pois tenho muitas memórias deste período, no qual vivi o resto da minha infância e início da pré-adolescência. Se fosse possível voltar ao tempo, ou se eu tivesse um amigo tipo Doutor Brown, que levou Marty McFly - De Volta Para Futuro - iria pedir para ele criar a máquina que me levasse - De Voltaa Para o Passado, pois eu gostaria muito de reviver  esta década, dela só tenho boas lembranças. Uma das minhas  melhores lembranças vem do final da década, no período em que frequentava a inésquecível "Boate do Guaraná".