Mary Lyrio


19/10/2015 12:21

              THE 90's                          


In the early 90s, the economy, politics, technology and culture advance and have specific characteristics that moment, but clearly no motion with a rupture last decade. The early years of this decade carry the dominant genes' 80s, the new manifest themselves more as the realization of the potential of these legacy than as inaugural events.

Globalization continued and accelerated with the fall of the Berlin Wall (1988), and with the crisis and the collapse of the Soviet Union. Cultural events as the third wave of feminism, environmentalism, grunge, west hip hop, house music / rave, skatboard culture and geeks have emerged or are derivations of movements of the 80s or earlier.

On the other hand, despite many commonalities, the second half of the 90s is commonly associated with the early twenty-first century, as a precursor period of trends that will be consolidated in the early years of the new century. Following this perspective, many point to the second half of the 90s as a starting point for those born in the generation Z.




- Release of Nelson Mandela.

- Launch of the Hubble Space Telescope.

- Margaret Thatcher resigns the post of prime minister of England.

- Version 1.0 release of Adobe Photoshop image editor.

- Sir Tim Berners-Lee develops HTML, the identifier URL and the HTTP protocol.

- Madonna launches "justify my love."


- Death of Freddie Mercury

- Launches Nirvana smells like teen spirit

- The internet is beginning to be commercially available

- Boris Yeltsin became the first elected president of Russia

- Launch of the first DSLR camera commercially available (Kodak DCS 100)


- Signature of the Treaty of Maastricht to the creation of the European Union

- inauguration of the Euro Disney in France.


- Inauguration of US President Bill Clinton

- Czechoslovakia splits into Czech Republic and Slovakia.

- Intel introduced the Pentium microprocessor.

- Terrorist Attack on the World Trade Center.


- Nelson Mandela became president of South Africa.

- Opening of the Eurotunnel.

- Death F1 Ayrton Senna pilot.



- Princess Diana and Prince Charles divorced.

- Arises the Web TV.


- Diana's death.

- Announcement of the first cloned sheep - Dolly


- Emergence of google


- Introduction of the official currency of the eurozone.




The 90's had various styles and one of the leading early in the decade was grunge.

Grunge (sometimes called Seattle Sound and Seattle sound) is a subgenre of alternative rock that emerged in the late 1980s in the city of Seattle, inspired by hardcore punk, heavy metal and by the indie rock.

The grunge term - which in its original sense means "dirt" or "filth" in English - describes both the visual style (shaggy hair, old and loose clothing) bands and fans, as the saturated and distorted sound of the guitars that give the tone of the songs.

The only genre began to decline after the suicide of his idol, Kurt Cobain, leader of Nirvana in 1994.


The late 80s and early 90s was not easy for traditional feminist groups. Not only the ideological crisis caused by the fall of the Berlin Wall, as well as the hurricane Madonna created a tsunami causing changes in the feminist movement, ushering in the 3rd wave.

Within the feminist movement, there are voices that rediscutem femininity and argue that you can be a feminist while wearing makeup and other beauty items associated with sexist domination, in a positive perspective. This group was assigned the name of lipstick feminism.

Besides lipstick feminism, there are other movements such as Riot Grrrl and Slut Feminism, which will use less makeup as the object of increasing discussion or embellishment and more like one of the instruments of expression of their ideological struggle. The look takes many different possible ways, and the "kinderwhore" Courtney Love, without doubt, the most iconic of all.

In the second half of the 90s, with the success of boy bands, the teen consumer market draws investors' attention to further and we see the emergence of various "cultural products" for this audience. The industrialized feminism gives rise to new Girl Power ready for consumption by adolescents without contraindications. The Spice Girls, teens other singers and a whole new generation of super-heroines are massively consumed.


Many have suffered criticism for being aesthetic, a fact that greatly enhanced the visibility. For many it was the expression of nihilist values ​​that dominated the fashion world, others highlighted the risks inherent in glamorizing process of drugs and, finally, accused this aesthetic to have traces of androgyny, misogyny, and even pedophilia and promote a standard feminimo of beauty even more intangible.

The model Jaime King, a heroin addict, is considered one of the inspirations, but the queen and icon of this aesthetic is the British model Kate Moss, who in 1993 starred in the campaign of Calvin Klein, beginning the great diffusion of this aesthetic that was relevant but not popular in the middle of the decade.

Pale, malnourished models with youthful look, androgynous, without power and in a context related to drug addiction to synthesize the images.

The photograph was the main media used for the dissemination of this aesthetic, with large use of black and white photo.

The makeup sought to neutralize any trace of natural health and vitality at the same time emphasized traits associated with addiction. This translated into a pale makeup, no color or brightness, sometimes highlighted with dark circles and smoky eyes or blurred.

Another important detail of makeup, even when the skin was not prepared, were the techniques used to check or bounced on the face of models signs of emaciation and malnutrition. The sinking effect of the cheeks was the most sought and was done more intensely and with better results the photographs in black and white.

What migrated from advertising and catwalk to the real world at the time was the trend of a makeup more neutral colors, matte foundations and lipsticks and the desire of women to have their cheeks transformed the secrets of makeup or the scalpels of Plastic Surgeons .



As in previous decades, MTV and actresses of the TV series continue to influence fashion and behavior.


BEVERLY HILLS, 90210: 1990 to May 2000, starring Jennie Garth, Jason Priestley, Ian Ziering, Shannen Doherty, Tori Spelling, Brian Austin Green, Luther Perry,

- BAYWATCH :1991 to 2001 starring Pamela Anderson, Nicole Eggert and Yasmine Bleeth.


Uma Thurman, Camaron Dias, Julia Roberts, Nicole Kidman, Kate Winslet, Sharon Stone, Sandra Bullock, Julianne Moore, Rachel Weisz, Famke Janssen, Pamela Anderson, Angelina Jolie, Calista Flockhart, Catherine Zeta-Jones, Jennie Garth, Shannen Doherty, Tori Spelling, Jennifer Aniston e Yasmine Bleeth

Uma Thurman                                Camaron Dias  


Nicole Kidman                              Julia Roberts                        

Sharon Stone                                                Sandra Bullock  

Kate Winslet                             Julianne Moore  


 Yasmine Bleeth                                           Famke Janssen      


Pamela Anderson                                     Angelina Jolie


Catherine Zeta-Jones                            Calista Flockhart  


    Shannen Doherty                               Jennie Garth       


Tori Spelling                                   Jennifer Aniston                                



Throughout the 90s, supermodels are the protagonists of the fashion industry, much influencing the people who attended the fashion shows through the TV. The top models of the decade were: Linda Evangelista, Cindy Crawford, Naomi Campbell, Eva Herzigova (em 92 passou a ser o rosto das roupas Guess substiuindo claudia schiffier), Nadja Auermann, Christy-Turlingto, Daniela Pestova Turlington, Kate Moss (fez campanhas para Gucci, Dolce & Gabbana, Calvin Klein, Chanel e Rimmel), Carla Bruni, Tatiana Sorokko, Helena Christensen, Claudia Schiffer, Niki Taylor, Karen Mulder, Yasmeen Ghauri, Stephanie Seymour, Kirsty Hume, Shalom Harlow, Kristina Semenovskaia (modelo da Dior) e Tyra Banks. 


Eva Herzigova                                  Naomi Campbell             


Nadja Auermann                                   Christy-Turlingto                      


 Kate Moss                            Daniela Pestova                    

 Carla Bruni                                  Tatiana Sorokko   


Helena Christensen                                    Niki Taylor   


Karen Mulder                                           Yasmeen Ghauri      


 Kirsty Hume                           Stephanie  Seymour                   


 Kristina Semenovskaia                           Shalom Harlow          


      Tyra Banks 











- DIFFERENT STYLES FRIZZ - it was one of the most used hairstyles





- SLIVERS COLORED - using makeup to hair (mascara hair)




- Launches kit of shadows

Launches nail polish

- Launches anti-allergic makeup line


- Launches makeup kit with shadow and blush

- Launches lipsticks in pink and purple

- Launches mascara lashes


- Launches purple lipstick


- Launches 05 red lipsticks



- Launches lipstick mouth color

- Launches lipstick collection

- Launches lipstick wine

- Launches line for eyes

- Launches kit illuminators

- Launches 03 makeup kits and nail polish


- Launches lipstick red

- Launches red lipstick and foundation

- Launches makeup kit


- Launches lipstick mouth and brush


- Launches Lipstick 24 hours


- Launches makeup 3 in 1, foundation, powder and concealer for black skin and white skin


- Launches eye enhancers - shadows that enhance the colors


- Launches clean makeup - liquid foundation in various skin tones


- Launches face makeup kit, consisting of foundation, pressed powder and blush, and kit consists of compact powder and liquid foundation



- Launches Continuous Wear Foundation with slogan: No need retouching

- Launches mascara lashes

- Launches eyeliner

- Launches collection of 12 colorful lipsticks

- Launches nail polish, lipstick and shadow in shades of lilac

- Launches lipstick red

- Launches collection of lipsticks

- Launches collection of nail polishes

- Launches makeup kit consists of nail polish, eye shadow, lipstick, lip gloss and lip contour pencil


- Launches kit with nail polish, lip gloss, lipstick and lip contour pencil

- Launches nail polish and red lipstick


- Launches makeup kit in skin tones with the slogan - Contos and legends

- Launches autumn makeup kit

- Launches 02 makeup kits in shades of wine and lilac


Launches Mascara hair flash 17 tons

- Launches dark red lipstick, bright and long-lasting

- Launches lipstick red

- Launches brown makeup kit

- Launches collection consists of red lipstick case with contour, blush and illuminator and quintet shadows

- Launches perfect mate foundation

- Launches wine and lipstick shade quintet in wine tones

- Launches kit makeup in shades of pink

- Launches teint glacée - foundation with fresh icy

- Launches makeup kit composed of green enamel, shade quintet in shades of green, brown and wine, and red lipstick

- Launches light foundation with slogan: Skin with flawless complexion

- Launches dark red gloss with the slogan: Plastic Brightness

- Launches makeup kit composed of enamel, lipstick, quintet shadows and base, with the slogan: tone on tone

- Launches makeup kit consists of lipstick, gloss, shadow quintet and enamel in pink, lilac, purple and yellow.


- Launches lipstick pencil-shaped

- Launches Foundation

- Launches lipstick collection


- Launches lipstick and nail polish

- Launches lipstick and nail polish

- Launches makeup kit in brown tones composed by duo shadows, compact and lipstick

- Launches lipstick red


- Launches lipstick in red and brown colors

- Launches lipstick collection

- Launches lipstick mouth color

- Launches lipstick and nail polish


- Launches Line Givenchy chic

- Launches Autumn-Winter 94-95 collection

- Launches boreal autumn-winter collection

- Launches autumn-winter collection plum 96-97

- Launches 02 collections in pink tones



- Launches makeup kit consists of compact powder, blush and lipstick

- Launches lipstick red


- Launches mascara lashes


- Launches makeup kit with lipstick, blush, powder and foundation


- Launches foundation


- Launches lipstick red


- - Launches matte foundation

- Launches lipstick in 03 colors: pink, purple and red


Launches mascara to hair

- Launches lipstick and nail polish with the slogan: Colors Never Die


Launches 1st lipstick Viva Glam collection to raise funds to fight AIDS



- Launches makeup collection consists of lipstick, eye shadow kit, foundation and compact.


- Launches makeup collection consists of lipstick, foundation, mascara lashes and enamel

- Launches lipstick wine

- Launches lipstick red

- Launches collection of lipstick and nail polish


- Launches lipstick red


- Launches lipstick mouth color

- Launches lipsticks in shades of pink with the slogan: Revitalization color

- Launches hydrating lipstick

- Launches eyeliner in green, black and brown

- Launches retractable eye pencil waterproof in 12 colors

- Launches collection retractable eyeliner and not retractable pencil with slongan - Especilalista in eyes

- Launches True illusion makeup - foundation with natural look

- Launches duo shadows

- Launches lashes mascara waterproof with the slogan - wonderful Curve

- Launches blush in 08 colors

- Launches makeup 3 in 1 consists of base, powder and concealer

- Launches blush and eye shadow trio

- Launches unitary shadow

- Launches two kits consist of foundation and pressed powder


- Launches 2 makeup kits comprised of blush, lipstick and nail polish


- Launches gloss

- Launches foundation cream


- Launches complete line of makeup with the slogan: Beautiful and beneficial


- Launches quartet of colored shadows

- Launches unitary colored shadows and shadow duo

- Launches blush in shades of pink and coral

- Launches foundation and lashes mascara

- Launches lipsticks in shades of wine

- Launches collection of lipstick in shades of red with slogan - which is Color

- Launches lipstick wine with the slogan - Exotic

- Launches color lipstick mouth and nail polish

- Launches lipstick and nail polish in red

- Launches nail enamel and red lipstick with the slogan: Desert Spice

- Launches lipstick with slogan: Velvet Touch

- Launches waterproof lipstick in shades of brown

- Launches lipstick, blush and nail polish in shades of wine

- Launches lipstick and nail polish in shades of mauve rosy

- Launches lashes mascara with the slogan: lashes impactful

- Launches Inner lash - Mask of eyelashes that penetrates to the innermost lashes

- Launches collection of makeup skin tones composed of lipstick, lip contour pencils, blush. shadow and nail polish

- Launches Autumn Collection -95, consisting of lipstick, eye shadow, eye liner and mouth, nail polish and perfume slogan - Fatal woman


- Launches collection of lipsticks


- Launches collection comprised of lipstick, eye shadow, blush and nail polish


- Launches makeup line


- Launches shadow, eye liner and mascara lashes


- Launches Kit shadows in shades of purple and pink

- Launches trio of shadows, powder compact and lipstick

- Launches shadow, lipstick and nail polish in shades of wine

- Launches shadow and lipstick duo in shades of wine and brown

- Launches lipstick and red nail polish with unit shade and shadow trio

- Launches duo of blue shadow and pink lipstick

- Launches white shadow and pink lipstick


- Launches collection of lipsticks


- Launches lipstick red


- Launches complete makeup kit

- Launches lipstick collection

- Launches collection City chic comprised of lipstick, lip contour pencils and nail polis

- Launches lipstick and nail polish


- Launches collection Fruit Vert

- Launches collection Love

- Launches collection Rituel

- Launches collection Indigo

- Launches collection Cascade

- Launches collection Cinema

- Launches collection Idole

- Launches collection Reves

- Launches collection Leté

- Launches  Teint de Soie – Foundation with silky skin

- Launches red lipstick

- Launches collection of lipstick Pure Red Transparent









In the early years of the decade, makeup remained similar characteristics to the 80s, with very colorful, as can be seen in the photo below.

In subsequent years, the makeup has assumed, predominabtemente, neutral colors such as chococlate brown, earthy brown and plum. However, this makeup in neutral colors often is contrasted with some elements in vibrant colors like red. Another widely used color in this decade was the wine, which for some is considered a neutral color and other vibrant color. There was also the makeup in tones very close to the person's skin tone.

One of the great misconceptions when it describes the makeup of the 90s is only consider the makeup of heroin chic, which was a makeup style, almost entirely restricted to the fashion world, and not consider the various styles used by people on the street.

The makeup of the 90s was not nude, as many to classify. Nude, naked meaning. In truth, this term is inappropriate for makeup. But considering that term, a nude makeup is makeup totally colorless, with only skin preparation. And the 90s had much color, just that many times these colors were neutral. There was makeup with neutral colors not very intense and very intense makeup with neutral colors.

Very intense makeup with neutral colors in shades of plum


Intense makeup with neutral colors in earth tones


Moderate makeup with neutral colors in shades of chocolate



Makeup with colors in skin tone



Neutral makeup with red lipstick


Makeup in tones wine



Another adjective and expression totally inadequate to describe the makeup of 90 are, respectively: minimalist, less is more.

Minimalist - is synonymous with simplicity, and the makeup of 90, for the most part, was not simple. On the contrary, there have been several well-designed look and well executed.

And less is more - less would be more if its most were so poorly executed, where his best result and least present, consequently, more elegant. Erroneously, people associate elegance with less makeup. Intense makeup, elaborate flawless, respecting the technical and especially the harmmonização color is elegant. As we can see in the makeup ads Dior, which is considered a mark symbol of elegance and sophistication.

However, against the neutral trend, famous brands and forming opinions as Dior, Chanel and Givenchy launches makeup with colors pink and lilac, with heavy or light intensity, as can be seen in the pictures below ads of brands and celebrities of the time .


At the end of the 90s, the makeup features start to change again, returning to wear colors such as blue, lilac.


LIPSTICK - was applied around the contour of the lips.

LIP CONTOUR PENCIL - was widely used.

FOUNDATION - it was dull and even skin tone. The intention was to give the impression that he was not using base.

CONCEALER - It was applied below the foundation to correct imperfections.

CONTOUR - It was widely used at the time. It was applied mainly in the area below the cheekbone. The most commonly used contours were powder in shades of brown or pink.

BLUSH - was not used when it applied contour. How to apply was varied. It used both the slant of the 80s, though in less intensity. It was also applied across the face of the club of the region.

LUMINIZER - was also widely used, especially in the area above the cheekbone.

SHADOW - the mode of application was the same as the 80's, across the eyelid to the outer corner of the eyebrows. It used one or two shadow tones.

EYE PENCIL - was the same color of the shadow and applied on the lower lashes.

EYEBROWS - were made of arched shape.